Spere of influence part two

The Borg cube came out of the transwarp conduct. The cube fired a pulse at the orbital station. The station got off a distress call. The pulse struck the station.
The station shield grid was pummulled by the energy pulse. The shields began to fluctuate. The shields were decreased.
The Borg cube struck the base again. Part of the base was hit. The base was devided from the orther. The Borg cube wanted the base out of the way. The Borg cube then disabled the weapons port. The cube then focused on the planet.
U.s.s enterprise
Ncc 1701-d
Captain Picard had assumed once again the role of fictional detective Dixon hill.
Hill was in his office. The door swung open. A man in a Nazi uniform came in. He fell to the ground. He had been shot. He was dead. Hill looked him over. He looked him over. He was a United states senator.
“Bridge to captain!”the voice of commander William rycer said. Picard went back to Picard mode.”computer freeze program. “Picard said.
The scene froze in place. “Picard hear!” the captain said. “Sir! Your needed on the bridge right away!” the first officer said. “I will be right up number one. “The captain said.
“Computor end program.”Picard said. The scene from 1940’s flim noer was replaced with a black and gold grid. The door opened. Captain Picard excited the Holowdeck.
The turbo lift door opened,captain Picard excited the turbo lift and entered the bridge. He was now Waring the standard duty uniform.”captain on the bridge!”ensign McKnight announced.
“Report!”Picard ordered. “The nelric colony is under attack. ” Rycer said “the nelric  colony is deep in federation space. Who is behind these attacks?”Picard asked.
Before he could even end the sentence,he had a feeling he already knew the answer. Then it was confirmed. “They claim it is the Borg!”Worf reported.
“Oh my!”Picard replied. Floods of memories came back to Picard.he saw the image of the Borg hiting the enterprise. Then the drones emerging on the bridge. He saw himself being captures. He saw himself transformed into locutas.
“Do we have confirmation that It is. The Borg?” Picard asked. “Negitive! All communication with the planet has been severed!” data informed him.
“Ensign alenbeam ! Set course for the nelric system maximum warp!”captain Picard ordered. The con officer altered the heading. The course was plotted. She then presed the engage button. The enterprise went to warp.
“On course sir! “Ensign alembeaam reported. Picard tried to conceil his unease. He wanted to be the leader he usually was. The leader that the crew needed him to be.
Several ships headed for the planet.the ships came in with shields up and weapons on stand by.
“I have a visual on the planet!”lt. Worf reported. “On screen!”Picard ordered. The tactical officer transferred the visual to the view screen. On the screen,the cube hovered over the planet.
The orbital space station was stil there. It was heavily damaged. There were several ships that were adrift. The cube was in charge of the space near the planet.
“Send to star fleet command confirming that it is a Borg cube!”Picard ordered. “Sending sir!”the Klingon at tactical reported.
“Stand up phaser and photon torpedoes!”Picard ordered. “Shields up yellow alert! Wepons on stand by!”Worf reported.
“Sir! The cube has fired on the orbital station and virtually every vessel in orbit but it has not hit the planet. ” data said .
“Why has the cube not hit the planet?”Deana asked “I don’t have sufficient information but it seams that they want to take out our ability to threaten them. ” data said.
“Why this planet? Why this syistom. If they are planing another invasion of the federation this does not seam like the best place to lunch it!”Deana asked.
“Borg reasoning is different from ours. I am certain they have a complex and intricate plan that makes perfect sence to them!”data said.
“Whatever it is,I don’t like it!”the first officer said. “I don’t like anything the Borg does number one.”Picard said
The crew was not used to hearing the captain talk this way. The Borg brought us some thing different,something unusual in the captain. The emotional scars from his experience with the Borg were as raw as ever.
The enterprise remained on a direct intercept course with the Borg cube. Picard wanted them there yesterday but tried to be patience.they would get there when they got there. Picard wanted a chance to once again engage the Borg. He wanted to gain the uperhand over them. They had become his most lethal enemy.
The u.s.s enterprise got close to the cube. “In fiering range in twenty seconds. “Data reported. “Fire as soon as we are In range Mr. Worf. “Picard ordered.
As soon as the enterprise was in range,Worf fired phaser and photon torpedoes on the Borg cube. The cube fired back on the enterprise.
“Shields down to forty percent!”Worf said. “Not this again ! Rycer said. “Captian I am sensing life forms on that ship!”Deana declared.
“Borg drones do not usually register as life forms. These are highly unusual! “Data said.
“Indeed!” Picard reported. The enterprise fired on the Borg cube. The cube was hit.
Picard tried to access his Borg memories. Sense leaving the collective,he tried to forget the collective. Now he needed those memories.
One thing that puzzled Picard was how much the Borg trusted Picard.he had been an enemy. Were the Borg nieve? Were the Borg so emursed in there ideology that the assimilation had to work? What worried Picard was that it might have worked? He dared not say that out loud,not even to counselor troyi.
Picard tried to access his memories. He found it. “Mr. Data please go to science station! “Picard ordered.data got up and went to the station station. He sat down. Picard had data design a program that sent a pulse that weekend the cube. The enterprise fired on the cube from multiple sides.
Data tried to devide a key section of the cube from the rest of the craft. He had the area sealed off.
“Stand by tractor beam !” Picard ordered. Worf complied with the order.
The enterprise headed for the cube.the ship began to activate a tractor beam. It tried to move the craft away from the planet. The cube fired at the enterprise. The ship was hit.
“Shields holding!”Worf said.the enterprise hit the cube. They held the cube in the beam. The cube tried to get away. The vessel hit the cube.
“Keep a close eye on them Mr. Worf!”Picard ordered.”aye sir! “The Klingon said.
“Number one assemble an away team. I want you to gain control of that ship ! “Picard ordered.
The first officer was surprised by this order. It was a risky mission. “Right on it! Worf, with me! Rycer to Laforge!”rycer said. “Go ahead commander!”a stresed out gordi with several task all at once said.”I need an engineering team to meet me in transporter room 2. “Rycer ordered.
Gordi did not like order. He did understand it. “Understood we Will be right there. Duffy! Take charge of engineering!”gordi ordered. “Aye sir!”duty said .
“Reg,Larson, Gomez.Costa with me!Pavlov feel like stretching your legs?”gordi asked. “Yes sir!”pavkic said. “Then what are you waiting for?”gordi asked.
Pavlic smiled and joined the chief enginer and his team. They left the engine room. Duffy had no time to seam in his pro temp appointment as chief enginer . He hit the ground running. There was a lot to do.
Gordi and his team left the engine room. They ran to the transporter room . they met up with the commander and the team. “Ready for a road trip?”rycer asked. “Not really but let’s do it any way! “Gordi said. “I know what you mean! Lets do it!” the first officer said.
The team got on to the pad. “I have the coordinates! ” transporter chief obrian said. “Enerzize!”the first officer ordered.
The transporter chief activated the controls. The team was beamed off of the ship and on to the cube.
This was perhaps one of the hardest away mission an enterprise d team had ever gone on.
“What is going on? “Deana asked the captain. “I don’t think that the Borg is in control of that cube !”Picard declared.
End of part two.
I am trying to rely more on best of both words and q who for information on the Borg. I am trying not to contradict information from future episodes,first contact or voyager. Future instalment of the society series will occur in those series.


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