The society

The society
Part one age of empires.
Following the colapse of empires, a secret group from multiple worlds decided to secretly bring order to the galaxy.  During the 21st century ,they devised a hundred year plan to bring stability to what world later be called the alpha and beta qudrent. The plan would ensure there power for a long time.
Earth year  2041
  Planet qonos
The Klingon empire was holding kahless day perade in the capital city of qamche. The kahless day perade was an event held every single year. The emparor attended every year.
While so much of the empire involved fighting amounst the various factons,kahless day always drew out unity. Today every one was a klingon. Klingon expresed there pride in being Klingon . They together to celebrate the man every one admired. Kahless the Klingon who founded the first Klingon empire. While some experts on the empire asigned more influence on the curent empire to sompek,to say so in public just was not done.
Every one came to see the perade. From wowier to farmer,men,women young old. There were even alien races. Manny foregn dignitaries attended as well. The Klingons loved to show off and provide potential enemies with reason not to mess with them. Manny conqured species attended. Klingon security kept a close eye on them. Recent observences had gone without incident but violent events at kahless day were far from unheard of.
In the parade was a float by the clereks. The clereks had established a monistary on borath. They tried to control the kahless myithology. This put them in conflict with the government and with the warior cast.
Then there were displays from wariors past and present. The warior class was building more and more power. The kahless day reflected that. In recent years,there had been more attention played to the military exploits of kahless and less on orther facets of his life. This made many nervous especially in the professional clases.
  There used to children’s pagents and children’s choirs. More conservitive eliments of Klingon society wanted to present a tougher image of the empire especially to off worlders. Kayless day portrayed strength.
Then the members of the high council came towards the end of the proceson. The high council had become very powerful. The last few emparors had become mostly fugure heads. The council had at first a circle of advisors. During the rule of emparter moncart,the council continued to govern in his name even though he was in a coma for the last ten years of his reign. The council seamed to enjoy this arangement. Emparors were chosen based on there ability to bend to the council. There was even talk of disoving the position and perhaps have the enpire governed by the council chairman. The current councillor in charge insist on being refered to as chancellor although no oficial title or office excist.
20 Years erlier,an emparor tried to reasert his power. He tried to have the chairman executed. The entire military refused and the emparor reinsated him. Sense then the power of the council increased.
The last float was the emparor. It was full of pomp and circumstances. The emparor wore a cloak similar to the one kahless wore. Most people on qonos did not even know who the emparor was or that there was an emparor. The emparor loved publicity! He took it all in. He did not know that a young boy asked his mom who that weird looking man was? And the morther did not know.
In the crowd was people from all races,all walks of life. Not all of the attendies were hear for benegn reasons. Some were hear for naferious reasons. No one would suspect her. She was a vulcan. She had soulder langth hair. She wore casual clothing at least for a vulcan. She wore a tan blouse and gray pants. She tried not to arose suspicion. That was not hard to do.
She waited for a while. Then she ran at high spead towards the float carying the high council. She rammed into the float before anyone knew it. She detonated herself. No one could stop it. Several of the klingon sicurity force known as the brotherhood of the sword rushed to protect the council. The brotherhood shielded the emparor.
The float had a pavilion wich came up. A heavy dirty armor was activated. Local security serounded the onlookers. The brotherhood protected the float with the council.
The marine medical corps parachuted in and got to work treating the injured. Only members of the council and functionaries were afected. Members of the council got treated first. The staf and body gaurds were considered expendible.
HigH council
Capital city
  “Five were killed including the Vice chairman,ten wounded. 7 Staf killed,20 wounded. “General lekrel said. ” the attacker?”the chairman litjil asked.”the attacker has been.identified as sireel lisok,formerly of Vulcan security directorate. “Likrel said. “Your sure of her identity ?”chairman litgil asked. “Certain !”likrel said.”chancellor i move for imidiate decleration of war on the comonwealth of Vulcan !”Councillor dislick said. It was seconded. The die had been cast.end of part one
The dilision of the emparor was mentioned in tng episode of “rightful hair”
The class system and rise of the warior cast was mentioned in enterprise episode “judgement”
The society is a concept i came up with.


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