Interest and principles part five

Spock had been rendered unconscious. Spock started to regain concsiciousness. Spock instantly got up. He was not where he was before. He surmised that the orions had moved him.
He figured that the orions did not want to kill him. They wanted him out of the way.
Spock had no desire to be in there way. He just wanted answers. The orions did not have those answers. At least they were not willing to share the answers they have. He would have to find them elsewhere.he came hear thinking that this was a plot by the orions like Babel. Now He was prety sure that it was not the orions .
Spock was not far from the Galileo.he had a smal device that located the shartle. He entered the craft. He went inside. The case had gone cold. He decided to head for the enterprise.
“Warning! Incoming vessel! ” the computer said. The startle tried to get out of the way. Sudenly the vessel was surrounded. There were three Klingon vessels all around him. This was quite an unexpected turn of events. 
Office of the president
“Madam president! The tellerite have set up a blockade at there border. They will no longer allow andorian murchent vessels to operate in there space. As a result The andorian have announced they are setting up a similar blockade. The andorian parliament is planing to consider banning Tellerite commerce inside andorian space. The tellerite ambassador has filled a complaint with the agency on member world’s. “The new Vulcan foreign Secretary said.
“I want to speak to the emperor of andor and the grand prefect of the tellerite. We need to calm things now. “The acting president said.
“That May not be easy madom president. ” The defense Secretary said. “We have to try!”the president said. They agreed.
Federation surplus depot 27
Planet angur four.
Shivea saw her husband. He hugged her. “I can’t believe I agreed to do this !” Dave said. “You said we need to get away just the two of us!”she said. “This is not quite what I had In mind but ok!” commander Owens said.
They held hands as they went to the control center. “Are you ernum cete?”Owens asked. “I am. Half of the federation is calling me. Usualy people avoid this place. Its like we are haunted or something?” he said.
“Are the ships hear ?”Shevea asked.”the ships described by the tellerite ,Manny were hear. They were procured by a colonial transport company two years ago .they operated out of Altair . they checked out. “The dock master said.
“Do you stil have the documents?” Owens said. “I keep everything. I am required to by the surplus intregrety act. We follow poetical to the letter. Everything from cataloging to waste extraction is done by the book!” he said. Neither knew how to respond to that.
“Can we see them?”Owens said. Come with me. They went to The Office. He took a pad and found the data. He showed it to them. “They intended to add it to there fleet? “Shevea said. “Yes. Under the surplus act The starship commission has to know what they plan to do with the ships. They want to insure no prime directive violation,no ending up in the hands of smugglers etc. “He said.
“If the buyers want to flip It? ,”Owens said. “They have to go though the same process. Once ownership is transfer,it is between the commission and the buyer. It is quite a castle!”he said.
“Can you access the comision records?”Shevea asked. “I am logging on to shipchive now. It says the ships were sold to aridon cooperation. Oh no! “He said. “What?” Owens asked. “The cooperation headquarters was in the malurian system. The cooperation was whipped out when well you know!”he said.
“So anything could have happened to those ships ? Including stolen by smugglers ?” Shevea said. “Yes. It seams so. ” the dock master said.
“What do you think babe?” Owen’s asked. “I think that either the aridon was a front for smugglers or some orther naferious group or someone else got to it. I don’t know that it was the beatified but I think that someone is trying to devide the federation. Posibly a prelude to  invasion. “The Vulcan told her husband.
“We have to go to star fleet!”Owens said. “Do we have enough proof ?”She asked. “Enough to prove that a third party is trying to meddle in the affairs of the federation. Probibly to bring it down. “He said.
Sudenly there was a transporter beam. Kor emerged.”where is your entourage?”Spock asked.”I am hear to have a chat Spock! “Kor said. “With or without the mind sifter?”Spock asked. “Without. Your federation is in quite a bind!”he said. “I figured you would be celebrating over a glass of vintage blood whine!”Spock u. “I don’t want the federation overthrown unless the empire is doing the overthrowing. The enemy of my enemy could also be my enemy. “Kor said.
“Do you know who is behind all this?” Spock asked.”over the past year,we started to see a paturn. Smaler powers were Sudenly going though upheavals. Insurection,revolts,revolutions. All centered near the federation most remote border. All too far away to be a concern. Last mounth the planet fezel was taken over by a seemingly insufficient political faction. I believe that soon a new defense fact will be created. If the Federation falls in rival war then this pact can anex minor world’s on the frontier of federation space. Qudrent affairs will shift hear. A religion barely  notice will be an emerging power. It will be some time before they pose a threat to the empire but they will eventuality will be. “Kor said.
“Who is behind this?”Spock asked.”I don’t know. My gues is someone we are not aware of. Someone who prefers to be in the shadows. “Kor said.
“Why share this with me?”Spock said. “As I said I want the federation conquered by the Klingon. The Federation does check the galaxy. It prevents expansion by the romulons,gorn,thalonians or the tholiens. The organisms won’t allow us to fight but the federation serves a useful purpose for now. While I don’t care to be on the same team. I wi share this information!”He said.
“Thank you commander. I am in your dept!” Spock said. “Perhaps one day I will collect. “He said. He returned to the ship and the ships left. This would need to be verified.

Star fleet command
“You believe this is all the work of outside agitators?”admiral Womack asked. “We are certain of it sir!” Owens answered. “It does seam to make sense. Do you know who is behind it?” he asked. “No not as of yet!” Shevea asked. “I see. Good work. Send me everything you have. ” the admiral asked.
The admiral asked to speak to the president at once. Perhaps there was time to stop the avalanche. There would not be a lot of time.
End of part five
Although this is a plot by the society,there are always outside unforeseen forces. There was usually coincidences. The society could not have the health of the president or nomad destroying the malurian system. It did work into there plan.
While this is set in the prime universe,I am using the events of the original series but not totally bound to it. This event could have happened.


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