Future day part 7

Delta qudrent
  A young women left the underground complex. She wanted to see what was beyond the underground city. She waa curious.
No sooner did she make it to the serface,she was sited by those who dwelt above the serface. They were gansters,thugs. They were called kazon. She was about to be captured by them. There capture was interupted. The combat team opened fire on the would be kazon captors.
She was alarmed. She had no idea what was going on. “Who are you? What is going on?” The young women asked.
“Kess i know you have no idea who i am but you will! I need your help. “Janeway said.
“My help?” She asked . She was quite confused.  They teliported to the relitivity. Kess was given information about her orther life.
“Are you up to speed?” Janeway asked. “I think so!”kess said.”good ! This won’t be easy! “Ducane said. “I understand my role in this captain!”she told ducane. “Alright! I hate to put presure on anyone but this is crucial to the future literally!” Ducane said.
“After the mission is over,i won’t remember any of this?”kess said. “No you won’t! “Janeway said. “Do you do this kind of thing frequently ?”kesss asked. “More then i like to!”janeway said. “Oh!”she said. “Ok are we ready?” Ducane said.
  Derozed’s ship
Chacotay and seven were studying the ship. Suddenly a light was seen. Kes apeared. “Kes?” Chacotay said puzzled. He was not expecting to see her.
“Look !i have a mesege from captain janeway. She needs your help!”kes said.
Janeway returned to the ship a few minutes before the battle begun. “Can you generate the transporter field ?”janeway said.”i can. “Tuvuck said. “Do it!”janeway said.
The doorway was opened. The voyager headed out. “What is that?”archer asked. “It is some kind of doorway!”t’pol said. “Follow that ship travis!” Archer ordered. “This is not wise captain. These are more advanced ships then enterprise!”t’pol remarked. “I am not siting on the sidelines sub commander. ” archer said.
The enterprise followed the voyager into the field. The ships were gone.
On the alien ship,chacotay and seven got to work. They found a node that atempted to bring in another time line. Seven took out a phaser and fired. She knew just where to fire. Chacotay followed suit and fired on a different temporal node.
The voyager excited the hub. The voyager came in weapons hot. Voyager fired phasers and photon torpedoes on the alien vessel. The temporal nodes being hit by the crew caused parts of the ships to go out of phase within the time line.
The alien ship was not whole now. The evidence of that could be clearly seen. The alien ship fired on the voyager. The enterprise fired on the ship as well. The enterprise fired on the ship repeatidly.
The voyager folowed up and fired. “Don’t fire on voyager! Fire on enterprise!”derozid ordered. The ship fired on the enterprise. The enterprise was hit.
“They focusing on us'”read said. “Go for the weaker link. ” Archer said. The voyager tried to cover enterprise. Voyager fired multiple voleys on the alien ship. The enterprise followed suit and fired on the ship. 
On the bridge of the murikanos ship,kes apeared. “Who are you?”derozed asked. ” Your worst nightmare !”she said. She used her telipathic abilities against him. The captain felt the energy coming at him.
The general was suprised by this. He would not think this possible . He did not expect to have a serious challenge from a little girl.
While voyager fired on multiple parts of the ship.  While more nodes were hit by chacotay and seven. The ship’s cohesion was obstructed by the attacks. 
Things started to go weird on the ship. The ship was in a kind of temporal limbo. Chacotay and seven saw evidence of that.
Chacotay and seven saw a central node. They both fired on the nodes.
“The ship is about to explode!” Kim reported. “Can you get a lock on the away teams?”janeway said. The transporter locked on to paris,chacotay and seven.
“bridge i have them!”the transporter chief reported. “Get us out of hear con!” Janeway ordered. The voyager and enterprise went to warp. They went into the field. The ship was away.
The murikurion vessel exploded.the explosion resonated though time. The time line started to be restrored. Time and space had been saved.
“Where are we?”archer asked. “We are where we were!” T’pol said. “Take us out of hear.”archer ordered. Enterprise left the area.
“Captain we are back in the delta qudrent. We are where we were.” Tuvuck said. “Of course we are! ” janeway said. “We stopped derozed!” Kim said. “It seams so!” Janeway said.
Janeway went to her ready room.”so did we do it?”janeway asked. “We did. Derozed plot has been stopped. Kes was returned. She won’t remember any of it! “Ducane said. “Thank you!”she said. He nodded.
“A part of me would love to be a fly on the wall. Archer and the enterprise. I wounder if they realize how much history they are about to make?”janeway said. “Probably not. I suspect they know things will change. Exciting isint it?”ducane said. “It is indeed!”janeway said.
Archer entered the bridge. “I spoke to admiral forest. We both agree that there is no need to turn back. We are heading into the unknown !”archer said. The enterprise went to warp.
The end


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