Sphere of influence part six

The enterprise entered the area. The enterprise spared no time.the enterprise immediately fired on the Borg cube.
The colonel watched the battle with interest. Jean luc Picard was a name that was known throughout the galaxy. Picard had climb though the ranks at a fairly rapid pace. He had began as very unremarkable. He was one officer out if Manny.
Even after becoming a rising star inside star fleet, he still had not had a reputation in the non aligned sectors . that quickly changed. His encounters with the furengi,the angosians,the anserta and now the Borg.
The colonel had been fully briefed on Jean luc Picard. He knew he might encounter Picard on this mission.a part of him hoped he would.
The Borg cube fired on the enterprise. “Shields are down to 20 percent!” Gleason reported. “Reroute non essential powers to shields. “Picard ordered. The power was transfered. The enterprise was hit before the transfer could be completed.
“The transfer was unsucesful!”ensign Kenny lyin reported. “Dawn it! “Picard said “shields at 10 percent!”Gleason reported. “I would advise against attempting to transfer shields ! Data said .”agreed !”Picard said.
The enterprise fired on the Borg cube with a massive volley of phaser and photon torpedoes. The projectiles struck the massive starship.
  “They are no match for us! They must know that. We have there people! Perhaps this Picard is just foolish!”Caitlin proclaimed. “Foolish or desperate!” major kirrel said.
“I recommend we withdraw captain.without shields we will never hope to hold out against them!”Gleason reported.
“No we stop now,they go back into that conduet. We will have no hope of catching up with them. We lose them,the entire federation is vanersble!”Picard exclaimed.
“Captain I may have an alternative!”data said. “Explane!”Picard ordered. “I believe I can create a hyper sonic burst that might temporarily disable there shields. It will be on a short time but perhaps long enough. “Data explained.
“Do it!”Picard ordered. The enterprise hit the ship from several angles. They tried to avoid the hits from the Borg vessel. Ensign alenbeam got a clear view of what it was like to be a starship helm officer. It was not easy. It could be rewarding.
Data thought differentially then the rest of the crew. He saw things anyilitically. Everything was seen though a positive and negative point of view. He accepted that impossible excited. It was the last step not the first. Data exhausted any avenue before accepting defeat. That made him a crucial part of the crew. 
Data was able to generate the burst. “Everything is set up. Standing by on your orders!”data reported. “Mr. Gleason ready all weapons!”Picard ordered. “Ready!”Gleason announced. “Make it happen data!”Picard ordered. Data activated the burst.the burst overpowerd the Borg shield grid. The enterprise quickly followed up with phaser and photon torpedoes. The enterprise did not give them time to adapt. Picard hoped that without the link to the collective,it would be unable to regenerate.
The enterprise hit again and again.the cube fired back. The enterprise dodged the impact. The child’s nichelle were hit.
Inside the cube,the battle between the away team and the asuslt team continued. The asuslt team advanced on the star fleet team.
Gordi was determined to protect his team. Gordi. Aimed his phaser at the control panel. The panel exploded. The energy hit the leader of the a sit team.the explosion spread to Gordi.
Gordi fell to the ground. Gordi was rendered uncnscious. He woke up somewhere else. He had no idea where. He saw what looked like a white room. He had no idea what it ment.
He saw images. They we’re going to fast. They came at him all at once.he had no clue what they ment. He felt overwhelmed. It made no sense.
He tried to absorb all of the Information. Finally it all slowed down. Gordi started to wake up.
“Commander! Commander laforge !”ensign pavlic pleaded with the commander to wake up. “The battle!”he said. “We were able to fall back to a safe position. The crew of this ship are more concerned with the ship wide battle. “She said. “We are safe for the moment  !”baur said.
“My mind was merged with the leader of the asuslt force. I think I know what this is all about!” Gordi said.
The enterprise had inflicted considerable damage on the Borg cube. The cube crew had to deal with th multiple fires and damage throughout the ship.
“Is there a nebula near by. A place where we could use as a safe harbor ?”Picard asked. “There is the erebor nebula!”data reported. “Picard to transporter room 2. I am going to lower the shields fora few seconds. See if you can get a lock!”Picard said.”aye sir!”obrian said.
The shields were down. Obrian activated the beam. The away team were beamed away. “They are a bored! Obrian announced. “Go ensign!”Picard ordered.
The enterprise went to warp. The Borg cube kept perusing. Gleason fired at soft spots on the cube. The enterprise got closer to the nebula. Picard hoped that they would not follow them into the nebula.
“Entering nebula now!”alenbeam reported. “We are inside!” the ops officer announced. “The vessel is moving off!”Gleason said. “They will be back. They will lick there wounds and swoop back in.we will be ready for them!”Picard said.
“How are you feeling Mr. Laforge?”Picard asked. “Like a super nova fell on me!”he said. “I thought as much! ” Picard said.
“I have much to tell you sir. I was linked to the leader of the asuslt team. I saw things,images. It was all a jumble but I have bean able to make sense of most of it!”Gordi said.
“Say on! “Picard instructed. “In the past there were a series of empires. Many rose and fall . some fell to super novas,others to conquest . “Gordi said.
“Historiens refer to it as the age of empires.”data said. “The last big intergalactic power was the zuravien empire. When it fell there was a group of interlecuals from many worlds who became disturbed by the fact that unlike the previous times,there was no empire in the waiting. There was a huge vacume that did not appear to be filled this time. “Gordi said.
“A group from many worlds formed a secret society based on philosophy but also mystism as well. They go by Manny names. The society the beatified “Gordi said.
“Yes! “Picard said. “You recognize this name? “Bevily asked. “A faction of this particular organization plotted to stop the federation at its very inception. A hundred years later they tried to ster up tensions between corridor. And the andorians. “Picard said.
“Colnel catlin the man who appears to be the commander is zuravuen. I believe this operation is part of the society. “Gordi said.
“To what end? Why steal a Borg cube? “Bevily asked.”the area around the nelric system was part of the zuravien empire. Perhaps they wanted to soften us up. Make the area ripe for conquest. ” data remarked.
“If they are concerned about power vacume,the federation has provided stability. With the peace treaty with the Klingon the galaxy has become more stable. There plan Is no longer nesisary!”bev said.
“They believe there order is the only real solution!”Gordi said. “Its a very old story! “Picard said. “This was only the beginning. Unless we can stop it now!” Gordi said.
“I think I have figured it out. “Pavlic reported. “What do you got?” Picard asked. “They call it the Hunter maelstrom . it is a turbulent aream. It is also a sight to see. I beleve that the society plans to pilot the Borg cube into the malestrome. “Pavlic said .
“If that happened the nelric syistom would be incinerated. The whole region will be u uninhabitable!”data announced.
“The federation would pull out. The old zeravien anex would be ripe for conquest. “Gordi said. “The ship will repair itself. Then they will resume the operation. Then so must we!”Picard declared.
To be concluded.


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