Future day part five

  From the bridge of the super starship,derozed watched several events on multiple monitors.
“Excellentcy! They have captured an intruder!” An officer reported.”have him brought hear at once!”derozed ordered.the officer agreed.
Tom paris was imidiately escorted to the bridge. The commander was tall. He was fit.
“Thomas Eugene paris. Lt star fleet. Asisgned as flight control officer u.s.s voyager. Farther is admiral owen paris. You maried a Klingon. How is her pregnancy ?”derozed said.
“How do you know that?”paris asked. “I know many things mr. Paris! I have my ways. Why were you trespassing on my vessel?”derozed said.
“We suspect your from the future. I doubt your little time traval is temporal tourism. We suspect your probably going to alter the time line for some naferious perpose. My mission was recon. We want to know why your hear!” Tom declared.
The man laughed. “You see yourselves as arbitors of the time line?”derozed asked.”as a star fleet officer and a husband and farther to be,yea i would say i have a vested interested in keeping the time line as is!”Tom said.
” What about preventing you from making the mistake that ended your carer before it began? What if you could change ending up in prison? What if you could stop the slaughter of the marquis? Or wolf 359?”derozed said.
“It is too big a risk ! You remove one thread and it all comes apart!”tom said. “It might be a positive change! You just don’t know ! ” Derozed said.
“That’s just it! We don’t know. It is better to just let it go! Leave it alone!”tom said.”i disagre! I cannot and will not do that! “Derozed said.
“Why are you doing this?”tom asked. ” Because i can! I am not afraid of challenging conventional thinking. I am not afraid of making waves tom! I am prepared to go against anything that comes against me. “Derozed said.
“My people won’t stand for this!”tom said. “Soon your people won’t exist!” Derozed said.”your erasing the time line?”tom asked.”you don’t understand ! You don’t have the fogiest idea what i am planing. When you do figure it out! It will be too late!” He said.
U.s.s voyager
“Captain! The delta flyer is reterng !”the ops officer reported.”bring them in !”janeway said. The voyager activated the tractor beam on the flyer. The flyer was brought in.
As soon as the flyer reterned to its usual birth,kim left the flyer. “I was forced to leave tom behind. I did get the data we came to get .”kim said.
Harry handed the data to the captain. She took the file. “We need to have this analized!”janeway said.
  On the alien ship, chacotay and seven were charting the mystery ship. “We have traversed five different time periods sense we arived!”seven said. ” Is the exterior of the ship fixed in time?”chacotay said. “Uncertain! It could go either way! “Seven said. “I suspected as much! “Chacotay said.
“Are you formulating a theory?”seven said. “I am forming about six. They are all contridictory and some are bordering on non sensical!”chacotay said. “In aa situation like this, a non sensical explination could apply ‘”she said. “I know what you mean! ” he said.
“On voyager,our mission often provide challenges for sciencentist!”she said. “You have no idea!”chacotay said. “We just crosed into another time period. “Seven said.
“Capin please don’t make someone else chief engineer !i know i am not flashy or a kiss but. I just work. I do my job! I leave my job evaluation to my supervisors. If i agree i say so. If i think an idea is lame but,i will say so. It makes me unpopular. I should be chief enginer not some but kisser who does not have a clue!”trip said.
” Relax trip! Your in!”archer said. “Really ?”trip said.” Your the best.i know it,you know it. I got you covered. “Archer said. “You always said you would bring me with you when you got into space . I wanted to believe you! “Trip said. “I need you ! Congrats commander!”archer said.
“So! You got someone in mind for armory?”trip asked. “I do but your not going to like it !”archer said. “Really ? An army brat!  Arnt we peace nicks ?” Trip asked. He laughed. “To every thing there is a season !”archer said. “Love it when you qote ancient popular music!”trip said.
Fort drum new york
A british sergent was deeling with raw recruits when archrer entered. “Dismished!”the sergent said.
” Sergent read!”archer said. ” Yes sir. General Santorum said you were stoping by! “Read the man with a british accent said. “I need an armory officer. I sm.authorized to comision you a major. “Archer said.
“I am a ground person ! I am not one of those exploers with star dust for blood or whatever !”he said.
“Look i need a wespons officer and you come highly recommended. “I am not interested!”he said. “Mr. Read are you going to make me beg?”archer asked. ” I was not planing to!”read said. “Are you in?”archer asked.
“If i say no,will you give this long speach about my duty to the future?”He asked. “I can. I am a man of peace,an explorer. I see the need for a good defense. I am not nieve. I know there will be dangers.  I know your up to the task of keeping this ship safe! Can i count on you?” Archer asked. “Fine! I will be there. I get to be a major.  A real comision not a brevet rank?”he asked. “Field promotion!”archer said. “Very good!”He said. “See you abored!”archer said.
An asain women was teaching a class in linguistics. The class was outside. The dress code was very informal. The teacher wore a tank top,shorts and sandles. She dismished the class. They began to disperse.
“Hoshi sato!”Archer said. “If i deny it will you believe me?”she asked.”not likely !”archer said.”that’s what i figured!”she said.
“I need a comm officer!”archer said. “Are the rumors true? Are you really planing to go into Klingon space ? “She said.”i go where the evidence leads!”archer said. ” I am reluctant to go off into deep space let alone into hostile space but it does offer quite an oportunity. Ok I’m in!”she said.
Archer took a pod from earth to the space dock. “I understand you were a space bomer?”archer said. “Grew up almost entirily on a fraighter.”travis maywreather said. “Why join star fleet? “He asked. “I want to explore. Not much time for that on a fraighter! “Travis said.”makes sense!”he said.
The pod neared the ship. “Is that it?”travis asked. “That’s it’ welcome to the future !” Archer said.
“Infirmery is ready!”doctor phlox said. “It is good to have you abored!”archer said. The alien nodded.
“All decks are standing by!”t’pol said. Archer was uncomfortable having her abored but she could be an aset. He decided to go with it.
“Ok lets get underway!”archer said. The enterprise left the morings. The ship left the dry dock. The ship was off.
Alien ship
“Excellentcy! It is as you said. The enterprise has left earth. They took the bait!”First officer ketair commented. “I knew they would.
“Begin our suprise! “Derozed ordered. The officers imidiately complied with the order.
“I am detecting an enurgy reading !”t’pol reported. “It is right on top of us!”read declared. A doorway opened,several smaler ships to the morther ship came though the arpiture. The ships imidiately opened fire.  End of part five.


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