Dawn of the day part two

  Captain james t. Kirk had been knocked out. He was unconscious. He was dreaming. Visions flew his head. His boyhood in iowa. His time at the academy including pranks played on by an uperclassman.
He saw gary mitchel. He saw the life form on tycho IV. He saw carol marcus,ruth,edith keeler. He saw tribles,nazies,klingons. He saw the enterprise.
He saw viger probe. He saw kahn.he saw spock dying. He saw the enterprise destroyed. He saw spock regenerated. He saw the whales. He saw himself returing to the new enterprise.
“Jim! Jim!”dr. Mccoy said. “Bones! “Kirk said. Kirk started to get up. “Easy jim!”the doctor said. Kirk gently got up. He was starting to get back to normal.
“Satus!”kirk ordered. “We sustained minnor damage on deck 10 Though 12. There was substancual damage to the main deflector dish. There was damage to the shartle bay and torpedo luch bay. ” Spock reported.
“Where are we?” Kirk asked. “Keptin we are near delta wega!”checov said. “Are you sure?”kirk asked. “Confirmed sir!”sulu said. “How in blazes did we get there?”mccoy asked.
“I believe the energy wave propeled us hear at high speads!”spock said. “It is theoretically posible!”scoty said.
“Hail star fleet command ! Inform them of what has occured!”kirk informed uhua. Uhua agreed. She sent the information to star fleet command.
“sir! I am getting a parculer response! They seam to doubt who we are! “Uhua said. “Whats going on?”dr. Mccoy asked. “I wish i knew. Uhua get a visual contact !”kirk ordered.
Lt. Commander uhua sent the request for a visual. The view screen was activated by the comm officer. On the screen was an admiral. The uniform was not one any of the enterprise crew recognized. The man in the screen was a man with the apearent age of being in his fithties or sixties.
“Who is this! This is a chanel no longer used by star fleet!”the admiral said. ” Why was i not informed?”kirk asked. “Who is this?”the admiral demanded to know. “This is captain james t kirk of the starship enterprise!” Kirk said.
“Is this some kind of joke?”The admiral asked. “I asure you sir,this is no joke! Who sir are you?”kirk asked. “I am reer admiral hildalgo star fleet command. “The admiral answered.
“I am not familar with you sir!” Kirk declared. “You cannot be jim kirk.  If you were,you would look a lot older. “The admiral said.”this is not a joke or a prank sir. I am captain james t. Kirk. I am abored the enterprise ncc 1701-A. “Kirk informed the admiral.
“If i may jim.”spock said. Kirk non verbily gave him the go ahead to procede. Spock went to the screen. “Sir! May i ask what year is this?” Spock asked.
The admiral was puzzled. “Earth calander 2386. “The admiral said.”the 24th century ?”kirk asked. “How is that posible?”dr. Mccoy asked.
“You claim your the crew of the enterprise A?”hildalgo asked.”we are the crew of the enterprise!”scoty said. “Your captain kirk?”the admiral asked.”yes i am sir !”kirk said. The admiral showed evidence that he did not believe the claim. “You travaled into the future ?”the admiral asked in a somewhat cyinical tone.
“If i may sir!”spock said. “Say on!”hildalgo said. “We encountered a Klingon experiment involving time waves.i believe that we got caught in a wave. It propelled us into the future.”spock said.
The admiral thought it over. “I want you to hold position where you are. I am dispatching a ship to your position. Please cooperate with them!”hildalgo said.
“You have my assurance we will sir!”spock said. “Very good. We will keep in touch ! Star fleet out!”he said. The screen faided. Open space could be seen.
Starfleet command sanfransisco
“What do you make of this?” The admiral asked an aid. “I have no idea. It could be an alien deception,hologrophy,or the itiotions. They do like to imitate. Temporal displacement is not that odd! “Lt. Rylie enders said.
“Do you believe that is little chance that they are who they claim to be?” An ensign asked.
“I have no idea ensign. It is definitely posible. I just don’t know. We will find out. “The admiral said. “Who are you going to send?”lt. Enders asked.
“There is only one person up to this task! Get me captain jean luc picard!” The admiral said.
In space a gigentic starship warped on by. It was one of the largest ship ever assembled by star fleet. Having a thousand people on bored,it was almost a citty in space. It was designed for long term exploration vessel.it included families and civilian advisors. It had resorceses and fuel for a long trip. 
The vessel mission was the same as all of ships naimed enterprise.to boldly go where no one had gone before. It had a long term emphises.
  The ship’s captain walked though the ship. He looked at the vest engines. He could not get over the imensity of the ship.its magesty.
The commanding officer was from french lineage. He had grown up in a smal vilege in france. He was balding and not particularly tall. He had a commanding presence about him.
He left engineering and toured orther parts of the ship. He was a serious man. Some who call him stoic. This was not his first command. He had commanded starship before. He was considered one of the best in star fleet.
He was roaming the halls. His jaunt was interupted by the sound of the p.a syistom. “Bridge to captain!”a vioce said.the captain went over to a com unit in the coridor. “This is picard!”he said.
“Sir! Incoming message from star fleet command! Its admiral hildalgo!” The duty officer said.
“I will take it in my qurters!”he said. He went to his qurters. He went inside. He sat down and fliped on the monitor.
On the screen was the admiral.”jean luc i have a bit of an unusual asignment for you! “He said. “Ok!”the captain said. “We were contacted on an old style star fleet frequency. A man claming to be jim kirk abored the old enterprise contacted us. Sence your near his location. I would like you to check it out! “The admiral ordered.
“What do you think is going on?”picard asked. “Frankly jean luc i don’t have a clue. “The admiral told picard. “I see!”picard said.
“I want that ship brought to a star base. Evaluate what is going on. It could be a hoax or a prank. It could be hero worship. It could even be some kind of Trojan horse invasion by an alien race. Your the best man for the job of figuering all this out! “The admiral told the captain.
“I will do my best admiral !”picard asured his superior. “I know you will captain! “Hildalgo said. “I will keep you aprised!”he asured the spanish officer. “I know you will. Good luck star fleet out!”he said.
“The enterprise -A ?” Security officer lt. Tasha yar a women of eastern European discent said. “This is not posiable!”a Klingon officer who maned an aft station said.
“Do we believe that this is kirk?”First officer wiliam rycer asked. ” I have no idea number one. I want to keep an open mind! We rule nothing in or out. “Picard said. “Understood sir!”rycer said.
“I have the coordinates sir!”an officer who had an usual eye peace on his head said. “Very good! Mr. Lagorge engage!”picard ordered. The ship went to warp.
“Sir! I am getting a mesage from the Klingon crusher n’vedda. They say they are under attack !”yar reported.
“Inside federation space?” A female officer in a blue uniform dress commented. “They are being attacked by the vessel perported to being the enterprise-A. ” the Klingon officer naimed worf observed.picard thought to him”oh no!”
End of part two.
Keeping with the ncis-csi model for introducing spins offs, the enterprise-D was already operating. I am ignoring the events of encounter at farpoint.
I am ignoring history established by future episodes or future movies. I am writing this as if it was in 1986.
The year sighted by admiral hildalgo was pulled out of my bum. The year 2264 was not established til later. In encounter at farpoint,data said he graduated in 2379. I just picked 2386 at random.
The character of admiral hildalgo was depicted in the poket books novilization of “encounter at farpoint” writen by david gerold. The character was referenced in the lost era novel “buried age” by cristopher l bennet.


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