Dawn of the day part four

The enterprise-A was not the only ship from the past. A klingon ship had emuged. It was admiral k’vets flagship. Whatever plunged the enterprise 100 Years in the future had done the same to the Klingon vessel kuthula.
Thr crew were all unconscicous. It took a few minutes for the time travalers to be revived. One of the klingon officers started to wake up. Then more started to revive.
Then the admiral started to wake up. He saw his life began to flash foward.
K’vet was born into an aristicratic family. His farther had backed the wrong side in a power strugle. They were striped of title and lands but alowed to remain in the empire. He joined the military and eventually he earned a comision and was able to gain noteriety for himself. He saw it all.
He was interupted from his sleep. “Excellentcy ! ” the first officer asked. “Satus!”k’vet asked.”we are in federation space! We are near several key colonies. “The science officer reported.”excellent ! Head for the most populated colony. Maxumum warp!”k’vet ordered. The ship headed for the colony.
“Captain’s log,while i am having a hard time comprehending it,it seams the enterprise form a previus era has come hear. Doctor crusher has concluded that it is indeed is the crew of the enterprise-A. What is unknown is how they got hear. Then the question is what will happen to them now?”picard said.
Ready room
“Jean luc your doctor is certain that they are who they say they are?”the admiral asked. “Doctor crusher and several of her staff checked and rechecked sir. They are confident that these are the genuine article. “Picard said.
“Have they rulled out cloning of some kind?”hildalgo asked. “In a clone there are usually genetic iregularities. There is evidence of a coppy. Those who not present hear!”picard said.
“The fact they hit a Klingon ship is quite concerning. If there story is true ,it does make sense.”he said.
“Its funy,it many ways they are night and day different from the star fleet of today. Yet we are hear because of them. They are our ansestors in a real sense. “Picard said.
“I know. Well escort there ship to star base 314. We will evaluate how to procede at the station. Get them to the star base without incident jean luc!”hildago said. “Will do!” He said.

U.s.s enterprise A
Confrence room
“I have to be honest captain,i never gave mutch thought to the future beyond my time. I figured i would always command the enterprise. I could not imagine a time without me in command of the enterprise. It is a little humbling. To see that the federation and star fleet is stil thriving is beyond exciting. To see that there is stil reason to hope! I felt that my enterprise was special. I felt that the enterprise had an important role to play. It seams that is true.”kirk said.
“I would say the way things are today is in a large part due to the contribution of you and your crew. I am greatful for that. “Picard said.
“Is star fleet stil involved in exploration?”kirk asked. “Oh yes. We just began our mission. We stil have a lot of ground to cover. Our mission is to to boldly go where none have gone before !”picard said. “Good! I would not have it any other way!” Kirk said.
  Uss enterprise A
“Doctors have gotten pretier in the 24th century !”dr. Mccoy said.”i can’t speak to that but i am glad you think so!”dr. Crusher said.
The door opened,a teenage boy entered. “Hi mom!”he said. “This is your son? You don’t look old enough to have a son!”he said.”glad you think so! This is Wesley .”she said. “Your doctor mccoy. I am a doctor not a moonshartle conductor. “He said. “You know about me?”mccoy asked. “Of course. You healed the horta,treated the radiation poisioning on gama hydra, your work is legendary! “Wesley said.
  “Captain spock,it is good to meat your aqaintence. I am well versed in your carer. It is quite impressive !”data said. ” i have always tried to excell in all i do!”spock said.
“I do not fully understand the human need for hero worship,i do see how momentous this is.”the android told him.
“I do not apreciate the emotional eliment of this event but i do agree it is of great sugnificance!” Spock said. “I do not have emotion but i can see from an acedemic stand point why one might find an excuburence in it.”data said. “I could see that from that perspective .”spock said.

“I have not seen a set up like this in a long time!”lt. Gordi laforge said. “They no longer have helm and navigation ?”sulu asked. “We have combined helm and navagation into one council. We refer to it as flight control or we just call it the con. “Gordi said “oh great! I’m obsolete now.”checov said. “It might have been a rusan who invented it pavil!”sulu said. “I vealy hope so !”checov responded. Sulu laughed.
“Acualy it was a team at the utopia planatia yards headed up by someone from fineland!”data said. “Sounds like something a fin would come up with!” Checov said.
“I heard there is no comunication station any more?”uhua asked. “That is corect comander. The com unit is combined with the tactical station”lt. Yar said. “Weapons and comunication all in one post.the cerot and stic aproach!” Checov said.
U.s.s. enterprise-D
“Chief could they be sent back to there time?”picard asked. “I believe we could. The sling schot around the sun is the easiest. Mr. Spock seams to be an expert at that. “Chief enginer mcdougal said.
“Was there any mention of time travel to the future in the enterprise logs?”deana asked. “No. I fully checked all logs even those clasified. There was none. “Data said.
“They may have opted to not to mention it in order to preserve the time line.”deana said. “Perhaps! I find all of this concerning and perplexing. I fear we are only at the beginning!” Picard said.
Klingon vessel
“Now nearing the colony!”the tactical officer anounced. “Take us in! Target the colony! Fire!”the tactical officer said. The Klingon crusher fired on the colony.
The ship fired on several key targets in the capital. It hit command and control centers. The ship began the attack.
End of part four.
I alowed the next gen crew to fill in the tos crew on some of the future. This was to catch up the audience in the 1980’s.  it would if this episode had excisted.
Chief engineer sarah mcdougal apeared in the episode,”naked now!” She was played by broke bundy.



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