Future day part three

In a remote area of space,a ship waits. It was a large ship. It was a ship with multiple weapons,multiple shield grids and sensor arays.  The ship apeared to be a preditor and a reserch lab all rolled into one. A hunter scientist.
The ship was hiding in a nebula. The ship thought it was well hiden. They suspected it might not work. They never thought it would work foever. That was how it went.
A science officer called over the commander of the super ship.  The commander went over to his underling. “Speak!”the commander admonished the subordinate.
“Excellentcy! A ship is heading for us. The ship is from what the humans call the 24th century. It is voyager!” The science officer reported.
“How did they find us?” Another officer said. “The former borg drone!”high commander derozed remarked.
“What do we do?”a third asked.”let them come! They are no match for us! I would love for them to try. “The commander said.
The man called john was in schock. He had just dodged an assasination atempt.
“Please hold still!”the alien doctor said. ” What race are you?”john asked. ” Denoblian. I am hear as part of an interspecies exchange program.my name is phlox. “He said.
“Will he live?”admiral forest asked. ” there is nothing curently that would caused a pathology to occur. Beyond that i can’t say!”philox said.
“Admiral! That was personal! I was the intended target!”the commander comented. “It apears that way! The dna is not human but it is not from an alien race known to the Vulcans.”the admiral said.
“Contary to conventional wisdom,Vulcan are not infallible !”the commander named john said. “Don’t say that too loud! “The man said.
Star fleet command
“The technology is not known to vulcan science or security directorate. “A female vulcan security agent said.
“It is an advanced race. They apear to be superior to us technologically ! “Ambassador soval said.
“I did not think that was possible !”john said. “Commander archer,i understand that you are upset. “Soval said. “I take it that you are unaware of who these people are?” Admiral leonard asked. “That is corect admiral !”toss said.
“We understand that you believe that humanity was the target. Earth is an insugnificant planet in an insugnificant area of the galaxy. No one has heard of your race. I cannot believe that. Humans were the target. I believe probably they were targarting Vulcans by proxy!”the female Vulcan said.
“With all due respect i don’t buy it. This seamed aimed at me personaly!”archer said. “You are unknown. I can’t believe that you were a target. “Soval said. “Commander archer is a rising star within our organization !”commander wiliams said. “Stil it is not logical !”tos said.
“Vulcan security should take over the investigation!” The female Vulcan said. “Admiral this is a human matter!”archer said. “I agree. Star fleet will command the investigation! “Forest said. “This is invadvisible admiral!”soval said. “My decision is made ambassador !”forest said.
U.s.s voyager
“Vessel is holding position !” Seven anounced. “They have to know we are hear!”kim said. “They do. I suspect they want us to come to them!” Chavotay ordered. “Lets not disapoint them! Tom gass up the delta flyer. Chacotay take a class three shartle. Lets do this!” Janeway ordered.
End of part three


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