“Interest and principles”

Star trek
The society
Star trek the original series
“Interest and principles”
With the decline of the ancient empires,a group made up of multiple alien races created a secret society bent on creating stability in the universe. As the united federation was formed briging stability but not every one was pleased with this. ”
Federation newscast.
“This is Jessica Armstrong with the federation news service. We have this breaking news. The babel confrence has anounced that the council has unenimously voted to admit the planet coridon into the federation. This concluded two weeks of intensive negociations and deliberations by the ambassadors. While the andorians and telerites were last holdouts,both voted in favor of the admission. There will be time of transistion before coridon takes its seat at the council as a full member.” The reporter said. 
Planet andor
Capital citty
“Sir we have lost contact with the tircabera! The vessel has failed to respond to all hails. One of our long range setilites traced it to bratair.”andorian admiral shibret said.
“A coridon colony!”the emparor said. “Corect excellentcy!” Admiral shibret answered. “The commander is oposed to coridon admission to the federation. If the ship opens fire on the planet,this could be seen as an act of hostility on the part of the andorians!” The emparor said.
“Get me the consul general from coridon to earth. Perhaps we can prevent a major incident if we act quickly!” The emparor ordered. His military commanders agreed.
“Have all of our ships intercept the tricabera but make it clear that our ships are not to cross into coridon space !”the emparor ordered. “Understood !”the admiral and generals said.
The emparor was very concerned by this news. Manny in the andorian government were vehitmently oposed to coridon membership. The emparer was nutral even apithetic towards this issue. He did not want war between coridon and andor. He feared there own future in the federation if the tricabera did attack the colony. He hoped that this could be stoped.
By the time the andorian task force neared the last known location of the tricabera,the ship was gone. The task force would not disobey orders. The task force did inform command of what had occured.
“Sir we are unable to get any message in or out of the planet!”a tech said. “What is the nature of this interference?”the coridonian commander asked.”it could be from a comet or orther steler phynomina. It could also be some kind of dampening field. “The tech responded.
“Send to tildarin citty. Inform them what has happened. “The. Obital station commander informed the com tech.
The andorian battle crusher came out of warp. The crusher opened fire on the obital base. The crusher fired multiple phaser burst all over the outpost.
“Our shields are down!” A tech said. Near by coridon vessels intercepted the warship. The warships quickly returned fire on the andorian vessel. The warship was no match for the coridorn vessels.
The andorian vessel was disarmed. Instead of surendering,the andorian vessel ploted a colision course for the coridon lead ship. The orther vesels tried to protect there command ship. They fired multiple burst on the hostle ship. The explosive wave hit the command ship. The ship was wounded. There was exstensive damage. The real damage was the fact that one federation member apeared to have attacked a member to be. This was the begining of a masive power keg just beginning.
  Planet andor
“Excellentcy! The tricabera opened fire on the bratair’s obital station. The outpost was heavily damaged. The tricabera was destroyed. The ship seamed to have trigered the self destruct protical. “Shibret said. “Oh my !”the emparor said.
“The intersection on earth never got our warning. There are already theories that the attack was not a rougue strike. “General teverek said.
“I see. I want to speak to the chancellor of coridon,the federation president and our ambassador on earth. I want to hold an emergentcy cabinet meating right away!” The emparor ordered.
Office of the chancellor
“Sir! We have confirmed that the bratair base was attacked by an andorian vessel. The vessel has been confirmed to be the tricabera. It is taelcher class war crusher. The commander was commander tashaeer. He was known to be oposed to our admission into the federation!”the minister of defense said.
“This news is quite troubling !” The chancellor said. “The andorian embasy on earth claims that had no knowledge of the attack. It claims the vessel.went rougue!”the foregn minister said.
“Do we have any information that substaniates there claim ?”the chancellor asked. “At this point we have no information for or against !”the defense minister asked.
“I want to speak to the head of the interasection on earth. I also would like to speak to the federation president at his erliest convenience. ” The chancellor declared.
Planet argelius
A man went into a bar. He saw a ring on a table. He took it. He went outside. He went to a park banch. He waited. Then a man who had watched him came over to him.
“It has begun! The coridon chancellor is acting with extreme orthers. There is also outrage especially by those on bratair. While the andorian government is trying to prove that they were not involved. Others say the coridon are trying to frame them. The seeds of discent are being sown. “The seccond man told the first man to arive.
“We need to go slow. We muat avoid the mistakes of the past. I want this to work. “The superior said. “Yes sir!” The seccond man.said. then the two dispersed.
End of part one.
Although the andorians are a federation member,i have surmised that they have a cerimonial emparer.


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