The society part 2

  Planet Vulcan
  Tijira was a former agent with the Vulcan security directorate known as the vashar. Tijira had left the Vulcan security service. She was now teaching at the Vulcan science academy and serving as an ocasional acdvisor to the Vulcan high command.
Her husband had been a member of the Vulcan star navy. He was killed while on patrol near the andorian border. She has two children from that union.
“Tardek was inquiring about you!”her sister tiveek said. “I am not suprised. He seams to show up quite frequently!”she said.”he is an honerable man. He would be a logical chioce for a mate!”tiveek said. “Yes he would be a logical chioce. I am not seaking one at the moment. I am agreed with my curent situation. I have not a need for one!”tijra said. “You may change your judgement at a later time. A man like him might be unavailable !”She said.
“If that occurs then it is probably for the best. I see no need for copiling at this time. “She said. “It is ilogical to do things without a companion. “She said. “One does what one has to do!”tijira declared. “One does not have to do it alone!”she said. “Being alone and being lonley are two seperate things. I am in agreement with my current situation. Should that change i will revaluate it!”tijira said. “Very well. In that case i will suspend this discussion!”her sister said. “I am mutch abliged with that course of action !”tijira said. 
The com pannel went off. Tijira was releved to have the aqward moment disrupted. She went over to the unit and terned it on. It was the last person she expexted to see on the view.
It was Vulcan security minister ski-plegi. “Minister it is agrible to hear from you!”tijira said. “It is  agreible to be speaking to be speaking to you as well. I know that your time in the security directorate is over. If you are open to a brief reactivation!”skiplegi said.
“I am always wiling to serve my people ! I assume that this is an urgent mission. “Tijira said.
“Indeed it is. Can you come right away to the security directorate headquarters ?”the minister asked. “Of course!”she said.
She took a public transportation buss from her village to the Vulcan capital. She took a hover car to the vashar complex. She went into the front entrence.
“I am vashar agent tijira shoqan inactive agent 3039 701 . Minister skiplegi is expecting me.”she informed the receptionest. The receptionest handed her a security badge and told her to present it to the gaurds. She took it to the gaurds. She was escorted to the minister’s office.
The door opened,she was escorted inside. She gave the customary Vulcan silute. The minister returned the silute. He dismished the gaurds. They left. The two were left alone.
“What i am about to discus is beyond clasified. “The minister said. “I understand. I will fulfil my outh to the Vulcan people and to the high command in which i serve. “She said. “Your outh is recognized and apreciated as it your service to the Vulcan people. ” skiplegi said.
He motioned for her to sit. She did so. He sat as well.  “two days ago  at the anual kayless day parade! A suiside bomber detonated herself on the float carying the members of the high council. Five members of the council were killed including the vice chairman. The Klingon claim that the asalient was Vulcan. They have presented evidence to five government including the grazella. The evidence is being reviewed. The Klingon government is seiling off there border with us. They are setting up a blokade. We have gotten reports that they are detaning Vulcan citizen in there space. The emparor gave his rigal asent to a formal decleration of war with us. “The minister said.
“Do we intend to riciprocate?” She said. “the administrator will be holding an emergintcy meating of the high command. Klingons do not make idol threats. War will come to our space i reckon!” He commented.
“Do we know anything about the aledged assalient?”tijira asked. “Its sirel lizok!”he said. “Curious! The Klingon government suspect that she caried out the attack on bahath of the Vulcan high command”she said. “That is what they have been implying to anyone within ear shot!”the minister said.
“I work with sirel. She was a loyal agent. She was very anylitical and logical. I can’t believe that she would cary out such an attack. ” Tijira said.
“It seams unusual. It is unlike her. “He said.
“I agree! Look the high command does not know what to think. War with the Klingon. Empire is not in our best interest. If it is the work of a Vulcan citizen especially an x security opritive,the only way to avoid an all out conflict with the Klingon is agreing to coastly and demoriliyzing concessions. “The minister said.
“IF this is some kind of fabrication ? What then?”she asked. “We would have to provide irefutible proof. Your the cloest thing we have to an expert on the Klingon empire. I want you to go undercover and try to find out if the suspect was even a Vulcan. Your an investigator. Investigate! “He said.
“I will find the truth whatever it is. I asure you of that.”she pledged her superior. “Peace and long life tijira!” He said. “Live long and prosper minister!”she told him.
Home of tijira
“This is urgent?”her sister asked.”most urgent !”she said. “May logic follow your course. May the wisdom of surek leed you out of danger and lead you home!”she said. “Live long and prosper!”she said.
Usually Klingon alowed vulcan murchents to go in and out of there space. With a formal decleration of war with the blessing of the emparor,no Vulcan could get in or out. She had herself sergicaly altered to look Klingon.
She took a malurian vessel to a mularian colony. From there she booked pasege on a coberian vessel. She fooled the captain into believing that she was an opritive for imperial inteligence. From there she went to qonos. This was the easy part.
From there she went to the old citty. She went to an old antuque store. The military discoureged sutch activities. As long as it was kept in the old citty the warior cast paid little attention to it. This was no ordinary shop. She entered.
“I am looking for a second edition kirtek’s obsticle!”she said. “It has been years sence someone looked for that. Oh! I think i have one in the back!”he said.he was spooked. He motioned for her to follow him. She did so.
As soon as they were in the back,he pulled out a phaser. “Is this a way to treat your old friend?”she asked .
“Tijira i heard you had retired. The day i retire is the day i head for stoval core or you know!”he said. “they brought me back!” She said.
“Got tired of those romance noval. Realy they are all the same. Vulcan girl she is a profesor at the science academy,she falls in love with a felow acedeimition and an orion slaver. Every book she choses the fellow profesor!”he said. “Now and that we Vulcan get tempted by the non logical world,sooner or later we chose the logical. “She said.
“You have some nerve coming hear. Your dead the minute your discovered!”he said.
“I know kezerek! I had no choice. If one of my race especially an x agent caried out a terrorist attack on qonos i have to know! “She said.
” I can tell you it is a Vulcan. It is sirel. Look the council is not going to care. They might be wiling to negotiate but your losing qutil,qaylor,and probably vulvana raker. That’s for starter. She attacked the council. That is an unforgiviable act! “Kezerek told her.
“Can i see the body?”she said. “I will arange it. I would recommend you leave and go back to those awful romance book but i know you won’t do that. So come to kayless squre in one hour. Dont be late!”He said.
Office of administrator vahardt.
The door opened,the grazella ambassador entered the office. The door was closed. “Mr ambassador!”vahardt said. ” the Klingon empire has voted to declare war on the Vulcan comonwealth. The klingon demand you withdrawl to the 17th paralel and establish a nutral zone patroled by neutral peace kepers. “He said.
“I will take the perposal to the ministers. “He said. “the Klingon are not wiling to negotiate. Either you agree to the terms or be prepared for the full fury of the empire!”he said.
“Thank you for the message. We will take it into consideration. “He said. The go between then left the room.
Vulcan observation post
“I am detecting a spike near our border with the Klingons. I am detecting a masive presrnce. The fleet has doubled over the last eight houers!”a tech said. “They are mobilizing!”the commander said. “Orders sir?”a com tech asked. “Send to high.command priority . Whatever they are planing. It is going to happen soon.  “The base commander said.
End of part two.


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