Dawn of the day part six

“Captain’s log,there have been several unusual events that have transpired in the last few days. First a u.s.s enterprise from the past has emurged. Then a Klingon vessel has arived. I suspect they are about to atempt to steal a ship or ships for there own naferious perposes. “Captain picard said in his log.
“Captain’s log captain james t kirk reporting. One minute we are on a shakedown cruz of our new ship,the next we are batiling the Klingons. Then we find ourselves a hundred years in the future. Then we discover that the Klingon we were batiling are hear just as we are.now we must again battle them. This time we have the advantage or do we?” Kirk said in his log.
“I am unable to raise the shipyard. “Yar said. “I don’t sense any iminent fear from the inhabitents of the shipyard. They are very concerned about the com blackout !”deana said.
“How did they intend to get the ship out?”rycer asked. “I wish i knew number one!”picard said. “This plan seems doomed to failue!”gordi said. “We do not yet know what they are planing. It is difficult to counter there plans until we do!”worf said.”agreed!”picard said.
U.s.s enterprise A
“He is bold! I will give him that!”mccoy said. “He must have a plan! I can’t believe he is just puling this out of no where!”sulu said. “That is a logical deduction mr. Sulu! “Spock said.
Klingon vesel
“Nearing the shipyard my lord!”the science officer said.”stand by all weapons ! Prepare our suprise as well”k’vet said. The officers did as instructed. The Klingon ship headed for the shipyard.
The planet wescot had one moon. The moon was placed in a
Planitary blindspot. No one on the planet knew that it excisted until the inhabitents began space traval. The moon was the perfect spot for a shipyard.
“Now in weapons and transport range my lord!”the science officer reported. “Disengage cloak!”he ordered. The vessel was now visible.
The two enterprises neared the base and the Klingon vessel. The Klingon vessel ignored the ships and mantained course for the shipyard.
“Hail them!”Picard ordered. “No response! “Yar said. “He will be not be  detered. They will not yield! “Worf said.
“No response !”uhua said. “They are stiking to z klingon playbook !”checov said. “Always ! Well at least the ones from our era!”mccoy said.
“Both enterprises are hear! “The science officer said. “Just in time to witness the final triumph of the Klingon empire. “K’vet said.
The vesel went towards the shipyard. “There deflector is emiting some kind of energy emission !”data said.
“Is it some kind of weapon?”uhua asked.”open fire quickly !”kirk ordered. The enterprise A fired phasers and photon torpedoes at the warship.before the weapons hit the ship,the station was gone.
“Was it destroyed?”rycer asked.”i do not see how it could have been!”data said. Then the Klingon ship was gone.
“They have travaled back in time!”spock declared. “My gues is they will send it to there space.the commander will present it as a gift to the emparor. “Dr. Mccoy said.
“If they use the technology ,reverse engineer it,make more. Then use the station and ships! It will alter the balience of power in the whole sector!” Scoty said.
“Spock. Can we go after them?’kirk asked. “Yes i believe we can. “Spock said. “Uhua get me captain Picard! “Kirk ordered.
Uss enterprise D
“You believe that they returned to there time?” Picard asked. “I suspect that they plan to use the shipyard and ships against the federation in there time. It could totally alter the course of history. The history you experienced may never happen. It has to be stopped !”kirk said.
“I take it you want to go back and go after them?” Picard asked. “I don’t believe we have any other choice ! “Kirk said. Picard gave it some thought. “I am reluctant to aloq you to go back and to retreve the technology. I am just as reluctant to  go back myself. If they have gone back,history is already in jepordy. Perhaps we have no orther choice ! ” picard said.
“Captain! The Klingons of our era are night and different from those of yours. They will use this technology against the federation and every one else. We have to act and act quickly! If we don’t,we could lose every thing. “Kirk said.
“Captain! He is corect. My people in that era will not hesitate to use those weapons against any and all of there enenies”worf said.
Picard paced around the bridge for a few seconds. Then he huged on his uniform. Then he came back to the view screen. “Very well my mr. Data will work with your mr. Spock. Lets get on it. “Picard ordered. “Agreed!”kirk said.
“Captain’s log with the combined resources of lt. Commander data and captain  spock we are ready to procede with a plan for time traval. I am hopfull that we can prevent the klingons from there plan. We do not have a lot of time!” Kirk said.
Uss enterpriseD
“All decks reporting ready!”yar reported. “Alright ! Its time we get underway. “Picard said. “You seam concerned about this?”rycer asked. “There are a lot of uncertainties with time traval. I see no chioce but it is a gamble and the steaks are quite high!”Picard said. “The orther enterprise signals that they are ready. “Yar reported. “Take us back!”Picard said.
U.s.s enterprise A
“We are cleared !”uhua said. “Take us back!”kirk ordered. The two ships headed into the sun.the ships headed back to the 23rd century.
23rd century
The shipyard had emurged. K’vet called in his alies and subdued the station and ships. K’vet convinced the emprarer to support his plan. The empire pretended to sue for peace but it was a stal tactic.
The empire built more ships. Then two years after the historic signing of a peace acord,the new Klingon fleet reveged though federation space. The federation took heavy loses. The federation gave in and acepted masive concessions including cedding all disputed teritories to the empire. They agreed to give concessions to the romulins as well.
The Klingons worked to undermind the federation by forcing them into proxy wars. While the empire continued to build. K’vet would become emparor. He would wage war on the romulins ,tholions and any one else who came agents him.
The federation chocked economicaly was forced to disolve. Some races agreed to a warsaw pact like organization with the empire. Some were conquered. Others joined other empires.
If all went well,that would all be changed. The enterprise united and worked to restore time to way it was. The way it should be.
The station had just emerged. It had worked. The station had emerged in Klingon space. The plan was sucseding so far. That was about to change.
“Thr high senate is dispatching a envoy at once to check us out!”the com officer said.”excellent !”k’vet said.
“Detecting temporal energy signiture!”the science officer said. “Where?”the admiral ordered. ” Right on top of us. It is in two locations. “The science officer said. The two ships excited the doorway.
This was not how the admiral had planed it. This was a definate set back. There was no denying that. He was stil confident.
“Sir one of the ships is from the future. “The science officer reported. This was not what he wanted to hear. He wanted a swift victory. It might not go that way. He could stil win this. He was not going to give up.
To be concluded
The Klingon government structure was not established until season three of next gen. The office of chancellor was not established until star trek 6. K’npeck was refered to as leader of the high council as was gowlone until ds9’s season four opening where he was called chancellor probably to syinct the next gen universe with star trek 6. The idea of a klingon senate was mentioned in the bantum book”spock must die”.  Sence this is not ment to be conotical i decided to go with tje Senate.


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