The society part three

“Security agent report, agent tijira reporting. After successfuly gaining acess to Klingon space,i have gone to the planet qonos,homeworld of the klingon empire”
“While the empia made up of a predominantly warior society ,there are those who see the need for stable competitors. To that end there are lines of cominications even within races who at manny times find themselves at ods with one another. ”
“I have found a worthy go between in Klingon agent kazerek. I have made contact with him. He has agreed to present me with evidence of Vulcan involvement in the bombing including the body of the assalient!” Tijira said in her log.
She met up with her contact at kayless square. He took her to the morgue. Klingons believe that the body after death was an empty shell. Normally a body was just discarded. In a case like this,where it was a crime scene the body was kept and anilized. While the warior cast did not need justification to conduct military action but the ruling class wanted to pacify other powers that might be tempted to aly with there enemies.
The two entered the morgue. Kezerek had a corinor opened one of the cyro slots. Tijira looked over the corpse. Tijira had met her in nermerous ocasions. She work several cases with her. She found her to be an adequate opritive. It seamed ilogical for her to do something like this.
  She recognized her. It was sirel.she remembered the first time she met her. There was rumor that a non aligned scientist had created a bio toxen designed to supress the ability to supress emotion. The two were both involved in that case. There interactions were limited but did happen. They both played a piviotal role in the securing of the toxen and the downfall of the scientist and his ilk.
They encountered eachother on various other mission. They did not have a lot of interactions. Both left the inteligence comunity and went there seperate ways.
Tijira went to acedemia and parenthood. Did sijel go to being a murcinary,an ideological terrorist or something else. She doubted that a faction of the Vulcan government was involved in the plot. She knew that a good investigator never ruled anything in or out until the evidence does.
“Is it her?” Kezerek asked. “From the serface it does look like her. I cannot make a definate deterimation upon a visual inspection!” She informed him.
She fully familarized herself with the known medical data on the deseased.  Vulcans are known to have detailed memories. Tijira was no exception. She looked over the data on the autopsy report. “I believe that this is sijol. There is no evidence that says it is not her. I am resonibly convinced that it is her” tijira said.
“Not good for your people. It meens our crime scene staf is being through not that it will be apreciated !” Kezerek said.
“Her medical records are consistent with what i have. ” tijira said. “I know you probably hoped that it was not her,a clone or replicant or android replacement or some sutch thing. “Kezerek said.
“My first duty is to the truth. I am interested in the truth. If it leads to a conclusion i find unfavorable,i won’t minimize it. I don’t shy away from evidence. I have a bias but i avoid it in an investigation such as this. “Tijiera said.
“Wait! This is odd!”she said. “What is it? “Kezerek asked. “There is a negligible amount of mulceric radition in her system. “She said. “Mulceric radition is only seen in the area near notley prime. That area has been sealed off due to the meltdown !” Kazerek commented.
“Tijira tour of duty in the vashar ended six years ago. The meltdown occured two years ago.”she said. “Her levels indicate a brief stint there!” The Klingon said.
  “All of my documents don’t have any information on her activities after her deactivation with the inteligence service. This could be an important clue. “She said.
  Kezerek stoped her. “What is it?”she asked. He pushed her to the ground. A mistle hit the complex. She rolled around the ground. She moves to the door. The mourge attendent and the Klingon inteligence officer was.dead.
She ran out and she hid. Whoever was behind this was also interested in covering all this up. She had to servive. She had to find out what was going on. She was isolated. She was alone,behind enemy lines.
  She saw Klingon defence force ariving at the scene. Local police had all but dissapered,replaced by the Klingon military. She did not want to explain her identity to them. She has been traned in evasion teckneques. She could hide for houers if she had to.
She was patcient. She had to endure. She waited and waited. She then slowly got away. To her knowledge she was not seen by anyone.
  Klingon society was a controled society.  Some had described it as liberterianism in reverse. As long as you were not interfearing with the aganda if the sate you were fine. The problem was  knowing when you were interfearing with the sate. While there were writen laws that were straght foward and resonible. There were unwritten that included whims of oficials.
Klingon empire in some ways was under perpetual martial law. It would be more so now. She needed off qonos and now. Vashar had totally pulled out of Klingon space until the crises was over.
Her only potential aly in the empire was dead. She had no where to turn. She had to get to the notley system. She had no idea how.
She had gotten out of the old city. She eluded the patrols. She studied Klingons. She knew how they thought. She knew how to deal with them.
This was not going to get easier she thought. She had to find a way out of hear. She had no idea how.
She decided to go to an area freqiented by those associated with the orion syindicate. The syindicate was not alowed to operate inside the empire but the orions were creative. She decided to seak one out.
She went to an orion zone on the outskirts of qamche. “Well well well! A Vulcan agent struck in hostile space in the middle of a war!”the orion said.
“You know who i am?”she said. “It is my job to know everything. My inteligence capibilities far exceed that off imperial inteligence ! I think even if the trible inteligence networks is better then II. “The orion said.
“Look i need to get off qonos! I need to book pasege on a ship to the notly system !”she said.
“You think i am a shartle service? “The orion said. His cronies laughed. 
“I thought i would ask. “She said. “I supose i could help. I am not looking foward to a war between Vulcan and the klingons. Especially one that is sure to drag the rest of the galaxy into it. The andorians,tholiens,telerites ithimites and every one else. War put a damper on my business !”the orion said.
“I think a man like you can handle a war?”she assked. “War yes but not a universal war ! I would rather not see that!”the orion said.
“Look i just need to get off qonos. I can compinsate you!”she said. “I can help you. This on is on me!”he said.
She knew that the orions seldom did anything out of banevolence for its own shake. She also knew that the travel accomidations would be less then ordeal. She was corect.
She was placed on a trash barge piloted by robot. Esentialy a drone ship. At least it was warp capible. It would get her to the notely system.
Vulcan klingon border
Vulcan fleet
“Four more battle crushers have joined the fleet. “A science officer said. “They are perparing a full scale operation. Do we know what ship is in command?”captain volardic asked. “It apears to be this ship. The i.k.c lucara last known commander was fleet admiral zooran !”the com officer said. “Zooran is a formidable commander. He has been decorated for several campaigns.his brother is on the high council and his cousign is military governor of krios. The strike will come soon!” The commander said.
Klingon flagship
“We believe the v.s.s shikar commanded by volaric is commanding the Vulcan force!”tatics officer said.
“Volaric is not as anoying as most Vulcas. His tatics are almost admirable. He is a sheep with a dagger. “Zooran said.
“Sir! The ikc tarvek is leaving formation!”a science officer reported. “We are under orders to remain in formation until given the go ahead from high command. Com officer order that ship to return to formation'”the admiral ordered.”vessel is not responding'” the com officer anounced.
“Sir! One of the war ship is entering the border!”the science officer reported. “Only one?”volaric asked. “Confirmed!”the science officer responded. “That is very unusual !”first officer shidan observed. “It is indeed !”volaric said.
“Crusher is now in Vulcan space.”Weapons officer said. “Communications officer order that ship to return to Klingon space at once!” Volaric said. “They are not responding !”the com officer said.
The Klingon battle crusher fires a volley of photon torpedoes at the nearest Vulcan vessel.
Volaric knew if he gave the order to return fire,there would be no going back. The modern Vulcan society was founded largly on pacifism. Vulcan has become more milisteric in recent years. Some more traditional eliments of Vulcan society wanted to go back to the pratices of surek. Volaric was a military officer but preferred a non violent solution to isues. He had a duty to protect the crews under his command. “Order our ships to return fire!” The commander said.
The Vulcan ships fired on the warship. Klingon commander zooran hardly wanted to protect a ship commanded by an insorbordinate commander. The crews might object to a fleet siting idily by as there country men are cut down. He gave the order to cross the border.
The Klingon vessels crosed into Vulcan space . They opened fire on Vulcan ships. The Vulcan ships folowed suit. The cold war just got hot.
Office of the administrator
“Excellentcy, fighting has broken out between our forces and the Klingon empire.”a military aid said.
“Who provoked the incident ?”a minister asked. “Reports are that one of the Klingon ships crosed the border. Then the rest of the ships folowed suit. “The military aid said.
“Curias. Disobedience in Klingon ranks is not a regular ocurence. Klingon court marshal consist of starting with the fireing scraud!”a minister said. “No mater what,the war is hear. I am placing the entire comonwealth on high alert. “The administrator said.
War was hear. Two major powers were now at war. It was a cancer that would spread.
End of part three
This is about a hundred years or so before star trek enterprise. The hardline faction of the Vulcan are more or less in charge. They are not quite as militent as v’las and the high command as fetured in the Vulcan triology.
I’n borderlands the orions controled a reigion near Klingon space. It was the center for criminal activities and slave trade.
While mourges and coroners in the empire seams unlikely given Klingons view on post mortom bodies but it seams then some kind of pathologists might exist especially in criminal or terrorism cases especially before the warior cast fully seazed power.


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