Sphere of influence part three

The cube was under the tractor beam of the galaxy class starship enterprise. The away team had emerged on the cube.
Rycer tapped on the com badge. “Rycer to enterprise we are in place!”the enterprise first officer said.  ” understood number one!” Picard said.
“Ok fan out!”rycer ordered. The team dispersed. All of the team members had phaser.
This was ensign Pavlic first away mission a bored the enterprise. She did not like being on a Borg cube.
Reg Barclay was awkward. So far he had lasted longer on the enterprise then any orther assignment. On the captains order,Gordi made Barclay hid pet project. Despite his many idiosyncrasies,he was becoming an important member of laforge’s team. He was stil the same old Barclay. Gordi was able to navigate those as well.
Gordi looked at his team.funny hw thought. Lt Gomez was just as awkward as re g had been at first.now she was a trusted member of his team. Mayby there was hope for him yet.
The first goal was to establish a beach head. They had to fortify an area. While the last time they used Picard’s link to the collective to destroy the cube. They could not do that this time. They had to think fast.
The engineering team got to work. They tried to access a nodule.they tried to access all or part of the ship. Worf and his team we’re protecting the engineering team.
U.s.s enterprise
“You don’t think the Borg is in control of that ship?”Deana asked.”no I don’t counselor. The fact that we detect life signs makes me think that someone is either trying to or had hijacked this cube!”Picard said.
“That would be highly dangerous. I doubt the Borg will just a low someone to have permanent control of there ship. Once the Borg learn that this ship has been compromised they will do whatever it takes up to and including going scorched earth won’t they?” ensign alenbeam asked.
“You are quite right ensign! They will. I suspect whoever is behind this,they are quite aware of the risks. They are probably some kind of elete special forces unit prepared to die if need be.  They were prepared and willing to do whatever it took. That I am sure of.”Picard said.
“Why attack one of our colonies?”Deana asked. “Perhaps they are our enemies as well. Use a gient to kill a Dragon even knowing that the gient will turn against you. It is the piped piper playing out before our eyes!”Picard commented.
“Are we deeling with the romulons? “Deana asked. “Perhaps or someone else! “Picard said.
On the cube,the engineering team were at work. “Commander! The circuitry is almost identical to the cubes we encountered in system j25 and at above earth except I am detecting separate equipment. The technology is from several alpha and beta quadrant powers.”Gordi informed him.
“Other powers? Your certain?”the commander asked. “Yes I am commander!”Gordi responded. “Someone is trying to or has seized control of the vessel?”rycer said. “I believe so ! “Gordi said. “I see. We have to stay on our toes!”rycer said.”agreed!”Gordi said .
On another part of the cube a group of aliens from various alien races  had a base of operations. “Colonel catlin,we have located the enterprise away team! “Major kirrel said.”alright we need to hold this area above all else! Have the asualt team deal with our New guest !”the colonel ordered. “Understood!  I will communicate the order to the assault team. “She answered her superior. 
” very good ! “The colonel said. The two dispersed. The crew was about to procede with phase two of there plan.
The assault team went in two companies. They headed to the federation command post from both sides. There guns were blazing.
“We have incoming!”ensign baur asked. “Stand by phaser!”rycer ordered. The strike team rammed into the area. The enterprise team returned fire on the strike team. There were snipers that fired from a railing like structure.
The team hit back on the sniper and the strike team. The whole team had to stop the work on the Borg cube and focus on the attackers.
This was public’s first outing in. Combat situation. At the academy there  was a course designed for engineering officers on how to handle a combat situation.  This was way different then any syinerio in a classroom or in a Holowdeck simulation. She knew she did not like it.
The team kept fireing. Barclay thought to himself,”you can do this re g! It is just like those holow fantasies you used to engage in. ” except he knew it was different . this was real.
A sniper moved to a New pirch. They targeted commander rycer. Rycer was hit. He fell to the ground. The team ran over to help there commander. They had to fire on the hostle as well.
Worf and his team tried to cover The engineers who were trying to provide help to the commander. The hostile refused to make it easy.
Then the hostile pulled back from the  star fleet command post. Then the room was sealed.
“Sir the ship us going to warp!”ensign Gleason who was at the tactical post in the place of Worf reported. “Alenbeam lay in a pursuit course!”the captain ordered.the enterprise went after the cube. Then the cube went into the conduet. Then the conduet and the ship was gone.
“I have lost them!”Gleason reported. The cube was gone and so was commander rycer and the away team. “Dawn!”Picard said.
End of part three.
I like to come up with actors and actress to play some of the characters I come up with. My inspiration for colonel catlin is Robert davi. My inspiration for his major is Keri Russell.
Ensign Gleason appeared in “best of both words part two” and “future imperfect” . he manned the tactical station on the battle bridge. He was seen briefly on the bridge in place of Worf in the letter.



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