The society part 7

Planet Vulcan
Capital citty shikar
Office of the administrator
“The vessel that caried out the suiside attack on the Klingon fleet was a vessel that was withdrawn from service 45 years ago. The vesel was suposed to be at the zedulon suply depot. It was not there. We have not determined how the vessel left the depot.” The minister of security said.
“This is a serious security breach! This is quite concerning!”the deputy administrator said. “I am in full agreement excellentcy. We are conducting a full investigation “the security minister said.
“Have we determined that the attack was not authorized by anyone in the Vulcan high command or any other aperatis within the comonwealth?”the administrator asked.
“We are stil investigating but we do not believe that this operation was authorized by anyone in the Vulcan government or anyone had knowledge of the mission !”the minister of security said.
“Unfortunately the operation did alow our forces to push the Klingon fleet back to near our border. We may not have been able to accomplish that without it!”admiral teveles said.
“That is quite desturbing. I want all suply depots secured. I want all shipyards and equipment ficilities sicured as well. I do not want any breches.”the administrator ordered. Those in the room understood.
“Suiside attack! The Vulcan have become desperate !”the chairman said. “We will need to send more ships chancellor. “The commanding admiral said.
“Our forces may be streched too thin chancellor. We will have to take key scrdurins away from ocupied worlds and key asets. “Admiral zurkren said.
“Chancellor this war may be unsustainable !”a military advisir said. That was the targ in the room. He said what every one else was thinking.
“We have superior fire power ,equipment and personale. We should be able to take out the Vulcan eventually !”the chairman said.
“Eventually yes. It will require a lot of effort. If some of the jeghpu’pwI revolt,we could face a war on multiple fronts!”the military advisor commented.
“Your not sugesting we retreat?’a council member asked.”no my lord. I am not sugesting that . We may need to revaluate the war. “The advisor said.
“We have to win this war! We were attacked. They declared war on us. We have to fight is a matter of hournor at this point !”the chairman said.
While some in the room might not agree but no one would say so. While he was oficily an eaquil among eaquils,he had become the vioce of the council. He was not sinply the presiding officer any more.  When he spoke the rest of the council listened. He was the leader of the council. He was the council in many ways.
Many in the private council chamber dissagried with him. They feared that this might be the council’s ondoing. 
  For brigadeer shracray,he feared that it might be the empires undoing.
The unknown combat ships took an ofensive posture. The vessel were designed exclusively for combat. They had multiple weapons turets. They utilized multiple kinds of weapons including nutrilizing pulses.
The vessels were under scrict orders to destroy the Klingon ship. Shivek had a reputation as a desenter. If he just dissapered it would not be a big deal so long as it was a mystery. A mystery that was never solved.
  While a Vulcan ship would atempt to contact the vessel ,Klingon would not. Klingons schot first. That was how it was.
The Klingon vessel fired as soon as it was in range. It fired a full volley of torpedoes. The vessels were hit.
The combat vessel returned fire on the Klingon ship. One of the nicelle was hit. The Klingon ship returned fire. The ship was hit.
The two orther ships fired on the Klingon ship. The other nichelle was hit. There was evidence of multiple damage on both the nicelle. The Klingon ship refused to give up.
The Klingon ship fired on the attacking ships. He fired and fired.
The three vessels hit back again and again. Several decks were hevily hit by the enemy. The Klingons faught on.
Tijira was watching from the side. She could not sit on the sidelines. She found an empty seat. She sat down and scaned the ships.
“Target the secondary node right hear!” Tijira said. Every one looked to shivek. “Do it!”the concil member in charge ordered.
The Klingon ship fired multiple torpedoes on the center of the warship. The flagship of the three ships was hit. The node exploded. The Klingon vessel fired on other areas of the command ship.
The Klingon ship fired on the orther two ships.  The command ship headed over to the Klingon vessel. The Klingon ship was hit.
“Got any more good idears vulcanian?”shivek asked. She looked at the screen. She had an idea. The Klingon ship fired on an area that controls gravity on the combat ship. The otther vesel came to there sister ship’s help. The Klingon ship fired on the sister ship’s gravity control node. The two ships gravity hit eaxhother. The Klingon vessel fired. The two ships imploded.
“I thought you were a pasifist?”the weapons officer asked. “We are. This is servival. These people are determined to make sure to make sure we don’t make it out of hear alive. I see no other alternative !”tijira said.
Now only one ship remaned. The two ships were about evenly matched. Both ships had been left batered and bloody. Both wanted a win.
The Klingona got off the first schot. The Klingon fired phased energy beam at the enemy ship. The vessel’s exoskeliton was definitely compromised.
The combat ship fired a few more volleys on the Klingon ship.the vessel was hit. Several decks were on fire. The ship was stil standing. The Klingon vessel fleq on top of the combat ship. It unleashed a volley of torpedoes and got out of the way.
The combat ship was hit. The vessel exploded. There was a shock wave. The Klingon vessel went to warp.
“Stay sharp crew. There could be more ships out there!”the commander ordered. The crew agreed.
Qurters of captain
“My food is Klingon qusine!”shivek said. “I have had Klingon food before. It is no big isue!” She told him. “You handle every thing with dispassion?’shivek asked. “I am a Vulcan !”she said. “That is not an answer !”he said. “I follow Vulcan philosiphy to the best of my ability. I am a firm believer in the philosophy of surek. “She told shivek.
“As an opritive in the security minustery,you often find your self beyond the conefines of the priest and priestess of Vulcan !”he said. “I chose the surek way of life. No one forced me!’she said. “Manny Klingons have shyied away from the philosophy of kahless. We give lip service but i imagine that neither kahless or sompek would recognize. “Shivek said.
  “Do you reject kahles’s and sonpek’s philosophy of hornor and hournor code ?”she asked. “Perhaps! I have not thought about it. I am not a phisopher. “He said. “Despite your command of this vessel ,you are a politician !”she said. “I don’t think about that too mutch. I gues i am a politician. The truth is i got the job because none of my brothers wanted the job. Sence i was the youngest adult male it fell to me. “Shivek said.
“You don’t want the job?”she asked. “I am glad that our family has a seat on the council. I am not a talker. I perfere action!’She said. “I see. “She said.
“Bridge to captain!”a first officer said via intercom. He went over and fliped on the intercom. “Go ahead!” Shivek said. 
“We have located a Klingon task force. They have set course for us. “The exo said. “Inform them we have urgent information for the chancellor!”shivek said.
Dytalix b
“Sir! The Vulcan agent got away.somehow the ships sent to destroy the Klingon vessel was destroyed. They had met up with a Klingon task force!”the aid said.
“No! This is a desaster! The whole plan is colapsing. “The elder said.”we cab destroy those ships!”the aid said. “No! If we do the council will conclude we destroyed them. This operations is over. The one hundred year plan can be salveged. We have to go underground! Order all of our opritives to abort the mission. I will inform the bored.”the elder said.
“What now?”the aid asked.”we will qietly build. No more starting wars. At least for now. We will get back on tract. This is not over!”the elder said.
High council
“A secret society ! Come on! You have beem drinking some bad blood wine!”a councillor said.
“Even if i acepted that this beatified was involved in starting this war,war has begun. I am loathed to stoping it!” The chairman said.
“The war should never have happened. It must stop. ” Tijira said. The chairman dismished the meating into a closed door seision of the high council.
The chairman of the high council agred to suspend the war.the Vulcan were given back the areas seized by the Klingons. The Klingons withdrew.
The Klingons struck the notely system and took control of the beatified base. The senior officers including the klaystone colnel had already fled. The jr officers knew little.
“The war is over!”tijira said. “I assume your returning to Vulcan !”shivek said. “I am going to return to my other life. Being an acedemic and a morther!”he said. “If your kids ever want a step farrher?”he said. “A Klingon and a Vulcan mating. It seams like an ilogical union.” She said. “I can kill targ with my bare hands. Oh yea your vagiterian. I could kill a plant for you!” He said. “Look i don’t think sutch a union would work!”she said.
“Well i wish you well. Peace and prosperity !”he said. “Qopla !”she said
  He watched her leave. He went back to the high council. He would go back to work.
Planet dytalix b
The aid was now an old man. He was now an elder. The plan failed.a new order was created. An order they had nothing to do with. This colition of planets created stibility. It was not from them.
A hooded man entered. “Excellentcy! “The younger man said. “The order is at a crosroad. Some are diserting us. Many have decided to rebuild our order. I have an asigment for you. This new coilition must fall!”the elder said.
The end.


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