Future day part four

Tom and hary proceded to the delta flyer. “I gues dad is stil up for adventure !”hary muised.”always harry! “Paris told him. The two laughed. They walked inside the scout craft.
The two went to the cockpit. Paris took the pilot’s chair. They got the delta flyer ready for take off. The hanger bay opened and the ship left the bay. The ship was off.
Chacotay walked to the main shartle bay. He saw someone walking towards him at high warp.he did not need to look,he knew who it was.  “Hello seven!”chacotay asked. “Could you use a co pilot?”seven asked. “I don’t know our last away team together did not go so well. “Chacotay said. “Very well!”she said. “I would love to have you along !” The two walked towards.the shartle bay.
The shartle began its pre flight protical then the shartle took off.the hanger deck opened,the shartle departed the bay. The shartle ventured off in a direction oposite of the flyer. Both ships were off.
U.s.s voyager
” They are in position !” A relief ops reported. “Lets get to it!”janeway anounced. The voyager neared the location of the vessel.
The voyager fired a few rounds on the enemy ship. The ship knew that they could not destroy it or even imobilize it but that was not the point. The voyager hit the ship from several sections.
“This is almost comical! We should probably return fire! Do so!” Derozed ordered.
The ship fired on voyager. Voyager dodged the attacks and servived. The voyager then moved out of the way.
The delta flyer took advantage of the diverson created by voyager and moved towards the back of the vessel. The vessel was able to near the aft of the large ship.
The delta flyer attached itself to one of the airlocks. Hary sent a false signal to the computor hoping it could be fooled into opening the hatch. The program was designed by seven so every one thought it had a good chance of working. “You ever think we rely too much on borg technology ?”kim asked. “I had not ! Until now!”paris answered. The door opened.
The two entered the large ship. the two ran though the ship. They tried to avoid being detected by any one. They found a computer node. “More borg technology !”hary said. “You got it harry!”paris said. Hary activated an interface that atempted to hack into the ships data base. They tried to acess the ships files. “Download in progress!”Kim said. The files began to flood into the tricorder. Suddenly they heard footsteps. “Hury it up hary! We are about to have guest! ” paris said. Hary tried as hard as he could. A potrole moved on. “Its not complete !”kim said. “We have to abort. We will take what we have. It will have to do! “Paris said. Kim abruptly ended the file transfer. The gaurds arived. They were shot at. They returned fire. “Hary get to the flyer!”paris said.
Before hary could protest he was nearly hit. Kim decided to run. He beged tom to go as well. Tom focused on covering hary. Hary was away. Tom tried to move away but was stuned by the gaurds. Tom fell to the ground.
Hary ran with all his might. He bairly remember the jount from the nodule to the delta flyer. He did not remember getting on to the flyer but it seams he did. He ran to the cockpit. He hated leaving tom like this. He had to get that data to voyager. He could not sever the ship from the morther ship.
Hary tried everything he could think of to get away. He decided to get an e.v.a suit on. He set the transporter for space. He had the disk stored in a compartment. The beam activated. Kim was beamed away.now he hoped he would be rescued. He hoped it would be soon.
The shartle with chacotay and seven went to a different section of the ship. The vessel atempted to link with part of the ship. “We are conected!”seven reported. Seven was able to open the hatch.
The two got on to the ship. She scaned the area. “This is odd!”she commented. “What is it?” Chacotay asked. ” this ship is not fixed in time! I believe it is in different time lines!” She said.”how is that posible?”he asked. “I don’t know. I don’t believe we are in the same time as voyager. “She said. “Then the ship was it really in the 220nd century ?”he asked. “To tell you the truth. I have no idea. I don’t think all the ship is in one place . I believe that the ship is full of multiple time lines. Acident or intention i have no idea!” She said. “We will have to be careful where we step!”he said. “Indeed!”she responded.
Star fleet command
Archer went in to a bay. He looked for the man in charge. He found him. He was buisy. “You defied death! “The man said.”i don’t know about that ! Night stil young trip!”archer said.”i anilized the explosive device,well what’s left of it. The device basically came in or an advanced transporter beam. “Trip said.
“We are the only race that has a transporter. At least that’s what the vulcan told us. They also said it was the most ilogical peace of equipment to ever be invented!”archer said. “I am inclined to agree on that but someone beat us to it. I am thinking it is more advanced then ours!”trip said.
“They beamed the team in? The bomb as well?”archer said.”i think it was cloaked!”trip said.”cloaked?”archer said.”it is another theaory dismished by the Vulcan as imposible. It is the only explination i can think of. “Trip said.
“We are deeling with an advanced race unknown to the Vulcans. ” tucker said.
“Please tell me you have determined the point of oregin for the transporter?”archer asked. “That’s the weird part! “Trip said. “Now we are getting to the weird part?” Archer asked.”it is a remote sector of our galaxy. Acording to the Vulcan data base, it is an area of space belonging to something called the Klingon empire. “Trip said.
“They are able to transport from quite a distence!”archer said. “It seams so. You really think you were the target? “Trip said. “It seams it. I have no idea why? If it were not for the advanced technology ,i might suspect one or all of my students at basic traning. “He said. “You do really put the recruits though the ringing. I can speak to this from first hand experience !”trip said “i was not that bad!”he said.
Star fleet command
“Klingon space ?”soval asked. “Lt. Commander tucker confirmed it. The asalients used some kind of interspacial transport!”archer said. “The science directorate found that to be imposible. “Female Vulcan agent t’pol said.
“I wish to take enterprise into Klingon space and aprehend these people !”archer said. “Out of the question ! The Klingon are very teritorial. They would destroy your ship without a moments hesitation !”the lead ambassador said. 
“There seams to be some kind of efort to destabilize earth. In an investigation sutch as this,you folow the evidence. ” Archer said.
“The Klingons are a viotile species. We have done our best to give them a wide bearth. “T’pol said.
“We do have some contact with the Klingon empire.”tos said.”you said they were teritorial. You also indicated they schoot first.  I get the impreson they don’t take prisionors. I doubt they would share information if they did learn of anything. “Archer said.
“Enterprise is not capiable of acomplishing this kind of mision. “T’pol said. “I agree! This is fool hardy ! “Soval said.
“Enterprise is ready admiral. This is the time! Whatever is going on,we have to know. “Archer said.
“I wish to confir with my coleges in the general staf in private!” Admiral forest said. Archer and several orthers left. All of the Vulcan left as well except for soval.
“That includes you ambassador. We wish to deliberate unincumbered. “Forest said. The ambassador was not pleased by this but agreed. He left.
  The ambassador went over to his party. “Apearently i was not invited!” Soval said. “They cannot go out on there own!” Tos declared. “I believe they will incist on going even given the risk. We may not be able to stop them this time. T’pol i want you to go as our liasion. You have had experience in Klingon space. I know i am asking much!”soval said. “I am wiling to undertake this mission. “T’pol said.
“I was under the impreson you would !”soval said. “This is a fool hardy endevor!”tos observed. “Perhaps but they are incistent on it. We can only hold them back so long. Human history says they don’t give up. The story of Jamestown proves that. It may be time to give them some room to grow!”soval said. “It is too risky. They are too ilogical!”tos said. “They are determined. I fear they will go into space with or without our blesing. If they go we must guide them as mutch as they will permit!”soval said.
Tos did not fully agree with the wisdom of what soval perposed but saw the wisdom in it. Soval was the ranking Vulcan on earth so he agreed with it.
Archer was in the mess hall at headquarters when forest came to see him. “John pack up your gear. Enterprise will leave as soon as it is cleared by the dockmaster'”forest said. “Yes sir!”he said. “There is one stipulation!”forest said. “Oh? “Archer asked. “The Vulcans have requested to send a liasion to enterprise!”forest said. “Who are they assigning ?”archer said. “Who do you think?”he asked. “I should have known ! Alright !” Archer said.
End of part four


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