“Wars and rumors or wars” part two

Deep space 9
“Personal. Log,in a  of  seconds everything has changed.”admiral William j Ross said in his log.
“Although the Breen joining the war on the side of the dominion breathed New life into the dominion’s war effort, the momentum was short lived. The cardesien led by danner switched sides. The federation alliance took advantage of an oversight in there defenses and exploited it. Afte a ling devusating struggle with heavy loses on all sides the war is finally over”
“Just as the treaty is formerly signed.captain Benjamin sisco is gone. His run about recovered.there is no sign of him. It seams that for now he is gone. For how long I have no idea. ”
“The bajorens believe that he has gone to the phopthets. I have no idea what to believe. I do know I will miss captain sisco. I will miss his wise consil and his leadership. ”
Ward room
“You really think he is part prophet and went to be with them ?”admiral Ross asked. “You don’t believe that?”colonel kira asked.”ok I know there are non coperial aliens who reside in the wormhole ! Mayby he has caries a part of them. It is a wallop!”Ross said.
“Admiral I saw him. “Kaydidy Cisco’s pregnant wife said. “He contacted you?” Ross asked. “Yes he said that his task was complete
He now needed to study. He would return one day but I don’t know when !”kasidy said.
  A chime was heard. “Ops to admiral Ross!”lt.nog said.he taped on his com badge.”go ahead lautannent!”Ross ordered.”sir star base 394 is under attack. They claim it is the dominion. “Nog said.
“Have you confirmed that they are under attack?”the admiral said.”it us not a false alarm !this is real!”nog said.
“Gas up the defient! I want to get there right away. “The admiral said.”right away sir!” the furegi said. “Care to come to colonel!”Ross asked. “You got it sir!”she said.
U.s.s defient -A
The admiral and colonel kira and lt.nog entered the bridge.”the ship is ready at your command sir!”crewman Stevens said.
“Very good!”the admiral said the admiral Sat down at the command chair.”ops has cleared us!”lt. Ezri dax reported.”mornings cleared !”DR.Bashir said.the smal war ship cleared the base.
“We are clear!”nog announced.”plot course for the star base! Maximum warp!”Ross ordered. the ship went to warp.
The faux dominion fleet fired multiple volleys at the station. The primary phaser bank was destroyed.the photon torpedo banks was knocked off line.
Several decks were levelled.the roofs on some decks caved in.one of the officers clubs on the base was devastated. 
The docking bay was saverly damaged.the mission of the general was not to destroy the base or to occupy the area. Its as only yo destabolize the sector.
The ‘dominion’ fleet then fired on the planet. They hit Several command and control centers on the planet.
The fleet then moved out. The fleet had done plenty of damage.they were not done yet. The Carnegie had just begun.
U.s.s defient
Mess hall
“The treaty was barely signed and the war is back on!”ensign nearly commented.”we should not jump to conclusions!”nog said.”the dominion cannot be trusted!”Stevens said. “It makes no sense. The dominion have no teratory in the alpha qudrent.this seams rushed .the dominion think long term. We are missing something!”ezri said.
“What if this is a prelude to a scorched earth syinerio?”Stevens said .”look our mission is to stop further agree on and to figure this out. That’s all. Save the speculation for later!”ezri said. They agreed.
Star fleet security
Lt. Commander Reese entered.”what are you Justin?”Reese asked.”I am trying to send flowers to Romulus! “He said.”look you and sub commander turelia. It is not going to work.”he said.”I think it could. “Justin said.
“Does she like flowers?” Reese asked.”yes she does! We have talked about it!”he said.”of course you have. I did not know flowers came in Gray!”Reese said. “Funy!” Justin said.
“Hey commander,there have been reports of hushnuck warship near enemede!”an ensign said.”really? We are not even sure what there ships look like. Keven oukbridge could have just created them out of thin air!”Reese said.
“The colony insist that it was hushnuck!”the ensign said.” do we have a ship near by that can check it out. Man I hope the romulin asle band goes back into effect!”Reese said.”do you blame everything on Romulus asle?” Justin said. “Prety much!”Reese answered.
The door opened,admiral Owen Paris entered.everyone snapped to attention. “As you were! “He said.
“You don’t look happy sir”Justin said.”I am not commander tyme. A dominion task force hit star base 395. “The admiral said.
“The cease fire is nearly a week old.”Reese said. “We are going to questione the founder. We are on high alert!”Paris said.
“Until further notice the war intelligence unit has been reactivated. We will work on war intelligence. “Commander poles said. “Understood!”resse said.
“I need information.work your sources. Rumors innuendo anything. Even that carima minister that defected. Ha ok get answers yesterday!”the admiral said.
U.s s defient
“I have the base on sensors! ” ezri reported. “On screen!” the admiral ordered. On the view screen displayed the image of the starbase.everyone was astonished. ” relief ships are hear.our mission is to find that fleet!”Ross said.”scanning now!”zero said.
The admiral was not a patient man.he knew he had to be. This was the time for being level headed.he tried to maintain his composure. It was not easy.
Dominion vessel
“Sir! The defient is in the area!”kirel said. “Good! I want to set a trap for them. I do not want to send the whole fleet! I will deal with them. “Catlin said. The bridge crew agreed.
End of part two
I am a big fan of the poket book post ds9 and post nemesis books there is no way to syink the society series with the poker book novels. I am not going to use any characters from the memory beta universe although I would like to.
Lt. Commander resse was the right hand man of chief of security Michael Eddington.he appeared in the episode “for the cause” .he seemed to have taken over for Eddington after he defected to the marques. He never was seen again .
Ensign Neely was an ensign that was a survivor of the jemheder ship that crashed in “rocks and shols “towards the begining of the dominion war when ds9 was stlil in dominion control.
Stevens was a non com enginer who appeared in starship down.


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