Future day part six

“Detecting energy reading!” T’pol reported. A large arpiture in space opened. “Detecting multiple vessels!  They are all heavily armed!” Read reported.
The vesels imidiately opened fire on the enterprise. The ships hit from multiple directions of the ship. The goal had been to draw the enterprise out and to destroy it.
“Return fire mr. Read!” Archer ordered. The enterprise fired a series of phase volleys at the attacking ships. 
“Detecting a masive energy emision. It seams to some kind of transporter beam!”tuvock said.” In space ? I did not think that was possible !” An ensign said. “It seams it is !”janeway said.
“The beam has transported the ship only a short distence. The ship are attacking a 22ond century earth ship. It is the enterprise!”tuvok anounced.
“There was a pre star fleet space vesel called enterprise?”kim asked. ” Yes i believe it was commanded by a jonathen archer!” Janeway said.
“Helm! Set course for the beam!”janeway said. “Would that not constitute a violation of the temporal prime directive?”an ensign asked. ” we are preventing temporal incursion.the enterprise was not destroyed in 2150. “Janeway said.
The voyager went to warp. The voyager entered the door way. “Excellentcy! Voyager has entered the door way!”the science officer reported. “They must not be alowed to stop us!”the exo said. “They won’t make it! They will fail!”derozed said.
The enterprise was hit again. “Shields at 87 percent but we are ok!”read said. “We canot keep this up foever kepin!”trip said.
The enterprise fired again on the attacking ships. The ships fired again on the enterprise. “Damage to multiple decks!”t’pol said.
“We are not going to make it are we?” Travis asked. “We are not dead yet!” Archer declared. “I am detecting another energy emision! Something is emerging!”t’pol said.
The voyager came though. The ship fired on the two nearest ships. Voyager then hit the third with a series of voleys. The enterprise took advantage of the situation and fired on the nearest vessel.
“That ship is on our side?”read asked. “They are against us’ ” archer said. “A wise conclusion !”t’pol said.
The voyager and enterprise fired on several ships. The ships were hit. “Order those ships to back off !”Janeway ordered. “Sending !”kim replied.
One of the ships headed to enterprise. It riged a colision course. The voyager tried to aid the enterprise. The two orther ships delt with voyager.
The enterprise tried to get away.it was no match for the alien vessel.
The vessel came at the more primitive vessel. Travis cut all power to the ship. The ship started to drift. The enterprise crew let the ship get close ,dangerously close. Then the enterprise fired every thing it had. The enterprise coasted and the explsion sent the ship flying.
The voyager fired on one of the ships. Voyager then fired on the orther ship at close range.  The two ships acidently colided into eachorther. The ships exploded.
“That should not have worked!”trip said. “Mayby we are ment to be out hear! “Archer said. “That is highly ilogical. That is highly non sensensical !”t’pol said. “Works for me!”trip said. “I’m sure it does!”t’pol said.
“We had better get out of hear! Take us back though the beam!” Janeway said. “Course ploted!”the relief helm reported. “We are being hailed by enterprise!”kim said. “We cannot talk to them. I don’t want braxton trying to schot us down as a threat to the time line!”janeway said. The voyager started to go to warp.
“The enterprise has laid in a persuit course !” Kim said. ” Captain i have an idea!”tuvuck said. “Lets hear it !”janeway said.”Vulcan were much more advanced then humans. Why not convince them that we are an advanced prototype!”he sugested.”there is a Vulcan abored is that not?”janeway asked. “I believe i can still put it off!”tuvuck said. “Mr. Tuvuck no ofense but your not good at ablibing!”janeway said. “I can handle this!”tuvuck asured her. “Very well!”janeway said.
“We are being hailed! They speak a formal english ! “Hoshi said. “On audio!”archer said. “This is the Vulcan ship shakerie,i am captain tuvuck !”he said. “Your ship is not a design known to star fleet! “Archer said. Voyager crew was puzzled “it is a prototype! We were testing our drive system when we found you!”he said. 
“I apreciate your help! Some Vulcan ships would not!”archer said. “We are not all the same captain. Vulcan society is made up of individuals. “He said.
“Do you have any idea of who those ships belong to?”archer asked. “No i not! This is the first time i have encontered them! “He said.
“They were involved in an atempt to asasinate me. “Archer said. “I see! You traced it to them?”tuvuck asked. ” you probably think i am full of it?”archer said.”on the contrary ,i am trying to asertain what is ocuring. I have no aganda!”tuvuck said. “Your like no Vulcan i have encontered!”archer said. “We should get out of this area. “Tuvuck said. “I want to get to the bottom of this. “Archer said. “You need to make repairs. It is a resonible course of action !”tuvuck said. “Very well. “Archer said.
Alien ship
“Look at this! “Seven said. “These nodes are generating the time distortions! “Chacotay said. “The ship is artificially creating the temporal distortion. I suspected as mutch! “Seven said. “Why? Why flood a ship with multiple time lines. We usually avoid it. “Chacotay said.
“Are you familer with a profesor paul manheim?”seven asked. “Yes!  he believed time could be a doorway to other dimension. His experiments caused a disruption in the space time continum a few years back. “Chacotay said. “I wonder if these aliens are not behind something similar. “Seven said. “I think you may be right. Where does the past come in?”chacotay said. “That i dont know !”she said.
“In star fleet history,we have encountered races who were humanoid and later went though a metamorphosis! The organians were once humanoids or so they clame. The enterprise encountered a race called the zonconians. Some wanted to transform orther did not.  ” kim said.
“I think i am beginning to understand all this! They are not wiling to wait. They are trying to transform early before they are ready! They are trying to cheat!”janeway said. “Why try to alter history at the same time? Why is humanity a threat to them?”kim asked. “I don’t know. “Janeway said.
“We have incoming !” A female ensign anounced. “Its the morthership!” Kim reported. “Shields up red alert!”janeway reported. The shil fired on voyager. Voyager was hit from multiple directions.
One projectile hit the cargo bay.the cargo bay exploded. The blast spread into kess’ garden.
“Shields at 33 percent!”kim said.the voyager was hit again. The engineering was hit. “Bridge this is ensign vorek. We have a containment breach!” He said.
Janeway was about to order an abandon ship. Suddenly time stoped. She fainted.
She woke up somewhere else. “Hello captain!”ducane said. “Mr.ducane ! I was wondering when you would show up! ” janeway said.
” This situation is very fluid captain. We have been working over time to figure it all out. We were as blind sided as you. We had no idea what was happening until the universe exploded. We were able to hault it. “He said.
“This is more serious then even i thought !”janeway said. “Correct. Perhaps more then even i realize! “He said. “I see!”janeway said. “i need to fill you in on what’s going on! I think you have peaced together some of it! “He said. “Lets have it!”she said.
” derozed the leader of the murikanons studied ancient readings of his people. He then discovered writing about metamorphosis amoung other race. He become obsesed with it. It is not something you can juat turn on. It is a natural event. A ceterpiller can’t decide when it happen ,it just does. “Ducane said.
“Derozed was not satisfied with that. It could be tomorrow or a thousand years from now. He refused to wait. He seized control of his government and built the starship he called the demolition.”
“Every atempt to cause the transformation failed. Then he came up with a plan. If he destroyed time itself,they could transform. Of course those of us involved in temporal waching noticed something. We conected the dotes and figured out his plan !”derozed said.
“Several temporal watch dog groups from several powers joined together. Derozed was defeated several times. Now derozed has decided to go on the ofensive. They believe that the glue that held the anti derozed coilition is the federation. The central fugure if the federation are humans. They believe the way to stop the coilition is to destroy the federation before it started. They believe the man primarily responsible for the founding of the federation was Jonathan archer!”ducane said.
“No archer! No federation. No federation no temporal integrity comison no comision no anti derozed coilition!” Janeway said.
“Your correct captain! Then they can destroy time and advance into the next level. “Ducane said.”voyager was not faring well when you pulled us out of the battle !”janeway said.
“I can help a little ! I cannot not as much as i would like to. “He said. “This really is do or die time?”janeway said. “Yes. You lose hear,its over. “He said.
“I know your limited in what you can do. I respect your position but i have one favor to ask. ” She said. “Name it!” He said.
Delta qudrent
On a desert planet a young women roams the planet. She was about to captured by a race of gangs. Suddenly they are stoped. A team came out of no where and stuned them.
“Who are you?” She said. “Kess i know you have no idea who i am but you will ! I need your help! ” janeway said.
To be concluded.


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