The society part five

  “Vulcan security log,vashar agent tijira reporting. My investigation has taken me to notley four. There i have discovered a secret base. I have been captured. I am hoping to get answers. ”
  She was escorted to the command center by the efrosien and a contingency of armed gaurds. She was led to the control room though a series of elivators. The door opened,they entered.
“A Vulcan ! I should have known. Vulcan don’t like to leave anything alone!” The man in charge said. “I recognize your species. You are a klaystron. “She said.
“I am.” He said. “This is far from klaystron space. Is this base part of the klaystron military?” She asked.
“Hardly! I am part of a different unit these days. “Colnel tiando said. “What unit would that be?”tijira asked. “Colnel!”an aid said. The colnel dismissed his aid. The aid backed off.
“Lets talk in my office!” Tiendo said. The two went into the office.the door closed. “I am part of a very ancient order known as the beatified. This entire complex belongs to that group !”the colnel said.
“The beatified. I have heard them called by manny things,the order,the society manny orthers.Vulcan security investigated claims of your order and concluded that it was mythical snd had no bases in reality. A simple conspiracy theory. “Tijira said.
“It is true! We do exist. We try to mantain animity. Our work requires absolute secrecy. Someday we will reveal ourselves. We hope that day will be soon. “He said.
“Your behind the attack on qonos. Your trying to start a war between the Vulcan and Klingons why?”tijira asked.
“Our group was formed after the colapse of the great empires. The supernova that erased the t’kon empire,the dissaperence of the iconians,the war that led to the mutural destruction of the menthar and promeliens,it left a huge vacume. We saw that there needed to be a new stability. A group representing a thousand worlds over a large distence United to create a better stronger universe. This is only the beginning. We are embarking on a one hundred year plan. “He said.
“A plot to enslave the galaxy !”she said. “Not enslave but to liberate! ” the colnel said. “You believe you poses secreat knowledge. Knowledge reserved only for the truely enlightened. The smart. The strong minded controling everyone else. “Tijira said. “We don’t see it that way. We believe that anyone can be beatified but most chose not to. Most perfer there sports,there roleplaying card games,entertainment. Those who are beatified have a sacred duty to act. We won’t scrimp on those responsibilities. ” the colnel declared.
“Why start a war between two major universal powers? This will cause more chaos! This will enable the doomsday syinerio you claim to fear!” Tijira said.
“You don’t understand. Yes sutch a war would bring about death,destruction on a masive scale.  The galaxy will be looking for someone to fill the void. That is us. We will pick up the peaces. We will save the universe. ” the colnel said.
“To break something for the perpose of fixing it is masicistic. It is not benovolent.”tijira said. “Is letting the galaxy get closer to an eventual caticlism murciful or benevolent. Races build more and more deadly weapons. To counter those weapons ,orther planitary nation states build even more dreadfull weapons. An arms race begins. Mayby the only answer is to let it happen . Let the empires colapse. Let the devisation come. Colapse the system in order to rebuild it later. ” the colnel said.
“I am stuned by your plan. It is very cyinical. It is very alarming.”tijira said.” It is the best idea we have. Alowing the satis qo is not an option for us. It is an ethema to our very thinking. ” The colnel said.
“Why tell me?”she said. “Your going to die anyways so why not. Besides i have to bottle it up. I do enjoy talking about it. It is an epic plan. One that will change every thing. “The colnel said.
“I don’t share that view. I do,whoever admit that it would profoundly alter the course of events in the universe. I don’t believe it would be positive in the short or long term. ” She declared.
“Have you contacted your superiors sense you arived on qonos?” He asked. “No i have been on a constent radio silence. I was ordered to do so. “She told him. “No one knows what you uncovered?” The colnel said. “That is corect!” She answered him.
The colnel presed a buton on his pad. The door opened and the gaurd entered the office.”take her to the lab. “The colnel ordered. She ofered no recistence. She went with the security detail. They left the office. The door closed.
High council
” Our fleet has pushed the Vulcans out of qutil. The planet is now under our control. The Vulcan have retreted to p’jem. “The admiral said.
“The winds of change are blowing in our favor. “A councillor said. “Lets not get too excuberent councillor liquil. This is very early !” Shivek said. “Vulcan are asking for reinforcements. Admiral shaveer is on his way with a fleet. It seams they will make there stand at p’jem. ” The admiral said.
“Send reinforcement of our own.have admiral turkrel command the fleet. ” The chairman said. The admiral agreed.
“I have a question for the admiral!”shivek said. The chairman decided to alow it. ” Admiral have you determined what caused the battle to begin?”shivek asked.
“It was one of our crushers. The i.k.c turshock under the command of captain jatleen. “The admiral said.
“Has the commander been releved of duty ?”shivek said. “No ! He has not!” The admiral answered. “Why has he not!” Shivek asked. “I don’t know councillor “the admiral said.
“I recomend he be releved of duty at once.” Shivek commented. “Have the commander escorted hear at once. He is to be arested!”the chairman ordered. Then the conversation moved to other topics.
Shivek returned to his house’s command post. He had all records on the commander brought to him. He looked it over.
Jatleen was of the house of quzek. Quzek was an influential house. His farther was a general and his grandfarther was a governor of a important world in the empire. The family did not hold a seat in the council but stil had influence.
Jeenteel had a prestigious record of his own. He dissapered during a battle with the mirradorn. He was presumed dead. He was captuted and took there ship.he became a war hero. He was cellebrated and given command of a war ship. Shivek wondered what happened to him during there time? This just added to a paturn he had been noticing. He could not ignore it.
The door opened,an aid entetered. “Excellentcy captain jatleen is dead. He commited suiside before he could be taken into custody. “The aid said.
Shivek found this curias. What was going on? Shivek wanted to get to the bottom of this.
“What it is sir?”terdek asked.”i suspect that someone in the Klingon high command has been compromised. “Shivek said. “For what perpose!”cherdek asked.”i don’t know. Perhaps this is a power play. A prelude to a hostile takeover. Perhaps someone on the outside has infiltrated the empire. I have to find it. “He said.
“Councillor’s journal, i have come to suspect that someone,either on the outside or inside is trying to sercomvent the empire.i don’t know who. I have decided to focus on the mysterious Vulcan security agent. ”
“Using my influence as a member of the high council?as well as head of a prominent house and my military carer i have found out where the mystery Vulcan women went. She went to the orions. She booked pasege on a trash barge.the vessel headed to the notely system. I decided to go after her.”
“I took my ship and headed for the notely system. I feared that this might be a wild globe fly chase but i suspected it was not.”
Planet notely four
She was escorted to the lab. Tijira saw a Vulcan female. She recognized her. She was a former agent that dissapered a few years ago. She was made to sit.
The rougue Vulcan placed her hand on hers. “My mind to your mind,my thoughts to your thoughts. ” she looked into her mind. She tried to uncover what she knew.
“It seams that she did not contact anyone in the Vulcan high command after she arived on qonos. Her contacts on qonos are dead. She did speak to the orion syindicate following the incident. “The Vulcan said.
“We can handle that easily enough! Very well. The mission is stil savegiable. “The colnel said. “What do we do about tijira?”a corvelon asked. “Schooot her! “The colnel said.the gaurds took her out of the chair. They took out energy compreson rifles. They aimed it at her.
Datalix b
“The Klingons  have advanced into Vulcan space. Several Klingon ships have crosed into Vulcan space commiting raids in there teritory. The Vulcan are facing multiple attacks. Vulcan forces may be streched thin. ” the aid told his seperior.
“The Vulcan cannot lose totally. We do not want a strong Klingon empire. We need to put a elverian noise wrench in the plan. “The elder said.
“Tijira was captured by the notely base. It seams anyone she talked to on the qonos is dead. There is the orion opritives but we will deal with them. There is a Klingon councul member i am concerned about !”the underling said.
“Keep a close eye on this. I do not want any trouble.i fear this thing is faling apart!”the elder said. “It is going acording to plan?”the underling asked. “Is it?”the elder asked. He was not so sure.
End of part five
The notely system was naimed after rachel notely. Notely is a canadien polician and is a member of the new democratic party. She is premere of alberta.
The klaystron apeared in the ds9 episode dax. A klaystron ship made it to the micromichine set.
The corvelon are murcinaries.they were seen in tng episode “face of the enemy”



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