Sphere of influence part five

“Captain’s log,the enterprise responded to a distress call from a colony under attack by the Borg. Upon battling the ship,we came to suspect that the cube was not in control by the Borg. We were able to secure the ship  temporarily.”

“Unfortunately the team we sent became trapped on the cube.then the cube escaped. Now the cube is gone.  Now I have decided to emplore a less then orthodox methods to locate the cube. ”
Dr. Crusher walked over to counselor troy. “I really don’t like this ! “Dr. Cruser told Deana. “Your concerned about the captain’s recent behavior?”Deana asked.
“He has not had to deal with the Borg sence the earth attack. In many ways he went back to being the same old captain Picard. It was like it never happened. I am worried about him Deana. Its more then that!”bevily told her.
“I know! I share your concerns . “Deana told her. “This reminds me of that mission during the first year of operation. That creature took over him. “Bev said. “Yes at the sane time when we had the selay and antican delegation. “Deana said. “This is worse Deana! After we beamed Picard back,it was over. This will be with him a long time. Realy with us all! “Bev told her.
“Yes it seams it will!”Deana said. “Can He realistically stil command? During the normal course of events he is fine. We are bound to come into contact with the Borg again. If we are thinking this I have to think that star fleet is thinking it to!”Bev said.
The counselor did not want to say much but she knew that the doctor was correct. Both knew that like the mission with the cloud,they might have to relieve Picard if duty.unlike that mission it might be more permanent.
The two entered the science lab. Odd Deana thought to herself.the last time they had been to this room was when Picard was a Borg.
“Is everything set up?”Picard asked. “Yes. Alysa will be monitoring you the whole time!”Dr. Crusher said. “Are you sure about this?”Deana asked. “I have no choice counselor. “He said.
He was hooked up to the computer. Data would serve as a conduet much as he had before. When everything was in place ,Picard gave the go ahead to procede. Right or wrong they did it.
Everything got dark. Picard saw a black void. Then he saw stars. He saw the open space. He realized he could move around. He could move though space. He began to move around.
On the screen the crew in the lab saw what he saw. Deana could sence his feelings. At first he did know what was going on. Then he remembered. Ogara kept monitor him.
Picard steamed to be able to traval at warp. He saw what looked like the great energy barrier. He stoped. He went inside.
Deana Sensed an intensity. What was going on. Was this all in his mind? Could the Borg be reaching out to him? Had they all this time?
Picard saw the galaxy. He saw thousand perhaps millions of worlds. First close up.then it became all a jumble.
He saw Borg vessels. Smal big medium size. The Borg fleet was more immense then anyone thought. This was fascinating but this was not his mission.
He needed to find that one cube.he had to save commander rycer and the team on the cube.
He had to find the cube. He focused on it. He was not sure how. He knew it was out there. It was taunting him. It was daring him to come looking for him.
There it was. He found it. He hoped data could process the information.he hoped that Data could record the coordinates and they could catch up with the rougue cube.
Data got the coordinates.He had it copied. He sent it to the bridge. “I have the coordinants commander!”alembeam said “set course at once!” data ordered.
The ensign plotted the course. She then activated the course. “Course plotted and engaged commander!”the ensign reported. The enterprise went to warp.
Deana wondered. Was it best for orders to come this way. Mayby this would work out. The cube had to be stoped. The away team had to be retreved. Was this the best way? Deana had her doubts. She would not say anything at least for now. She hoped she would not have to take action. She did not want to have to end such s celebrated carer. Maybe it would not come to that.
“Bring him out of it data!”Dr. Crusher ordered. “I am attempting to doctor!”the android said. “Try harder data! “Dr.Crusher admonished him.
The android tried everything he knew to revive him. Something was fighting him. Something or someone. Could it be the Borg collective. Sudenly he found a way. The two came to.
“Did you get it?”Picard asked.”indeed we did. We are on Course. “Data said. “Very good!”Picard said. “We could have lost it. I am not sure this was a necessary risk! Dr. Crusher said. “Discussion for another Time!”Picard said. Dr. Crusher decided to drop it for now. She would bring it up later. When the crises was over. ”

Borg cube
“Engineering log,commander rycer continues to be unconscious. Our team is atemtpting to gain access to the cube. At the same time we have to stay alert. We have to fortify our position.
“The ship has somehow been saverd from the collective . the nodes are in place but inactive!”Larson reported. ” there woud have had to have been  Substantial power failure for that to have accrued!” Barclay said.
“Can we reroute power hear and keep the rest of the ship from getting power ?” Gordi said. “It is possible but it will take time. “Lt. Larson said.
“Alright! Get on it! I don’t want it to be our only focus but I do want to work on it. It could be the key to this. “Gordi said
“It is odd. This does not seam to be from one race but multiple races. “Bauer said. “I saw that myself. The colonel is zuravien. The zuraviens were once a regional power!” Gordi said.
“You think that this is some kind of attempt to revive the zeravian empire?” worf asked. “Mayby! While this is all very interesting,our goal is to stop the boarding party and get out of hear alive!”Gordi said. The crew agreed.
“They are trying to tap into the ship’s power!” the major said. “They are trying to overpower the ship or keep us out. Perhaps both! “The colonel said.
“We should attempt to storm there section!”major urktell said. “It is risky. We don’t totally have a handle on this ship! We are still deeling with something we know nothing about. We should have waited before attempting this operation. “The female major said.
“We can’t argue about that now. We did this. We can’t go back now. I believe we can turn this around. Once we stop the enterprise team,we can get back on tract. “Catlin said.
The major was not so sure. She considered that the plan had fallen apart to a point beyond the chance. Of recovery .she feared that the colonel would not change course. He would be committed no matter the possibility of rather or not It could work or not.
The marine unit moved out. They planted a kind of granade. The granade was designed to take out shields or force fields. The granade went off. The unit moved out.
The unit was able to get close to the star fleet encampment.”they are coming our way!”worf reported. “Look alive people!” Gordi ordered.
Everyone had there phasers ready.some had hand chasers.others had phaser rifles. The forces loyal to Catlin got pass the defences. Star fleet opened fire on the marines.
The marines determined fire. The fire fight was fearce.both sides battled the other side. They tried to overpower the orther.
Gordi knew that if they fell, the colonel would have no obstacle.he could use the borg vessel as a weapon. A weapon he would have no moral qalm using.he had to be stoped .Gordi knew that it was up to him and his team. It would not be easy.
“We have incoming!” an officer said. The colonel knew who it was. It was the enterprise. The battle he knew was coming. The battle He was looking forward to. He would never admit.
“Weapons on stand by!”Gleason reported. “Hear we go !”Picard said.the enterprise neared the cube.the battle was about to begin. End of part five .



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