Dawn of the day

  “Who would have thought i would get a new ship. I certainly didin’t. After disobeying direct orders of a superior,getting my ship destroyed and going to a forbiden planet,i figued i never command a ship again !”
“After saving earth from certain calamity ,they decided only a demotion. I never wanted to be an admiral any way. It all worked out”

“Hear am i back on a starship. Not just any starship but the enterprise. Mayby you can go home again !”
“Our mission right now is scientific in nature . We are ,whoever near the Klingon nutral zone. While the federation is not techically in a sate of hostility,peace talks have been suspended indefinitely. We are keeping a close eye on the nutral zone just in case. ”
U.s.s enterprise ncc 1701-A
“Is in time for you to retire jim!”dr. Mccoy said. “No way. Too much left to explore. So much more to see. “Jim said.”i thought you said galiventing the cosmos was a game for the young?”dr. Mccoy asked.
“I never said that!” Kirk said. ” yes you did!”dr. Mccoy sugested.”captain i am detecting a masive energy disturbence. I canot determine what it is but it uses a masive amount of energy! “Spock said.
“Keptin the energy originates inside the Klingon side of the nutral zone!” Checov said. 
” can you determine what it is?”kirk asked. “Negitive. The computer canot determine its function . I do not have enough information to speculate!”spock said.
“Could it be the Klingon trying to create there own version of project genises?” Scoty asked. “No i can verify that it is not project genises'” spock ansered.
“It could be a weapons experiment!” Scoty sugested. “The Klingons are not known for scientific research for the hack of it !”mccoy said. “No they are not! “Kirk said.
“If they are doing reserch,i gurente ye that there are military aplications to it!”scoty said.
“Jim! Please tell me your not considering going into the nutral zone?”dr. Mccoy asked.
“I have to know what they are up to bones!”kirk said. “You just got  out of hot watter! They are going to demote you to chief petty officer or worse! “Mccoy said.
“Something is going on. The Klingons are up to something ! I have to know what it is! Mr. Sulu take us in to the nutral zone! ” kirk said.
“Aye sir!”sulu said. The enterprise went at warp into the forbiden zone. “Ve are now in the nutral zone!” Checov reported.
Klingon crusher
“Energy is at full my lord!”a science officer anounced. “Activate the time wave!” Klingon admiral k’vet ordered. A Klingon tech presed the button. In space a gray like ribon seamed to apear out of no where.
“I have a visual !”commander uhua said. “On screen !”kirk ordered. On the view screen was displayed the masive image of the energy wave. There were several Klingon ships as well.
“What in blazes is that?” Dr. Mccoy asked. “It apears to be a rip in time. I believe the Klingons are trying to puncture a hole in the space time continum! “Spock said.
“They are going to atempt time travel ?”kirk asked. “Perhaps or they could be planing a temporal attack or a sorced earth tactic !”spock said. “Oh gosh!”mccoy said.
“Target the wave! We need to disperse this!”‘kirk said. “Targarted!” A weapons officer said. “Sulu take us in!”kirk ordered. Sulu folowed the order. The enterprise flew it at high warp.
The enterprise ran at high warp. The vessel fired on the energy wave. There were a series of explosions thoughout the wave.
“What is going on?” The Klingon admiral asked. The tech look over data. ” It is a federation starship ! It is the enterprise!”a monitor said.
“The enterprise was destroyed by kruge the brave!” First officer gintrep said. “It is probably a new enterprise !”the admiral said.
“Kirk! He always medles in things that had nothing to do with!” Second officer joseg said. “Target that ship! I want kirk and that ship out of my stars!”k’vet declared. The gunner aquired the target. Then he presed the fire button.
The Klingon katinga class d-7 war crusher opened fire on the enterprise. It fired disruptors and photon torpedoes at the enterprise. The projectiles struck the back of the ship as well as the other areas in the aft section of the ship.
The bridge felt the shock from the impact.” Do we ruturn fire?”the weapons officer asked. “Negitive vall ! Target the energy wave. The wave is the threat!”kirk said. “This is your plan jim?”mccoy asked. The enterprise fired multiple voleys of photon torpedoes on the wave. The Klingon ships hit the enterprise. The enterprise relied on the shields to protect them.
“Sulu take us to the center of the energy wave!” Kirk ordered. Sulu and checov ploted the course. The enterprise was hit repeatidly. It did not deter them.they kept going.
There were explosions thoughout the ship. The damage was not too savere,it was building up. “Jim! We can’t keep taking these hits!”dr. Mccoy said. “I am aware of that bones. We have a mission hear!”jim said. “We are now in position !”spock said. ” Fire!”kirk ordered.
The enterprise fired multiple volleys on the energy wave. The phasers and photon torpedoes pounded the eye of the wave.
“We are having a minimal efect!”spock reported. “Take us in closer!”kirk ordered. “How much closer can we get?”dr. Mccoy asked.
The enterprise went into the eye of the storm. The enterprise fired a phaser burst into the wave. The wave exploded. The enterprise was pushed backwards. The ship lost cohesion.
The crew tried to stop the ship.it stil drifted at a very fast speed. The energy wave was no longer stationary. It headed straght for the enterprise.there was no stoping it.
The enterprise was hit. The enterprise vanished. The energy wave continued on. The wave decreased and eventually disipated.
Space was restored to its usual form. Stars were seen again. There was no evidence that the wave had been there.
End of part one


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