Interest and principles part six

Admiral komack had his team get together to formulate a briefing to the president and federation council. They were able to put together a cohesive beefing.
Pallice da la Concorde
Office of the president.
The acting president was a diplomat and an administrator. She had a very different style from the elected president. She saw herself as a caretaker,a place holder. Either she would yield to president zal or she would yield to the vice president. Until that time according to the charter, she was in charge. This was a crises situation . there needed to be a leader so she fulfilled that role.
“I have invited the andorian and tellerite ambassador as well as the coridorn council. Admiral you may begin !”she Said.
“Thank you madam president. Star fleet has determined that apart from the tricabera, the ships that have engaged in agresive action of ships that were sold to orther world’s,to private organization or persons or sent to a surplus depot. We have also determined that ships that were supposed to be at a surplus depot are missing. These ships are among the debree.  “Admiral komack said.
“What are you suggesting?”tellerite ambassador horchub asked. “Well the evidence does call into questione the andorian involvement In these attacks. ” the admiral said.
“You beleve this vindicates the andorians?” the coridon representative asked. “It does all andorian involvement into question. It is certainly  justifiable doubt. “The admiral’s aid said.
“Who is behind all this?” the president ‘s chief of staf asked. “I don’t know . we beleve this indeterminadate third party is trying to destabilize the federation from within. Probably for the purpose of invading some of all of the federation after it collapses. ” admiral Fitzpatrick said.
“You are convinced of the inosence of the andorians or at least the andorian government?” the president asked.
“That is correct madam president!”admiral komack said. “How do I know that this is not some kind of white washing by star fleet. In order to save the federation you come up with your theory to protect the federation?”the coridorn rep asked.
“I assure you that star fleet would not engage in that kind of activity Mr. Representive. “Admiral Fitzpatrick said.
“I will want to look over all of your evidence admiral!”the tellerite ambassador said. “That will be provided to all of the council members. “The acting president assured the ambassadors.
“It will be closely scrutinized. “The tellerite ambassador informed the president. “Of course. We wood expect no less!” admiral komack said.
“I am sceptical. I will try to keep an open mind. “The Representive of the coridon said. “Very good!” the president said.
U.s.s enterprise
“Did Spock give any indication why he had called us out hear?”Dr. Mccoy asked. “No. He did say that this was important !”kirk said. “You trust him Jim ?”mccoy asked. “Implicitly bones. Why? You don’t trust him ?” kirk asked.”I have my doubts about him Jim !” mccoy said. “Now why am I not surprised by that?”kirk asked.
“‘ve have incoming keptian! It is z Gallo!”checov at science said. ” have it brought in! “Kirk ordered.
The Shartle was brought into the hanger. Spock excited the craft. “Do you have a lead?” kirk asked. “Captain I beleve that someone wants to an an anax words near the fegen system. I beleve that the attacks attributed to the andorian are a distraction and a plot to open up the frontier to conquest!  “Spock said.
“The fegen system? That area is remote and insignificant. Why go to all this trouble? ” Dr. Mccoy asked.
“At current it is insignificant and unimportant. That was not always the case. This area was once part of the ilvian imperial order. ” Spock said.
“That was three thousand years ago. “Kirk said. “Many of the world’s remane. I beleve that someone May be trying to recreate that empire or part of it. I don’t yet have proof!”Spock said. “Let me gues that is where we come in!” Dr. Mccoy said. “The enterprise can get there faster then the Shartle can. ” Spock said.
“Where can we go is get this vaunted proof?”Dr. Mccoy asked. “The fegen system!”Spock said.  ” so we go there and ask them if they are planing to invade the near by world’s?”mccoy said.
“Captain we have to follow up on This. We may not have a lot of time.someone is invading or persuading world’s to join a secret pact. They are gobbling up world’s on the edge of the federation frontier!”Spock said.
Kirk went over to a com unit. “Mr. Checkov what ships near us,”kirk asked. “The faragut,hood,Excalibur and potempkon.”he said. “Have all ship head for the fegen system!”kirk ordered. “Aye sir!”uhua said.
U.s.s faragut
“Addison! The enterprise is asking us to procede to the fegen syistom!” the com officer said. “We seam to be doing a lot of favors for the enterprise!”Addison said. “Someone needs to Set up a tab!”ryian said. “Yes we do! Ry set course for the feign syistom. Maximum warp!”Addison ordered. “Course plotted!” the helm officer said. The faragut went to warp.
Fegan system
“We are getting closer to the Fegan system. We are now in sansor range!”science officer Spock reported. “Scan the area mr Spock! “Kirk said. Spock activated the scanning device. “Scanning. I have a visual !”the Vulcan reported. “On screen!”kirk ordered.
The science officer sent the visual to the Maine view screen. On the screen was a series of starships. They were from several different races. The ships ran the gammit from frigate to dreadnauhht. They were all heavily armed.
“I beleve It is a multi planetary fleet !”Spock said. “What is the glue holding this fleet together?” Scotty asked. “I wish I knew. “Kirk said .
“I hopped that you were wrong Spock?”mccoy commented.”uhua send to star fleet command. “Kirk said. “We are being jammed !”uhh said . “get us pass that jamming device!” kirk ordered.
The vessel headed in the opposite direction. The ship headed back for the federation.
Command ship
“Excelentcy the federation space is withdrawing. ” the sansor officer said. “The vessel is probably trying to get out of jamming range !” the first officer said. ” lay in a persist course!” the admiral in charge ordered.
The plan depended on keeping there activities low key. Without anonymity the plan would not work.the plan was to quietly build and then overwhelm and devastate.
“We have incoming. Several ships are on a direct course. They are attempting to intercept us. “Spock reported.
“Shields up! Red alert!”kirk ordered. Sulu raised the shields and screens. “Shields and screens up!”sulu reported. “Mantain course and speed!”kirk ordered . “aye sir!” sulu answered.
The enterprise kept withdrawng in order to get pass the jammers. The hostile ships remained on course for the enterprise.
The ships headed for the enterprise.once in fireing range,the hostels fired. The photon torpedoes struck the enterprise from several sections.
The enterprise quickly returned fire on the ships. The enterprise maintained course for the edge of federation space.
The ships hit the enterprise. “Damage on several decks!”Spock said. “Begin damage control procedures!” kirk ordered. “Damage control is on its way!” uhua said.
The enterprise unleashed phasers and photon torpedoes at the warships. It fired as many schots as it could get off.
The ships continued to fire on the enterprise. The command ship fired a large mistle . the enterprise ran to the mistle,fired a payload of phasers and photon torpedoes at the mistle. Then it got out of the way. The mistle exploded .
The enterprise has gotten away from the projectile. It fired at the wake. It hit the command ship. It stil had the rest of the fleet to deal with.
The faragut and several other ships were on there way. Would they arrive on time? Could the enterprise hold out until the orther ships arrived?
To be concluded .


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