Dawn of the day part three

U.s.s enterprise
Ncc 1701 -A
“Captain i am detecting three vessels. I believe them to be Klingon vessels!” Lt. Rylie enders reported. “I agree with that conclusion jim!”spock informed him.
“We are in federation space corect?”kirk asked. “That is corect!”spock answered. “Vhy are the Klingons in our space?”checov said.
“I have no idea pavil. I don’t like that. Not at all. Mr. Sulu plot an intercept course for those ships. “Kirk ordered.
Sulu ploted the intercept course.”course plotted!”sulu informed the captain.
” Jim! Are you sure this is a good idea? “Doctor mccoy asked.”Klingon battle crushers in the heart of the federation. What is the confusion in that? It seams clear to me!”kirk remarked.
“Jim its been a little less then a  hundred years. A lot can change in that time. “Mccoy said.
“Not them! Not the klingons. The Klingon don’t change. Warfare is in there dna. Its who they are! You must see that!” Kirk declared.
“This is a new century. We cannot be sure of any facts. It would be unwise to make any asumptions! “Spock said.
“Come on spock! These are Klingons. We have seen what they are capable off. “Kirk answered.
“On earth it was believed that the united states and the Soviet union would be in a perpetual sate of war. Then in 1998,the soviet premer anounced they would end the arms race. In 2020,Soviet leader cherienko declared that any nation that wanted to could leave the Soviet union. History indicates that things and people change over time!” Spock said.
“People change,not klingons. Klingon are always blood thirsty. They don’t change. “Kirk said.
While kirk did not say it all,every one knew it was on his mind. It was a Klingon that killed kirk’s son. He had never goten over it.
  The enterprise headed for the Klingon vessels. The enterprise went as fast as they could. To kirk,this was a threat to the federation. One that had to be delt with. Kirk would deal with it.
Klingon vessel
“Sir. Detecting incoming vessel ! It is a constitution class vessel!”lt.McKenna libson commented. “Constitution class ! Those ships were retired from service a long time ago. “The Klingon commander said.
“It is on a direct intercept course for us!”a Klingon science oficer reported. “This is quite unusual !”the first oficer remarked.
The enterprise neared the vessels. “Now in veapons range!” Checov reported. “Open fire!”kirk ordered. “Now wait a minute jim! ” mccoy said.
Before mccoy could fully elaborate on his position ,the enterprise fired. The enterprise fired with a full volley of phasers and photon torpedoes on the Klingon ships.
“Why are they opening fire?”a jr officer asked. “I wish i knew!”the commander said.
” Do we return fire? “The gunner asked. “This is federation space. This could be interpreted as an act of agreson. We do by treaty have a right to be hear. Open hailing frequency !”the commander ordered.
“They are not returning fire!”scoty said. “Odd isint it?”kirk remarked. “We are being hailed by the lead ship!” Uhua said.
“This could be a Klingon trap. They could be testing a new weapon. No response. “Kirk said.
“Jim! This is a bad idea!”dr. Mccoy commented. “Bones qiet yourself.”kirk said. Mccoy was not happy but did as asked.
“Fire a warning schot!”the commander ordered. The Klingon flagship fired near the enterprise. The torpedo came near and detinated just off the nichelle. The ship felt the wake.
“See bones. Proof of agreson!” Kirk said. “That’s hardly proof!”the doctor said.
“We have an incoming ship!”rylie said. “More Klingons?”kirk asked. “Negitive. It is a federation. Call letters,ncc 1701-D u.s.s enterprise. ” Spock said. “The enterprise?”sulu said.
“We are being hailed !”uhua said. “On screen !”kirk said. The view screen turned on. On the screen was the bridge of the megestic starship.
A captain stood up from the center seat. The captain moved away from the hourse shoe like command area. He tuged on his uniform tunic. He went to the view screen.
“I am captain jean luc picard of the enterprise D. To whom am i speaking ?”the older man with a french accent asked in a commanding tone.
“I,sir,am captain james t kirk of the enterprise A. “He said. “Please stop your attack on the Klingon ships at once! “Picard demanded.
“Why are they alowed in federation space !”kirk demanded to know. “Captain things have changed. The federation and Klingon empire are no longer at war. We are alies. “Picard said.
Kirk saw a Klingon at one of the aft stations. “They have sued for peace before. It is a routine staling tactic. Either that or a decision perpetrated by the political government usually vitoed by the military one way or another.” Kirk said.
“That was true in the past. My people have changed. In your time the organiens predicted that humans and klingon would become fast friends. That day has come. Even in your day,you cooperated with kang to defeat a creture that fed on agresson. “Worf said.
“Captain,i urge you to stand down. Even with the alience they wil defend themselves. If a battle begins,there is no knowing what the results will be.”picard urged.
“Lower shields! Stand down!”picard ordered. The weapons officer complied with the order.
“There shields and screens are down! “Lt. Yar reported. “Thank you sir.” Picard said.
Picard gave a non verbal que to the female security officer to terminate the transmison. “Transmission closed.” Yar reported. “Counselor ! Can you sense anything from them?”picard asked “they believe they are the crew of the enterprise?” Deana troyi said.
“Do you doubt there syincerity?”will rycer asked. “I can’t determine that. They believe they are!”deana answered.
“Have doctor crusher asemble a medical team. Have her go over and examine the crew. Lets find out who these people are. ” Picard ordered. “Aye sir!”yar said.
Picard got up from the command chair. “Number one you have the bridge.”picard said.”your going over there? You said so yourself ,we don’t know who these people are for certain yet!”rycer said.
“If this is jim kirk,i should go over there. If it is,i would love to meat him. I would love to see an older starship ! The matter is setled. I am going over there. “Picard informed his second in command.
“Be careful sir. If this is an alien plot,your capture would be a huge blow to the ship and to star fleet!”rycer said. “I am aware of that.”picard said.
Transporter room
Picard and and android joined the medical team. Picard felt uncomfortable around the chief medical officer. She had been maried to his best friend. He was in command of the mission that led to her husband’s death. While they had always been cordjial,there was a unspoken frost between them. They tried to keep things professional. Both had respect for the ortner.
“I have the cordinents set for the bridge “a slightly balding officer reported. “Enerzize!”picard said.
The team emurged on the bridge. “After all the advances, you have not cured male paturn baldness ?”kirk said. “I am afraid not!”Picard answered. “It is not a high priority !”dr. Crusher said.
A male nurse scaned the captain. “He is human. Aperent age 56 give or take. His readings are consistent with the records of james t kirk!”he said.
“You thought we were lying ?”dr. Mccoy asked. “The thought did accur to us!” Picard said.
“Who or what pretell are you?”scoty asked commander data. “I am android sir!”he replied. ” Hopefully not like the ones on exo 2?”uhua said. “No very different. I am benevolent !”data said. “Oh!”uhua said.
“You believed that we were lying?”spock said. “The story apeared far fetched!’data said. “We are who we say we are!” Kirk said. “From the evidence i have,i believe that to be true!”dr. Crusher said.
“I had some doubts about you but mr. Spock believes being catipaulted into the future is possible . We have been knocked into the last enough times. Why not the future !”kirk said.
“I’m glad there is a future !”mccoy said. “I don’t want to blow the lid on events yet to occur but thr future is quite bright. In many ways you pqved the way for what we have today.we created a universe i think you would be proud off. We saught to protect your legacy. “Picard said.
Near by
Adrift in space was a klingon ship. It was a ship from the past. Right now the crew was asleep. They would not stay that way foever.
End of part three
I am writing this as if if was writen in 1986. Sense the soviet union was stil in excistence as well as the cold war. The fall of the berlin wall did not occur until 1989. It was not until December 1990 that michile gorbichov disoved the soviet union. The dates and name of the soviet premer was pulled out of my bum.
The male nurse was an unamed recurring character that apeared in several episodes including “heart of glory”. He was played by brad zerbrist.
The transporter chief was played by micheal ryder. He apeared in “code of hournor” among others.



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