Dawn of the day part seven

“Captain’s log,a klingon from the past has stolen a shipyard from our time. This has forced us to go back in time and retreve the shipyard. “Picard said.
The Klingon ship opened fire on the enterprise A. The enterprise D fired on the Klingon crusher. The shipyard fired on the enterprise-D.
“Shields and deflectors are up!”worf said. “Shields are holding captain!”yar said. “Without the shipyard,the Klingon have no chance but with it,it changes every thing!”rycer said. “If he gets reinforcement..’worf said.
The enterprise d was hit. “Your in my arena now captain picard! You were a legend in your time but soon your time will never come. Perhaps i will bomb your village in france,ensure your never born!”k’vet said.
“He must have acesed our data banks!”data said. “We must sicure that shipyard!”Picard said.
Klingon vessel
“Sir! Admiral k’vet claims that he is being attacked by two federation starships!”a com officer said.”this far in Klingon space ? Are you sure?”captain koloth asked. “Confirmed!”the science officer reported. “Order all nearby ships to converge on the vicinity of the battle!”koloth ordered. “Sir! One of the ships is the enterprise!”the science officer said. “My dear captain kirk! We meat again !”koloth said.
Several Klingon vesels from frigates,birds of prey to battle crushers headed for the battle.
While the two ships held there own against the shipyard and the battle ship.
“Sir i have detected multiple battle crushers heading our way.”worf said. “So much for aninimity!”rycer said. “Get me kirk. We need to change up our plans. Time is of the esence. “Picard said.
The shipyard had advanced shields . The shields were active. The Klingons were in control of the base and more Klingon ships were on the way. They had to act soon. They were about to.
The enterprise -A backed off a little bit. The enterprise-d fired on stratigic areas of the station. Then the two ships worked.
The crew tried to create a window of opportunity by there weapons fire. They got a crack in the shields. They were about to take advantage of it.
On the station,the transporter beam emerged. A team from the d apeared. Then a team from the A arived. They had phasers in hand.
The Klingons fired the minute they had fully materialized. The two teams returned fire on the Klingons. “Where is your captain?”kirk asked. “Captain’s don’t go on away mission anymore. Star fleet orders!”rycer said. “That is an order i would never folllow!”kirk said. They talked while exchanging fire with the eneny.” Are you advocating a course of action that is tentimount to insorbordination?”data asked. “It would not be the first time!”mccoy said. The android was confused.
The team fired on the Klingons.the Klingons hit back on the star fleet team. The team hoped to sicure the station. The station personale were in satus. The Klingon wanted no recistence.
In space the station still fired on the ships. So did the battle crushers. Picard feared when the orther ships arived. Even a galaxy class vesel from the future was no match for a fleet.
The enterprise -D hit the Klingon vessel. The ship sufered multiple hits. The Klingon vessel returned fire on the enterprise.”shields buckiling but stil holding!”the relief tactical officer reported.
On the shipyard the team continued to battle the Klingons. Kirk feared if the reinforcements arived. One thing at a time he suposed.
“Incoming vessels! It is the reinforcements!”the relief tactical officer anonced. The Klingon ships broke formation and fired on the ships. Kirk was not just going to give up. “Kirk to enterprise!” He said.
Koloth’s flagship
On the bridge,kirk emerged on the bridge. “Kirk! It has been a long time!”koloth said. “Not long enough my dear captain koloth. Look your on the wrong side. K’vet cannot be trusted. He is on the side of his ambition. He does not serve the best interest of the empire. He intends to seize control of the empire. He will destroy anyone who gets in his way!”kirk told koloth.
“It is the Klingon way. I don’t always like it but it is how we do things !”kirk said. ” This is different. That shipyard is from the future. He is trying to alter history. Not for the banefit of the empire but for his personal banefit.”kirk said.
The Klingon ship divided into two groups. One group hit the enterprise A and the orther hit the D. The two ships were no match for the Klingon ships.
“Most Klingon commanders tend to work for there own ambition!”koloth said. “Come on koloth! He is not business as usual. I saw the future. Don’t go down this road. “Kirk said.
“Our shields are down!”The weapons officer said. “Can you reroute non esential power?”spock said. “Not enough !”checov reported. “I see. Prepare a colision course. The admiral’s flagship !’spock said. The ship perpared.
“Come on koloth. K’vet does not play by the rules. Time traval. What other rules will he break? How far will he go? “Kirk asked. “Humans and Klingon are natural enemies. We always will be. It is our perpetual destiny to be at war?”koloth said. “Is it? Are you sure?”kirk asked.
There was a transporter beam. Worf emurged. “What is this?”koloth asked. “Hello koloth! It is time for a history leson!”worf told him.
The enterprise-a headed for the flagship. The ship got closer to the flagship. The klingon vessel left the area.
Kirk beamed to k’vets ship. Kirk struck the admiral. The bridge crew began to defend there admiral. The admiral called them off. He wanted to deal witn kirk himself.
K’vet batled the captain. Kirk struck him again. The man was able to stop himself from falling.he hit kirk. Kirk defelcted the blow and power drove the admiral to the ground. The admiral came back at kirk and pinned him to the ground. Kirk stugaled to regain uper hand after the admiral.
The admiral kept striking him. Kirk sumoned all of his strength and hit the admiral. He then kicked him to the ground. Kirk waited for the next move.
  The station sudenly vanished. The enterprises as well. Kirk was beamed away. The Klingon ships under koloth returned to the area. K’vets admiralty was about to come to an abrupt end.
U.s.s enterprise
Ready room
“The station is back under federation control. The Klingon have been returned to there time. “Picard said.”i gues it is time for me to be getting back as well!”kirk said. “Probably should !”Picard said.
  “Tell me do i stil have more adventure left ahead of me?”kirk asked. “Oh yes! Without going into details,there is much left for you to do!”Picard said. “Good! I am glad to see there is a bright future.”kirk said. “Good luck!”picard said. “To you as well!”kirk said.
Uss enterprise
“The enterprise A has returnes to its time. ” Data said. “Well we should be getting underway ourselves. Helm take us out !”picard said.
The end
“This fall a torch will be passed to a new generation. Based on gene rodenbary star trek,the next-generation will bodly go into new adventures. It all starts this fall.


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