Birth pains part six

Terna,the delten was abored his ship. He looked out in to the stars. Terna had been put in charge of the operation. Terna was suposed to make the operation work. If it suceded,he would receve some praise. If it failed,he would get all the blame. He knew that well.
Terna had got kereth to set all this up. Terna presented himself as an arms dealer. He was careful not to implicate the society.  If he was exposed,he would take the blame for it. The society must endure.
Archer got too close. Terna had killed kereth killed. He hoped to be off planet before he could be aprehended by archer. Archer had no jurisdiction hear but terna would take no chances.
“The enterprise left orbit. It is on an intercept course . It is heading straght for us. ” The tactical officer told him.
“How did they figure this out? We killed kereth before they arived. Besides he knew nothing !” An eloriam named rizza said. “I don’t know. Feign ignorence. No agresive moves!” Terna said.”we should have screens up!” Dezrek the tactical officer a gazerite said. “We do. We will arouse suspisions. We cannot risk exposing our organization!”terna said.
“Suspose they already know?”reza said. “They will be destroyed!”terna said. “What if archer told his superiors?”reza asked. “One thing at a time!”terna said.
“We are on intercept course!”t’pol anounced. “There shields and screens are down!” Shumar said. “Odd. I believed that they would have come in weapons hot'”travis commented.”they are going to play the by stander card. ” Archer said. “Should we activate our shields and screens?”shumar asked. “Negitive! I don’t want to be the bully. “Archer said.
“This is risky!”t’pol said.”i know. If we are being set up,i don’t want to give them a plasible plan b. We do this carefully. ” Archer declared.
“This breaking news,the earth news network has confirmed that the telerite legislative asambly is considering leaving the coilition. They have suspended all activities involving the coilition. While the rygelian have also suspended all activities as well. The alience seams to be falling apart. While coilition president thomas Vanderbilt is trying to show a brave front!” Reporter gannet brocks said.
“We are hopeful that these isues can be resolved in a timley fashion. “The president said.
“It is unclear if the vote witch was mostly cerimonial will take place. There is a  question wrether the coilition could occur only with humanity,Vulcan and andorians. Coilition oficials are debating contingency plans just in case.” The reporter said.
Star fleet command
Office of admiral gardner
“We have confirmed that the fighters were unmanned. ” Read said. “Were they controled by remote?” Admiral gardner said. “We don’t Know yet sir. “Read said. “Was there an order given to detain the telerite vessel?” Gardner asked. “We have not found any. We checked and rechecked. ” Read said. “I see. I want you to keep looking into this. ” Admiral gardner ordered. “Yes sir!” Read said.
“We are now in ip with the alien ship!” T’pol reported. ” Hail the vessel!”archer ordered. “Your on!”hoshi said.”alien vessel this is captain jonathen atcher of the earth vessel enterprise. “Archer said.
“No responce!”hoshi said. ” they feel cornored! Give the go order!”archer said. The columbia and intrepid went at high warp towards the ship.
“Try again !”archer ordered. “The ship is heading in the oposite direction!”t’pol said.”they are uncomfortable !”shumar said.” We are being hailed !”hoshi said.
“On screen !”archer ordered. On the screen displayed the image of the bridge.
“What is this about ? I have had no deelings with your people! “The deltin said. “You seam nervous !”archer said. “I am not acustomed to being bulied by a race i have never met before. “Terna said.
” You killed mr. Kereth ! “Archer said. “Who?” Terna said.”we know your trying to destabilize the coilition of planet. I know about the beatified. ” Archer said.
The view screen went dark. “I am detecting a masive energy surge comming from that ship!”t’pol reported.
“Order all our ships to back away!”archer said. The ships backed away from the ship.the ship exploded.
Ready room.
“The ship was uterly destroyed!”trip said. “It apears to have been a self destruct detonation. “T’pol said. “We currently have no proof of the society. We have nothing directly tied to outside groups being involved in the incidents. “Archer said.
“We basically have a conperacy theory with absolutely no proof.” Trip said. “What do we do now?” Trip asked. ” I am working on it!” Archer said.
Unknown ship
“Excellentcy! Terna’s ship has been destroyed. The evidence sugest that they destroyed themselves.”an aid said.
“I see. “The elder said.
End of part six
Gannet brooks apeared in ” demons” and “tera prime” although the reporter is a day job,i decided to use her as the reporter rather then create a new character.


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