The society part six

The gaurds aimed there energy rifles at tijira. They took aim. They were about to fire.
Tijira waited. As they were perparing to fire,she lifted up her leg and kicked the nearest rifle man. She then used the Vulcan and iniciated a Vulcan nerve pinch on the orther schooter.
She was fired on by other station’s security persons. She had grabed a phased rifle and fired. She ran and fired on the attackers.
The attackers fired back on the attackers. She knew that she had information that her superiors needed to have. She did have to make sure that they got it. The security of the comonwealth of Vulcan depended on it. That was not an oversatement.
She ran as fast as she could. Vulcans were known for there speed and endurence. She called on it in this case. She needed it. She found a utility closet. She went in and hid. She was well traned in evasion tatics and servival. She would need it in this case.  She kept as quet as she could.
The patrol went by the closet. They did not check the closet. She was suprised that they would be this sloppy but it did work in her favor. She would not complain.
She waited for several minutes before atempting to leave the closet. While those in emotional races might get very impatcient,tijira knew the importence of being carefull. She knew that endurence and prudence was the key to victory.
After she was certain that the coast was clear,tijira excited the utility room. She slethfuly moved though the coridor. She came upon a group of tropers.this time she got off the first schoot.
Three of the tropers were stuned. The others fired on her.she was able to dodge the schots.she quickly hit back. She hit all but one.
The one remaning gaurd fired. She droped and rolled. He missed her several times. She roled over then tackled the schooter. She got off another nerve pinch. The man was randered unconscious. She took the rifle.
She kept moving. She found an airlock. She tried to open the door. Of course the door required a pasword. She atempted to hack into the system and open the airlock. Finally the door opened. She fled the base
The planet was habitible for humans. It was considered by many humanoid races to be harsh. She had been on manny worlds. She learned to adapt to any situation. That was the nature of her work.
She started to move. She saw a staging area. There were suport crafts. She saw shock troops. This society ,this group that calls itself the beatified was heavily armed. This was not a social club but an army.  They were perparing for war.
She had been spoted. While those who were emotional might panic but not her. She was traned not to react by nuture and by her vashar traning. She would remain stoic.
They quickly turned there attention to her. They ran to her.she was in trouble . She stayed calm and Vulcan like though it all.that was who she was.
She was serounded. She would not yield. She would wait for them to defeat her. She would not give up. They would have to disarm her. It seemed like they were close to acheving that goal.
All of a sudden they heard a noise. She saw a Klingon battle crusher. It was a tershova class battle crusher.
Was it a friend or foe. Could it be neither. Klingon were unpredictable. The vessel fired on the societies forces. Tijira struck the nearest gaurd with her rifle. She kicked a few orthers. She fired on several others.
She kept going.  The Klingon warship flew low. It lunched a grapiling hook. She knew this was probably not a good idea but she had few options. She grabed on to the grapple. They fired on her as she was hoisted up.
She felt a bit disoriented as she was taken up to the ship. The hatch opened and she was brought in. The hatch was sealed.
The battle crusher went to warp.the ship cleared the planet. It reentered space. The base fired a serface to space mistle at the vessel.
The crusher fired on the mistle.the mistle exploded before it could inpact the ship. The ship was hit by debre but nothing serious.
The ship tried to get away from the planet. “HE pat magauD tlhap witihismo wo’vad!” The commander ordered. The helm agreed. The ship went to warp.
Tijira excited the hatch. She saw the gaurds on the orther end. Instead of thanking her they surounded her. “Follow me!”the Klingon sergent barked.
  For the moment she was not an ally . It was unclear if they considered her an enemy or if this was just Klingon hospitality. She was led to the bridge of the warship.
The door opened. She was shoved on to the bridge. “You! I should kill you where you stand!’shivek said. “You could have at least said hello first. “Tijira said. “You have certainly caused quite the chaos on qonos and hear !”shivek said. “It was unovoidible!”she said.
“Why did you come to cronos. Why did you end up in the notely system ?”shivek asked.
“I was looking for a parmokoi. No one was to my liking!”she said. The bridge crew wanted to laugh but no one dared until shivek did. “Amusing!”the coincilmember and starship commander said.
“I came to investigate the attack. The evidence brought me to notely four.  The Vulcan government was not involved in the attack. The attacker did so at the behast of a third party trying to provoke a war between the empire and the commonwealth!”tijira said.
“Wht would they do this?”shivek’s aid asked. “To destabilize the reigion. To create a vacuum they can fill!”she said.
“Who is thid mysstery cabal?”the first offficer asked. “They call themselves the beatifued!”she said. Shivek laughed. “The beatified is a myith! “Shivek said.
“Look ! Rather it is the actual group or people who are simply using the name is non seqitor. “She said.
“A group of people who is part political ,part military and part myistical is plotting to take over the galaxy.  You sure you have not been engaging in too mutch romusnagen asle or are in the early stages of bendi syindrome?”shivek asked.
Tijira perfered not to deal with the Klingons. They were irational,eratic,unqoth. From time to time she found that she had to. This was one of those times.
“I have proof. Look i am not your enemy. At least not in this occasion!”she said.
“In fitty to a hundred years our two peoples will be forced into conflict. It is inevitable ! Why wait?”shivek asked.
“We have a comon isue today. Down the road is down the road!”she said.
“My superiors wil be sceptical. Once batle begins like this  it can only  ended only by victory !”he said.
“There is no victory. Not for the comonwealth or the enpire. There is victory only for them. They are using us. We are playing into there hand !”she told him.
“I find it hard to believe that a multi planitary secret society is. Able to impliment such a plot. “Shivek said. “They have been preparing thia for some time. Can’t you see what is transpiring hear?”she asked.
“I will consider what you have said. Escort her to the brig. “Shivek ordered. “This way!”the security chief said. She decided to comply with the request.
She hoped that this would go bettee. She hoped that the Klingon she encountered would be more resonible. That did not happen. War was in no ones interest except foe those behind this plot. Convincing the klingon of that was quite a feat.
The Klingons had continued to advance into Vulcan space. The Vulcan had put up stiff recistence.Klingons had the advantage in ships and ofensive capibility.
The Vulcans had falen back. They were planing to regroup.they hoped to fortify the teratort stil in Vulcan control. They were sending reinforcements. They had to repel the attacks now or risk losing the entire comonwealth.
Klingon imperial flagship
“We have an incoming ship!”the science officer reported. “One ship?”the admiral in command asked. “Corect excellentcy!”the science officer answered. “Have you identified the vessel?”the admiral asked.
“It is a Vulcan heavy crusher. Sir! I am not detecting any life signs!”the science officer said. The admiral ordered the fleet to fall back.
The Klingon ships tried to fall back. The Vulcan ship exploded.the explosive shock wave hit the Klingon ships.
Tijira was in a smal cramped cell.she took her shoes off and laid on the bed. The bed was a shelf. Most likely the crew qurters were not much more comfortible.
The door opened,the security chief with a full contingency of gaurds barked at her. The force field was deactivated.
She was told to follow him. She was taken to the captain’s qurters.
“Leave us!”shivek ordered. The gaurds left. “A Vulcan ship detonated itself near our fleet. The flagship was destroyed. Fleet admiral zooran is dead. As is several of our senior starship commanders. “Shivek said.
“You don’t find that odd? Vulcans do not engage in suiside attacks. It is not our way! “She said.
“I know that. Something is very odd hear. “Shivek said. “Are you warming up to my resoning?”she asked.
“Yes i am. The council may have acepted it. That was before the attack that led to the death of the admiral. “He said.
“This war is in no ones best interest. We have to stop this! We are obligated to both our worlds to end this conflict. “She said.
“I will try. It will not be easy. The high council will be reluctant to even hear me out i am afraid. “He said. “You must try! You owe it to the Klingon people you swore to protect. “She said.
Dytalix b
“Excellentcy! The Klingon fleet was heavily damaged. The flagship was destroyed. Several orther battle crushers was destroyed. The Vulcans have taken advantage of the event and pushed the fleet back. We are planing more attack!” The aid said.
“We need to stop both fleets. I want both empires brought to there knees. I want it now! “The grand elder said.
“There is more! The Vulcan agent esaped. She was rescued by a Klingon ship!”the aid said.
“A Vulcan has linked up with a Klingon ?”the elder asked. “Yes sir! “He responded. “That ship must be destroyed! That is a high priority. This is not going as planed!” The elder said.
“I will order our forces to locate and destroy that ship!”the aid said. “Do it now!” The elder said. He agreed.
The elder was woried. He saw all of this falling apart. The plan was not working.
Klingon vessel
“Detecting three vesels. Unknown design . They are heavily armed!”the weapons officer said. “Stand by all weapons !”shivek ordered.
Perhaps tijira was correct. Perhaps some third party was involved. Would they be able to warn there seperiors? Would they in time?
End of part six


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