Birth pains part one

Following the colapse of major empires,an intergalatic secret society decided to qietly bring about a more stable galaxy. ”
“In the twenty first century,the society atempted to begin a hundred year plan to take over the known galaxy. That plan was thawted. Even as a coilition of planets is about to be formed,the society won’t give up. ”
Planet rissa
A delten male walked around the beach. He did not look like a usual visitor. He walked to a private chalet. He walked inside.
“Sorry excellentcy. I got caught in a super nova. “The delten said.”i am glad you are hear ! “The zackdornian elder said.
“I have heard that the order is in uproar !”the delten said. “Yes that is true. Some have left the order. The bored has voted to mantain the order. They have commisoned a new plan. The coilition may be all but a reality,there is still a tactic left to use.”the elder said.
“I am at thy bidding !”the accoltye said. “I knew you would be tarna! I have always been able to count on you. I will need you more then i ever have. “The elder said. “I will do what i have to do. I am commited to the goals of the beatified!”the younger said.
“Good. While the coilition apears to be settled,it could still fall apart. All it needs is a little push. I believe i know what to push. “The elder said. “What do you perpose?”the jr partner asked.
Planet earth
“Captains starlog march 29,2161, there is quite a sense of excuberence all over the planet earth. The deligates to the colition of planets charter convention are ariving. Celebrations are breaking out. While there will be a final vote,the vote is a formality. The coilition of planets is all but a done deal” captain jonathen archer said in his log.
“I must admit to all of it being a little bitersweet. I am excited by the prospect of this coillition. At the same time,the enterprise the ship i have commanded for almost 11 years is comming to an end. My ship is about to be decomisoned. My crew my family will be going there seperate ways. I will miss them greatly. I will miss this ship!”
“I am looking foward to commanding the starship Daedalus. It is a bigger,faster and more advanced then an nx class starship but i would do just about anything to continue commanding the enterprise. “He said.
U.s.s enterprise
In orbit of earth.
“You wanted to see me doctor? “Commander t’pol asked. “Yes i am doing an exit physical on the crew. Yours will be sent to the Excalibur’s c.m.o !”dr. Phlox said “if i will be exacamoned by the Excalibur’s doctor when i take command,is it really necessary for me to be excamoned hear? ” t’pol said.
“Its different. I consider this crew to be family. Odd sense that was not the case when i first borded. Please just endulge me ok? “The doctor Pleaded. “Very well!”she said.
He checked her vitals. He did various checks on her. “Hun this is interesting ! ” phlox declared. “What is that?”she asked. “Let me follow up on this! ” the dinoblian told her.
He was qiet as he did some follow up scans. He frequently said things like “hum”or “interesting !”. He did not eleborate.
“What is going on doctor?”t’pol asked. “It seams your with child !”he asked. “Is the child ok?”she asked. “Every thing apears to be going according to where the child should be at this stage of development. “He said.
“Do you think the child can go to term?”she asked. “I do not see why not. I believe the complication with Elizabeth was due to the cloning techneque. I still want to treat this as an at risk pregnancy but i am confident that you can cary this child to term!”he said.
“I know i will be under the care of the Excalibur’s physision..”sge said. “I will oversee the case all the way. You have my word on that. “He said. “I was not anticipating this event. “The female Vulcan said. “I figured as much. “Phlox said.
“Why mr. Ambassador you look tired!”archer said. “I am a little fitugured. I am experiencing what you humans refer to you as jet lag! “Ambassador sival said. “I imagine you have done a lot of comuting from sanfrancisco to paris and back.” Archer said.
“Indeed i have. I stil do not understand the wisdom of having the presidents office seperated from the council chamber. “Sivol said.
“Most of earth government and any major diplomatic function ocured in sanfrancisco but eroupe is a major hub. Personaly i think president vanderbuilt just wanted an excuse to live in paris!” Archer said. “Perhaps!” He said.
“So your going to take command of the daedilus. I thought that you would be made an admiral!” The ambassador’s chief of staf skoden said.
” they wanted to but i turned them down. I know some day i will bite the bulet and become an admiral but not today. I thretened to leave star fleet if they did not alow me to command one of the new ships. I just baught a house in new orlions so they changed there tune!” He said. “I see. ” soval said.
“Captain archer!”commander shumar said. “Excuse me ambassador !”archer said. “Of course!”the Vulcan said. The captain left the enterage and went over to the orther officer.
Commander bryce shumar had already been apointed to command the deadilus class starship essek. He was still technicaly a commander.
“Hey Bryce. “Archer said.”jon we have a problem! “Shumar said.”what’s up?”he asked. ” the anarartica observation post has been seized by tera prime!”shumar said.
“Tera prime? ” archer said. ” They clame to be tera prime! Rather they are remnants of paxton’s group or a group of wanabes,they have control of one of our instilation on the verge of the signing carimony. “Shumar said.
Star fleet command
Office of admiral gardner
  “Captain archer good. Have a seat! Play the tape!”gardner said. On the screen the image showed the control room of the small instilation. There were three personale at work on various task.then there was a beam in. There was multiple phased pistol beams.
“This is micheal aaron ogden of tera prime. Earth belogs to the human race. This coilition of planets is the ultimate crime against humanity. This incident today is the first in a war raged by the decent comon people against the ocupation by off world powers. If you want to avoid further ‘incidents’ i incist that you end this convention and tear apart this coilition. If you do not do as we incist,we will escilate what will be the dirtiest war sence the post atomic horror. “Ogden said.
“I believed that terror prime was disoved. The leaders have been arested,or disovowed the movement. “Captain utan narsu said. ” It seams that the movement has not been totally abandoned. ” admiral gardner said.
“What do we do now! Half the galaxy will be showing up at our door step. Some have already arived. “General cassy said.
“Earth president samuals is considering enacting a sate of emergentcy. I am planing to brief the deligates as well. “The admiral said.
Archer had a huge pit in his stomick. He was woried. Something was very wrong. He had no idea why but he knew something was off.
End of part 1.


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