The society part four

The planet dytalic b was an uninhabited planet full of minerals. The planet was under the control of a multi planitary mining consortium.  The planet was a perfect cover for covert meatings. The planet was used for that perpouse on multiple occasions.
The mining operations were only in certain areas of the planet. Clendestine meatings were held in areas far away from
Mining complexes. The minerals provided natural shielding.
A man excited the shartle. He was ocompined by a contingency of body gaurds. The man had a hood on. He was greated by another man.
“This is not going according to plan!”the hooded man said.”there have been a few bumps in the road excellentcy but they are not serious. The plan while not totally according to our guidelines is going well. The Vulcans and Klingon are at war. The war will drag on for some time! The one hundred year plan can go unincumbered!”the visator said.
“The border was to be fully sealed off. A vulcan agent made it to qonos. She has seen too much. That mistle rases too many questiones and it failed to acheve its misson. This is unaceptible. The entire project is thretened!”the man in charge said.
“There is no need for panic excelentcy. These devopments are not ideal,i am convinced we are on tract. ” The guest said.
“We cannot be careless. We have worked too hard on this. “The genteman in charge said.
“I will handle the vulcan agent. This will work. “The younger man said. “See that it does! I dont tolerate failue! Our future depends on the sucses of this operation. Do not let me down druslik!”the hooded gentleman urged him. “I wont!”the younger man assured him.
Klingon high council
  “There was an incident at the medical complex in the goverment district. A mistle struck the complex. We have determined that the mistle was fired from a soulder fired mistle guidence device. The device is used by many races including the vulcans!” A planitary security oficial said.
“Why would the vulcans target a morgue? “A council member asked. “I dont know!”the security chief answered. “You dont think you should answer that question!” The council member asked. “This is a minnor event councelor! The chief of security said. “A mistle was fired in the capital ! There was destruction of government property and you dont see this as sugnificant? ” the council member asked.
“Not in the big scheme of things no !”the chief said. The chairman of the high council wanted to move the meating along.
  The door opened, a military advisor entered the chamber. The aid wispered something in the ear of the chairman.the two went back and forth for a few minutes.then the aid left.
“The battle has begun. Our forces have engaged the vulcans!”the chairman said. “On whose authority?”a councilmam asked. ” the admiral in command incist that it was not on his authority. The war isin ernest. Thereis no going back. So says the empire!” The chairman said. 
Councelor shelvik was very puzled by all this. While everyone else saw random insugnificant events,he saw a paturn. What if these random events were somehow conected. Orthers seam to be content to ignore it,he would not.  He would look into it.
Medical complex
  Shivek was given a personal security detail by the council and the house he belonged to. He refused to use them hear. He knew that his colegues and the military would object. He wanted to do this undetered. 
“You can’t come hear. This is a scene of potential terorism. Councillor shivek! I did not know you were comming!”a sicurity officer said.”i am displeased with the reports thus far. I wanted to see the progress for myself !”shivek said.
He looked over the evidence. He was unsure what was going on. Something was wrong about this.
He watched the servelience recording of the mougue. “Hold who is that?” Shivek asked. “We have not been able to determine her identity. She seams to be a guest of kazerek. “A security officer said.
Imperial inteligence building
“Who is she?”shivek asked. “She was a Vulcan agent. Kazerek used her as a go between Klingon and Vulcan inteligence aperatus. “Gired said.
“Why was kazerek meating with a vulcan inteligent ?”shivek asked. “He suspected that the Vulcan government may not have played a direct role in the bombing !”gired said.
“Klingon law has mantaned that an attack by a citizen of a foregn power was an act of war regardless of wrether or not the government was involved or not.”shivek said.
“He feared that a third party might be trying to start a war between two powers that had mostly avoided eachorther and had given them a wide birth. It seamed curious. ” Gired said.
“What kind of a third party?” Shivek asked. “He was not sure. While most Klingon dismiss the myithos pf Vulcan,they don’t do things for no reason. There is no logic behind that incident. There is no logic for a private Vulcan citizen to attack the Klingons. Anyone. Could be behind it. The orions,the romulins,tholiens, it could be someone else. A planitary nation sate or a group. The perpose mostly to destabilize one or both governments. “Gired said.
“Did you not believe this ?”shivek asked. “Kezerek tended to overthink things. He was not really cut out to be a Klingon. He was too interlecual.  Were he right,it is a problem but he seams to conect dotes that are not there. “Gired said.
Shivek thought it over. It was odd. What if they were being played? The evidence said that the mystery women was stil alive.where was she? He would look into all this.
Notley sector
Tijira was the only non syintentic life form abored. The ship was cramped and life suport was suficient but that was about it.
The area was under a qarentine due to the radition. The ship went to a safe distence. She took a shartle and went into the qarentine zone. She knew how to get pass the patrols. 
She realized this was a bit of a fool hardy plan but this was important. One had to follow the evidence. The evidence led hear. 
She had no idea who or what she was looking for. The evidence seamed to indicate that this was an important location in all of this.
She scaned the area. The equipment on the pod was limited. She believed that most obsticles could be overcome.
Then she found something. She discovered a faint reading in and out. It originated on notely four. She set the shartle on course for the planet.
Notley four
She landed the shartle in a remote location of the area near the readings. She was traned in stelph operations. She had to do it often. She continued on.
She came on to a large complex in the middle of a desert. It was an odd sight. An outpost in the middle of no where. The base was self sustaned.
While there was the radiactive contemination risk ,it was the perfect spot for a secret base. She suspected that this was the lyinch pin for some kind of covert operation. She believed that this was never ment to be uncovered.
This might be a set back to this shadow master plan but it was still not over. She had to know who these people were.
There were no gaurd towers,no patrols. She suspected that whoever lived hear did not leave the complex much. Inside they would probably be protected from the radiation.
She kept going. She hoped to find a way inside. She knew it was an important clue. She was not sure how to acheve that goal.
She found a door. It was sealed .she atempted to meld with the door. She tried to trigger the door. It was tricky . She was well traned in telipathic operations. It was very draning. The door finally opened.
She entered. She had an energy pistol in hand. She sealed the door. She heard a noise. She stoped. She waited. She listened.she focused her energy on hearing what was going on.
She heard two people talking. It was a trade langrege. It seamed that it was a multi species venture.
Suddenly someone entered where she was. She turned around and saw an efrosien. They were known for having long hair almost a mane. “Stop right there!” He said.
She was in a bit of a pickle. She knew it. She had to do some fast thinking. “I have an intruder!”he said. “Bring him up to control !”the commander said.
She needed answers. She decided to coperate with her captors for now. She hoped to figure out what this was all about.
End of part four.
Efrosiens were depicted in star trek four and six. In star trek four the helm officer of the u.s.s Saratoga was an efrosiens. The federation president was an efrosien in star trek 6.


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