“Spheres of influence”

The society
Star trek t next generation
“Spheres of influence”
U.s.s enterprise d
Ten froward
” good morning guinen!”ensign tess alembeem said. “If it is our New con officer. I assume your on this morning !”guinen said. “O700″ she said .”the usual?”the elorian asked. She smilled .” I have only been hear for a few weeks and you already know my breakfast order?”the young ensign asked. ” I make it my business to know these things. “Guinen said.
“Things have been prety hectic Sense I arrived. I came onboard just before the captain had to arbitrate the sucesion of a New Klingon leader and then worf killed one of the challengers. Then commander Rucker vanished for a while. Then there was the garbage scowl. I have been pretty busily!”she said .
“In the time I have been hear I have observed that It is only going to get stranger. ” guinen said. “Why am I not surprised. Yes I can see that being true !”alenbeem said.
Enginering .
“Ensign pavlic your sift does not start for another thirty minutes!”lt. Commander laforge said..”I know. I just wanted to have a look around. Get to know my surroundings.it is a lot different form the potomic. “She said.
“It is quite different goin form a tug to a galaxy class starship?”gordi asked. “It is. When I graduated I was told there were no openings on a galaxy class starship. Then the enterprise opened up.”pavlic said.
“I am glad to have you a bored.you came highly recommended . “gordi said. “I will try to love up to those recommendations commander!”she said. He smiled
“So why are you hear early ?”she asked .”I am. Hieg engineer of the flag ship of the federation. I get to come hear every day. Where else would I be?”he said. “I understand. If I were chief engineer I would feel the same way!”she said.
“I am sure you will be. Not hear but some where !”gordi said. “Fair enough sir!”pavlic answered. He laughed.
Within a short time the morning engineering shift arrived. This included lt. Duffy,lt.jg Sonya Gomez,lt. Costa, lt. Linda Larson and brothers entered. The shift was about to begin.
The bridge crew for the day entered. The day shift took over. The ship was ready for whatever the day would bring.
Federation colony
Nelric four
The nelric syistom was home to five colonies. Most of the colonies were begun in the middle of the twenty third century. The religion was not near the romulilon or Klingon space so the area was desirable to start a colony. The settlements thrived . They became a massive center of trade commerce an scientific research. Manny came to this syistom for various reasons.
The nelric four orbital space station was a center of administration for the sector and various research .
“Sir! I am detecting intermittent energy readings throughout the sector!”a tech said. “These are unusual readings?” the commander asked. “Yes sir. Nothing that usualy occurs commander!”the tech responded. “I want more intensive scans. “The commander ordered. The science staff got to work on it.
“We have incoming. Unknown warp signature!”a tech reported. “Nothing was scheduled at this time!”a computer officer said. “Can you identify it?” the commander asked. “I am adjusting sensors. It is stil not on sensors. I believe it maybe jamming us.wait I have it.oh my!”the tech said.
“On screen!” the commander said. The tech had the image transfered to the Maine view screen. On the screen a large mass filled the screen. It took up most of the screen. It looked like a large cube.  The crew of the orbital station it was clearly recognized.
“Oh my! Send a sector wide distress call and send to star fleet command. We have sighted a Borg cube! I repeat we have sighted a Borg cube. This is not a drill. “The commander said.
End of part one.
I wanted this story to follow a different format then the first three. I decided to set it in the midst of the threat of the Borg.
Ensign tess alenbeem appeared in multiple episodes during the south season. She was the first mostly female con officer set in the post Wesley era of next gen. She was played by Mary conhart. The name tess was never used on air but was cited in the star trek the next generation companion by lary nemek.
Ensign pavlic was an enginer that appeared in “galaxy’s child ” she was played by Jenna Marie hump.
Ensign Sonya Gomez only appeared in two episodes. That was in the second season. There is no reason to believe she was not stil around. I promoted her to like grade.
Lt. Linda Larson appeared in the enth digree. Lt. Duffy and Costa appeared in “hollow pursuits” and lt. Barclay of course needs no reference.


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