“Wars and rumors and wars”

Star trek the society
Star trek deep space 9.
“Wars and rumors of war”
From 2374 to 2375,the United federation of planets and the Klingon empire was at war with the dominion and there Cardesien alies.towards the end of the war,the Breen joined the war on the side of the dominion”
Near klasen syisyom
Dominion fleet
The jemheder manning the sensors steamed very disturbed.”report!”the vorta in charge ordered. “The Sensor data is gone! There is no alies federation fleet!”the jemheder sansor officer said.
“How is that possible? You assured me that that was a federation alliance fleet was assembling in the klasan syisyom?” the vorta supervisor said.
The jemheder at the Sansors was very nervous. Jemheder have been schot by vortas for far worse. “I do not know what happened. The Sansors are functional !”the sansor tech said.
“We have incoming!”the sansor tech reported. “Is it the fleet?”the vorta asked.”negative. Unknown fleet!”the sansor tech announced.
The unknown fleet fired on the dominion fleet. The weapons were not designed to harm the ships. They were designed to hurt the crew.
The beam was a delivery syisyom for a virus. The virus knocked out the crew. There was a transporter beam.
“It worked!”colonel  kirel said. “Of course it did. We have been carefly planing this for some time! “General catlin said.
“Please tell me we can have chairs beamed in!”a solider named ilsov said. “It is not a priority!”the general said. “Of course!”ilsov said.
Once the beatified had gained total control of the dominion fleet,the society fleet began attacking ships and bases and planet near the klasan syisyom.
They were softening up the region. Preparing the area for a bigger strike.  They were making it look it was the Dominion behind it.
On the bridge general catlin and the bridge crew watched as the u.s.s degaul exploded. This was a smal victory . for the general and his crew,it was the beginning of the rise for there group.
“Sir! “The com tech said. “Report!”the general said. “There are multiple news reports from multiple sauces that the dominion have surrendered. Reports are that a formal surrender will take place on deep space 9!” the com tech said.
“No! This is not possible! This cannot be happening! We need the war to go on at least for a few more weeks if not months!” catlin declared.
“Sir! Incoming message from the grand master!”the com officer said.the general had it transfered it to his view screen on his head. “Go ahead excelentcy!” the general said. ” I urged you not to delay the attack ! You should have started the operation during the early days of the war as I insisted. You did not listen! Now the entire operation is colapsing !”the society top leader declared.
“Excellency! We can still pull This off! The dominion war is over but we can still work! I suspected something like this might occur. “The general said.
“Look your Borg gambit turned into a total disaster ! Now This plan appears to be failing apart. Why should I not have releved of duty and have you replaced?”the grand elder asked.
“This plan is going well! We have already delt a serious blow to this reigon.we can pull this off. Let me keep going!”the general pleaded.
The grand master thought it over. “This is Your last chance catlin! If you fail this Time you will be relieved off duties .our task is too important. We have sacrificed too much. We are so close. Do not fail us ! This is your last chance general!”the grand master said.
“I understand excellency! I will not fail you !”the general informed the highest official in the society.
“From the cosmos to the tinest atom all is beatified!”the supreme leader said. “Joy to those who embrace the beatified!”he said.the screen faded.
The general deactivated the headpeace. “I convinced the grand elder to let us restart the project to reclaim the old zeravian expense. Lets get it done!”the general said.
Star base 394
Ops center
” the com syisyom seams to be non functional!”lt.Gabriela fuliton . “Is it a mechanical issue?” station commander rondon asked. “I just completed a diagnostic on the com syisyom an hour ago!  The com tech said.
“See if you can get it working!”the station commander ordered. While the tech was working on the com syisyom. Then what appeared to be a Dominion task force fired on the base.
End of part one.
Rondon was a webed ensign who appeared at the relics base in “comming of age”.


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