“Future day”

  Previously on star trek voyager.
Uss voyager was traped in the delta qudrent after being brought by an alien being refered to as the catetaker. The caretaker was dying. The voyager destroyed the station to protect a race that lived there. This action stranded the crew in the delta qudrent.
Voyager is propelled back in time to earth year 1996. A hipie captured a time ship from the future and attempted to canobolize it. Future technology led to the computer age on earth.
Voyager able to comunicate with earth is asked to retreve an ancient space probe lunched shortly after first contact. The probe proved toxic to a planet.
And now tonight’s episode.
U.s.s voyager
Chacotay was walking though a coridor. He saw seven of nine. He wanted to talk to her but decided not to.
Seven had the same inclination but followed a more rational course of action. There relationship had become straned recently. Seven had had feelings for chacotay even had a holo program involving chacotay.she would not act on it. She deleted the program.
Recently the two had a disagrement over a planet of primitive tribal people seperated by the civilized part of the planet. Both wanted to renew ties but neither were ready to do it.
Seven decided to stic to business.she walked to the astrometrics. She entered. Present there was tal celeste. She had two aides celeste and icheb. One she liked. Celeste was not the one.
“Report!”seven ordered. “I know you have set the computer to scan for temperal signiture!”she said. “Yes for some odd reason,voyager has encountered its share of temporal activity.”seven said.
” your early detection protocal found one!”tal said. “I see!”she said. Seven looked over the data.it was nearby. “Thank you crewman!”she said.
“Seven of nine to the captain!”she said. “Go ahead seven.”janeway said. “I nead you to come to astrometrics!” She said. “On my way! “She said.
Janeway entered a little while later. “Report!”janeway said.”we have detected what could be a temporal desturbence!” Seven said. “I knew i was getting a headache for some strange reason. Now i know why!”janeway said.
“It seams to be fixed in one location !”celeste said. “I gues we had better investigate! As much as i would rather not! Send the coordinates to mr. Paris! Lets go see what’s out there!”janeway said.
“Now entering the area!”kim reported. “Drop out of warp! All stop!”janeway ordered. Lt. Paris took the ship out of warp. “We are now at impulse !”paris said.
“All stop! “She ordered. Paris took the ship to all stop. “We are not at all stop!”kim reported.
“I have a visuel on the phynomina!”tuvuck reported.”lets see it!”chacotay ordered. The view screen was activated. On the screen was what looked like a gient hole in space.
“The computor acknowledges that it is there but cannot identify what it is. “Kim reported.
“Lets keep a distence from it!”janeway said. “I am reading a temporal signiture ! “Tuvuck said.”is it fixed or random?”chacotay enquired.
Tuvuck did some checking. “It is random! It seams to change every few secconds. “Tuvuck anounced.
“Could this be some kind of space time rupture ?”kim asked.” I have insufficient data to form an acurate conclusion at this time!”the vulcan said.
“It is not similar to the nexis phynomina encountered by the enterprise b and later the enterprise d. It is not the temporal pynonina that produced a diplicate picard.”kim said.
“Captain i am detecting an energy emission from the phynomina!” Kim reported. “Veer us off tom!”janeway said. Tom set the ship to evade the pulse. The voyager left the area. The object lunches a pulse. The energy pulse headed right for voyager.
Voyager did every thing it could to get away from the pulse. The pulse was ganing on them. The pulse did hit the voyager.
The voyager was hit. The ship began to vanish. The ship was gone. The phynomina vanished as well. Every thing was qiet. It was like the phanimina and voyager was never hear.
In another place. In another time there was cities in space.self contaned bubles. There were pulsars and other steler phynomina. The area was relitivly calm. 
Then the calm was broken. A large phynomina started to form.the phynomina was everywhere. A shute like arpiture formed. An object was spewed out. It was voyager.
Voyager had lost cohesion. The vesel was adrift. “Atempting to restore attitude control!”paris reported.
The bridge crew did all they could to slow the ship down. Finally the ship came to a dead stop. “We are at all stop!” Kim reported.
“Janeway to engineering ! How are you balana?”she said. “We are ok captain. The engines are in good condition. I am going to do a multi phased inspection just to be sure!”balana declared.
“Where are we?”janeway asked.”seven of nine to the captain!”she said. “Go ahead !”captain janeway said. “Captain i believe we have travaled in time.i have calculated that we have travaled to the 43rd century using federation standered calander. “Seven said.
“Captain! I am detecting a masive energy phynomina! ” kim reported. “Is it the temporal anomily?” Janeway asked. “Negative! It is a different phynomina! “Tuvuck reported.
A large shock wave hit the area. The shock wave hit the habitats. “Captain this is masive explosive WAVe! “Kim said. The wave exploded and the explosion spread. The area was now a waste land. It was just void.
End of part one.


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