Sphere of influence part seven.

Borg cube
Colonel catlin oversaw the repairs of the cube. The crew was able to access the ship repairs. They had to manually reactivate the Borg regeneration process.
The cube could be seen regenerating. Once the process began,it went at a very rapid paste.before anyone knew it ,the ship would be ready for action. Carlin was eiger to restart the operation.
Borg cube
“Colnel the ship is now at a hundred percent! “Major kirel informed him. “Very good! The enterprise will persue us. We cannot be detered. The time is now. We must not shy away from this sacred task. “Catlin said.
“We will not. We have all pledge to do this duty with every fiber of our being. ” kirel informed him.
“I know that. Set course for the nelric system. Hear we go!”the colonel said .
“The beginning of the reign of the beatufied. Now we get to do things the right way. Out with the old. In with the gloarias new. The universe has shined the light and it will never be extinguished. Glory be the light and those who receive it!”kirel said.
“Glory be the light!”Catlin said.
“Commander rycer Is awake. It will take a while for him to recover. He will be ok. “Bevily said “I am glad to hear it Doctor!”Picard told her.
“Captain I beleve I have found information on colonel Catlin.”data said “what do you have commander?”Picard asked.
“Colonel Catlin served in the zeravien armed forces. He did rise to the rank of leftenent colonel before he was forced to retire. “Data reported.
“Why was he forced out?”Deana asked. “Uncertin. Rumors was that he was indirectly involved in a corps agents the chancellor president of zeravia . it was never substantiated. He was stil honoured. Catlin was involved with murcinaries, Orion syinducate and fighting with pro Cardesian  militia. He vanished from the scene several years ago. This is his first sighting since fighting with the gathers. “Data reported.
  “It seams our colonel is trying to set up a new galactic order. “Picard said. “Odd he has gone from a soldier for hire to a man on a mison!”bev commented. “It could have any number of causes. All I know that he has to be stoped and I assure you he will !”Picard declared.
Nelric system
The conduit opened up. The fully operational fully powered cube came out of the conduit. The vessel neared the Hunter maelstrom.
“Now in position !”kirel said. The enterprise came in . the ship fired everything it had. It fired phaser and photon torpedoes. The ship was struck from all sides.
“Ignore that ship! Procede with the mission!”the colonel ordered. The ship let the shields fight the enemy. The ship focused on the task at hand. Once the maelstrom exploded nothing would matter. A new era would begin.
“They have not returned fire!”worf reported.”I sense determination. “Deana said. “If that ship detonated itself from there position it would take out most of this syistom!”data said.”suicide mission!”bev remarked.
Picard got to thinking. He had to think fast. Time was quickly running out. There had to be a solution quickly.after fast thinking Picard had an idea. It was risky but it could would. He would try it.
Data transferred all on essential power to the tractor beam and shields. This was probably one of Picard strangest ideas. This was not ordinary ocurence. This required unconventional thinking this did count.
The enterprise tried to activate a tractor beam. The ship went to warp. The Borg cube chaffed against the weight of the beam. The cube fired.
The enterprise was hit from multiple sides. The shields were holding.
“We can’t keep this up forever!” alenbeam reported. “I am well aware of that ensign.”Picard said.
The cube tried to Go to warp in the opposite direction. The enterprise tried to hold on to the orther ship.
The cube tried to get away. The enterprise tried to stop that from happening. The Borg cube fired.the deflector dish wash it.the explosion spread to various part of the ship.
“Shieds strength has been drained slightly!”worf reported. “It Will continue to happen !”gordi said.
The cube fired again. It fired on the beam. It got free. The cube then hit the enterprise.
“Vessel has resumed course for the maelstrom !”data reported. “Pursuit!”Picard said . the enterprise followed the cube. “We are being hailed !”worf said. “On screen !”Picard said.
“Captain Picard! Your reputation is well known and it seems well deserved. “As is yours colonel !”Picard said.
“Captain ! This could end now.I will spare this sector if the federation agries to cede old space that belonged to the former zeravien empire.”The colonel declared .
“You must know I Wil never agree to that!”Picard said.”I did not expext you but I hoped maybe you would be reasonable. I am not surprised that you are not. “The colonel declared.
The screen faided. “The vessel had resumed course for the maelstrom.the enterprise fired on the cube.
“No affect!”worf announced. Picard was not surprised. “Mr. Worf collision course!”he ordered. The enterprise headed towards the cube. It headed for it at high warp.
Picard hated to go out like this. He saw no other alternative. The destruction of this sector would cripple the federation. Not only could the society take advantage of this but so could any number of other world’s.
The romulons for example. The tholiens,horn,any number of other species.the Klingon empire was currently leaderless. Gowlron was the hair apearent but this could give factions opposed to the federation the push they nedded to seize power and strike the federation. Then there was the actual Borg. This had to be stoped hear and now,Picard thought.it would be one way or another.
The enterprise was about to slam into the cube. Sudenly  they were caught in some kind of wake.the enterprise was pushed out of the way.
A conduit opened up,a Borg cube excited the conduit. The massive ship fired on the other cube. The massive conclusive charge cut though the ship like a butter knife. The vessel was sliced in half. The. The vessel then exploded.
The Borg vessel steamed to move towards them. Picard thought to himself,”out of the frying pan into the fire”. He did not say it out loud.
The vessel seemed to come at them. Then the cube went back into the conduet. “The vessel is gone!”worf said.
“Captain log,star fleet command believes that with the destruction of the Borg cube,for now the threat from the society is over. Star fleet believes they will probably go underground at least for a time. Will they resurface later is for now not known.”
“On another note, I don’t know why the Borg did not go after us. I suspect after what occured on earth earlier thus year they are evaluating what to do in regards to us. I beleve we have not seen the last of the Borg. Not by a long shot. I am not sure we have seen the last of the society either”
“I heard you did good!”will said. “I learned from the best sir! Gordi said. Will chuckled. “I knew you had it in you !”he said
“Part of me wishes we could have gotten our hands on there technology. “Gordi said.”it was probably for the best we did not!”he said “it probably was!”Gordi agreed.
The colonel had serviced the destruction of the rougye cube.he and several brothers got to an escape pod. The colonel had been injured. His face showed signs if radiation.
“The Breen have joined the war on the side of the dominion. This has strained the already tenuous alience between The Cardesian and The dominion. “Kirel said.
“We have to move quickly! ” Catlin said.”agreed!”she said.
The end
Next up
With the dominion war over,the society decides to take advantage of the chaos and lunches an attack of space they claim.



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