Dawn of the day part five

Without warning,the colony of almada three was hit by the klingon crusher. The Klingon knee they could not defeat the colony but they would do as much damage as they could . Fate had alowed them to be in federation space and they would take advantage of it.
They would deal as big of a blow to the federation as they could. “Sir,detecting incomong vessels !”the tactical officer reported. “Take us out of hear! Head for the next nearest colony. We will strike fear in the heart of the federation. They will.learn the true nature of our race!” The admiral said.
The Klingon vessel went to warp.tht were gone before the fleet arived. They had what they sat out to do. They instiled fear in the heart if those they preceved to be there enemies. They would try to do it again.
Olivet colony
Obital base
“Commander urgent buliton from sector command. Almeda four attacked by Klingon battle crusher. Vessel may be on route hear!”the com tech said.
“Klingon ? Are you sure?”the second in command asked.”yes sir. Confirmed. Could it be a mistake?”the com tech asked in responce. ” They try to be acurate in the bulitens. Isue a planitary sate of emurgentcy. “The commander said. “Aye sir!”the com tech said. “It is one ship!”the tech said.
“The Klingon are our alies. Have been for some time!”a science officer commented. “If the empire did decide to abandon the allience,would int they send more then one ship?”a tactical officer asked. “One would think so lt. This is very unusual !”the station commander said.
Klingon vessel
“Sir,i have anilized the technology. I have compared it with a servelience probe lunched a few years ago. The planet’s technology has advanced about a hundred years!”the tactical officer exclamed. “Are you certain ?” He asked. “Quite certain excellentcy!”the tactical officer answered.
“What is your explination?” The commander asked. “I only have a theory. It could be true!”the officer said. “Speak!”the commander ordered. “I believe that the experiment did suceed. I believe we have travaled in time. We have advanced 100 years from where we were. “The tactical officer told his commanding officer.
“Then we are out gunned. We cannot defeat this foe'”the commander said. “Not at our current level of technology excellentcy. There most certainly would have been advances in technology and shields and wepons!”he said. ” Discus this with no one. I will inform the crew as neaded!”he said. “Yes my lord'” the oficer said. The commander left the station.
The commander went to his chair. He began to do some thinking. He had to alter his plans. This was a great opportunity. He knew presisly what he wanted to do.
“Commamder kotek i want to see you in my office in five minutes!”he said. “Yes my lord!”the exo said. The c.o left the bridge.
Captain’s qurters.
Five minutes later,the chime rang. “Enter!”he said. The door opened,the first officer entered the room. “It seams we have crosed into the future. “K’vet said.
“The mission was a success ! “The first officer said. “It would apear so. I want to steal technology,bring it back to the past. Imagine what we could do with weapons and ships from the future. We could take over the empire and go beyond that. We could reverse engineer it,build more. We would change history in our favor. Build a Klingon empire far more glorias then even kahless could have conceved. “He said.
“I believe it is doable my lord. It will not be easy. “The first officer said. “Find me a target. Do it discretly. I want our ‘science ‘ staf to work on getting us back to the past !”he ordered.”understood! I will pass on the orders to the crew. “The first officer said. “Please do!”the admiral ordered. “Yes my lord!”kotek said. “Dismissed !”the commander said. The first officer left the qurters.
U.s.s enterprise -D
Commander rycer was glad to be on the enterprise. He decided to outwind for a bit. He headed for the holowdeck. The ship was designed for long term exploration. Unlike other clases of vessels ,the galaxy class was virtualy a city in space. It included families. The holowdeck was designed for training and relaxation.
Rycer entered the holowdeck. The scene was a wooded area with a beach front. The young commander took every thing in. The sight,the sounds,the smell it all seamed so authentic. Unlike on tellos four,his brain knew it was an ilision. He stoped and took it all in.
In many ways rycer was seperated from kirk’s era as a ancient sumerien would be from a 20th century American. Yet there were similar. Odd he thought.
The commander got totally lost in thought when he was brokon from his holowgraphic bliss. “Bridge to commander rycer!”lt. Yar said. “Go ahead lt.”he said. “Your needed on the bridge !”she said. “I am on my way! ” he said. So much for down  time ye thought to himself .
Rycer entered thw bridge. “Commander we have receved reports of an attack on the almada colony.”yar said. “Who were the perpitrators?”the exo asked. “The reports are Klingons sir!”yar said. “Klingon. Therehas been no agreson between us for thirty years.”the commander said.
“Sir the attacking vessel was withdran from service fourty years ago!”worf said. “Are you sure lt?”rycer asked. “Are you questioning my knowledge of Klingon history ?”the Klingon asked. “No lt of course not!”he said.
“Could this conected to the enterprise from the past?”deana asked. “I believe it very well could be conected!”data said. “I will inform the captain. Data you have the bridge !”rycer said. “Aye sir!”the android said.
Captain’s ready room
“More time travalers?” Picard asked. “It apears so. It could be that what propelled the enterprise A to the future also sent them!!” Rycer said. “I hope this does not become a regular occurence!”picard said. “Agreed. I am going to have a talk with captain kirk. Will work with commander troyi on a profile of 23rd century Klingons. “Picard said.
“Could i work with someone other then the counselor ?”rycer asked. “Is there a problem number one?”picard asked. “No of course not. “He said. “Do you find her job performance lacking?”he asked. “Quite the oposit i have great respect for commander troyi’s work. You know i think i can work with her on this!”rycer said. “Very good! Glad to hear it!”he said.
U.s.s enterprise A
Queters of kirk
“A Klingon ship?”kirk asked.”you don’t seam suprised?”picard asked. “No sir i am not. We encountered Klingon before we were sent hear!”kirk said. “I see!”picard said.
“We were on standered patrol. We detected unusual readings from the Klingon side of the nutral zone. Mr. Spock suspectes that it might be some kind of experiment. We went in!”he said.
“You violated the nutral zone?”picard asked. “It seamed expedient at the time. You don’t band protical ocasionaly?”kirk asked. “No i don’t!”he answered. “I am not suprised. “He said.
“They were conducting some kind of experiment involving time traval. We stoped there energy wave but it seams both our ships were sent hear!” Kirk said.
“I would like you to send all the data you have on the time waves. “Picard said. “Of course. I will have mr. Spock take care of it. “Kirk said.
“Thank you sir!”picard said. “I can’t believe that one ship from a hundred years ago could be a threat to the galaxy . You seam concerned.”kirk commented. “It is just all of this is out of the ordinary. I am just being caucious. “He said. “Of course!”kirk replied.
Enterprise D
“Counselor ! The captain wants us to work together on a psych profile of 23rd century Klingons. “Rycer said. “I would be happy to bill!”she said.
He wished she would refer to him as commander on the bridge. He was fine with familerity,there were times and places for it. It was a minor matter so he decided to drop it.
Klingon ship
The admiral entered the bridge. “You wanted to see me?”he asked. “Yes i did. “Kotek said. “Speak!”the admiral ordered.”i have located a federation shipyard near hear !”the commander said.
The admiral looked over the data. The admiral started to get an idea. He informed his underling of his plan.
“Detecting masive energy wave. It is the wave described in the older enterprise log!”data said. “Location ?”picard asked. “Wescot four moon of hort!”worf reported. “The shipyard!”yar said. “Mr. Laforge set course maximum warp. “Picard said. “Course set!”gordi said. “Have the other enterprise procede as well!”picard said. “What is going on?”dr. Crusher asked. “We have to interupt a theft! ” picard said.
End of part five


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