Sphere of influence part four

“Captain’s log,while attempting to intervene in an alien attack,the enterprise has lost an away team abored a Borg cube. The Borg use transwarp conduet. It is not certain how we can find them. ”
“Mr. Data I want you to turn science two into a station dedicated to locating the Borg cube!”Picard said. “Aye sir!”data said.
The android lt.commander got up from the ops station and went over to the science two consul. He got to work at once. He knew how important it was to accomplish this mission.
“So was this part of there plan? Did they intend to abduct our people and hold them hostage?” Deana asked. “I don’t know. I suspect they thought it might happen. I suspect they had several contincenty plans this was probably one of them” Picard told the counselor.
On the Borg cube,commander rycer had been hit. The engineers worked to stabilize him. The security officers were at the door.
“He is unconscious but stable! “Pavlic said. “Is he out of the woods?”gordi asked.”I don’t know!for the moment but I don’t know if he is totally out of the woods. He needs medical attention.”Larson said.
“Unforunently they may not be possible!”worf Said. “Based on how fast we are moving,I believe we are at warp even something beyond warp!”Bauer reported.
“Then we are probably out of the range of the enterprise or the federation.we are on our own!”Gomez said.
“Agreed! I want to establish a chain of command while we are hear. Worf your my second then Sonya and Linda. “Gordi said. The team members agreed.
Gordi appeared shy. He was amiable.he did not Like to make waves. He was not a wilflower. He was chief engineer. He was a leader. He was good at it. When it counted he took charge and no one questioned him.
Before becoming chief engineer,Gordi took command of the enterprise while Picard and rycer were on the planet minos  during a dangerous mission. Gordi had to stand up to the chief enginer who wanted to circumvent him.Gordi held his own and won.
Ensign Pavlic was not sure how to deal with all of this. She was nervous. She tried to be a very professional . she wanted to keep her cool. She did all she could to do that. It was nerve wracking . She had no idea how it would play out.
In the area that was serving as a command area,the colonel was ready for a report from his team. “The enterprise team is secure in b quad!”major torad said. “The commander was injured. The officer with the prosthetic appears to be in command!” “major kirel said.
“I see. Have our forces hold position. Get the hollow grid ready!”major catlan ordered. His underling agreed.
The engineering team tried to hack into the cube. Though Barkley was awkward and nervous he was a good enginer. He knew his stuf. Gordi came to value him even though he could Be s nuisance at time.
Saduenly a figure entered. Several security officers aimed there chasers at the figure. Worf stopped them. “It is just a projection !”worf said.
The officers stood Down but Were ready. Odd the Klingon thought. This was him a few years ago.during there first mission,worf almost fired a hole into a view screen when the image of seemingly all powerfull entity called q appeared. He was different then he was then. Much had changed.much of it unnoticed especially by worf himself.
“Commander laforge !” colonel  Caitlin said. “To whom am I  speaking? ” gordi asked. “My name is colonel Caitlin ? I am in command of this ship?”he Said.
“You don’t look like any Borg I have ever seen before!”gordi said.
“This vessel is under New management as it were using human coloquism. “The colonel said.
“Steling a ship from the local giant is hardly a good ide colonel! “Gordi said.”il like to live dangerously commander laforge! “The colnel Said.
“Play with fire you get burned! “Gordi said “that is the excitement. It is like what do humans call it Russian roulette. “He said.
“What do you want from us?” Gordi said. “All in good time!”he said.
The image faded. “What was the point of that?”Pavlic asked.”they are trying to taunt us!”Gomez said.”to try to steal a Borg cube. I cannot decide if it is incredibly brave or incredibly stupid?”worf said .”on the one hand I can’t believe the Borg would just allow there ship to be seized by what they would consider an inferior life form.”Larson said.
“I can’t see them doing that!”Bary said. “We could be facing a war on two fronts !”Barclay said. “So Could we!”Gordi said.
U.s.s enterprise
Ready room
“You don’t believe this is the work of the Borg?”admiral Hayden Said.”no sir.the vessel is a Borg. We have confirmed that . someone else us controlling it at present !”Picard informed the admiral.
“Who us behind it?”the admiral said “we were unable to do extensive scans but there were multuple life forms. It may not be a power but an organization comprised of  various groups. “Picard said.
“I can’t say I liked this Jean luc!”he said.”I feel the same way admiral. “Picard said. “Do I us us a sector wide sate of emergency or do I issue it for the entire federation ?”he asked. “As if now the federation. I don’t know where they Will strike next or if they will strike now what they intend to do with the away team !”Picard said.
“Jean luc that cube Is a clear and present threat to the federation. One that must be neutralized. “Hayden said .”I understand andrae.I will do I have to to protect the federation at all coast! “Picard told him.
“I have no doubt about that ! We will keep in touch Starfleet out!”He said. The screen turned from the image of the admiral’s office to the syimbol of the United federation of planets. Then the screen went blank.
Picard had an idea. It was risky. He believed it was doable. “Commander data I need to speak to you,counselor troy and doctor Crusher in my ready room in the double!”the captain said. “Acknowledged. We are on our way!”the android commander said.
A few minutes later.
“With all due respect caprain,this is. Terible idea!”Bevily said.”It is very risky. We need you in command!”Deana said. “That cube is a huge threat to the federation. It has to be stoped. In this occasion the needs of the many outweugh the needs of the few. “Picard said.
“What do you think data .you have been awfully quiet though this! “Dr. Crusher commented.
The doctor knew that would make him uncomfortable. That was her plan. She wanted him to be put on the spot.
“We do need all hands on deck as the expression goes. Whoever your idea does have meter. I might be able to do what you plan to!”data said.
“You dint have the link. I believe we have no choice!”Picard Said “we need you in command. Your the caprain. With Rycer gone,we need you!”bev said. “I appreciate your position on thus doctor but I see no other choice! Make it happen Mr. Data!”Picard said.
“Dawn it Jean luc. Listen to reason !your not thinking clearly on this !”bev said. “That will be all!”Picard said.
Dr. Crusher backed off. She never knew Jean luc Picard to behave irationaly. He was the consummate professional. The Borg was his arkealias heel. The Borg brought out the worst In him. She could not blame him. He was in command of not just the ship but this sector. The federation counted on him being on his game. She was not sure he was. She did not want to admit it but she was prety sure he was not.
End of part four.


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