Harbinger part 7

Delta qudrent
“Why did you send those ships back?” The robot asked. “They were not what i needed. I am running out of time! “The alien said.
Uss defient
Sisco sat in his smal cramped office. He staired at the picture of his son and a seperate picture of his new wife. He feared what would happen if he failed. The alpha qudrent would be foever altered. The federation would be all but destroyed. There would not be mutch left of the Klingon or romulin empire.who knew about the tholiens?
Sisco felt like this was wolf 359.he did not want to experience this again? He feared the results from this threat could make wolf 359 look like a food fight. He hoped they could prevent this carnege? He was deturmined that he would.
U.s.s voyager
Ready room
Janeway sat in the ready room. She sent a letter to her fiencae mark. It was designed to be sent only if something has happened.she was woried. The clock was ticking.
“I have located the hostile ship!”tuvuck said. “Send it to the helm!”janeway said. “Got it!”rolins now at helm. He set an intercept course. The liberty and defient folowed suit. The vessels headed for the ship.
  “We have three ships on a direct intercept course. They are heading straght for us!”tom paris. “Increase spead! We must outrun them! This is very urgent! We must get to the site!”yaela declared.
Tom paris increased speed to the reigion. The warship went to the area. They ship solved the power acuation isues was solved.the life suport was limited to two people.  The ship only power the decks it needed. Food was limited as well. The ship used only the power it absolutely needed. The ship’s only perpose was this one mission.
“Vessel has increased speed. They are transfering as much power as they can to there engines!”tuvuck said. “Can we increase spead!”janeway asked.
“Not at our current spead and power usege!” Kim said. “Dawn! “Janeway said.
“My ship uses less energy then the voyager does but it would be difficult even for us to catch up with them!” Sisco said.
“I have an idea but your not going to like it. I am not sure i like it! “Janeway said.
“I think i know what your thinking.no i don’t like it but it may be our only option!” Sisco said.
“Can you pull it off?'”janeway asked. “Yes i can. Balana! Get on it!”chacotay ordered. “Aye sir! “She said. “We will need to beam up all but a skeleton crew to voyager!” Chacotay said. “Do it!”janeway said.
The crew began to leave the liberty and beamed to the voyager. Balana got to work on the ship making the needed modifications.
Then the evacuation was complete. The modification were complete. The liberty went to maximum aceleration. The ship pushed its engines to the absolute limits. The ship was determined to ip with the warship.
The liberty went to maximum warp. Finally the ship made it to the ship. The libety fired on the warship. The libety did not conduct a battle like star fleet did. The ships hit with a dive bomb like attack structure. The ship pumaled the ship with phasers and photons.
The voyager and defient came at there spead. They went at.maximum warp. The liberty tried to slow them down. Stal them until the two ships arived. 
The liberty was hit by the warship. The aft part of the ship was hevily damaged. The back of the ship showed signs of damage.the liberty came back at the warship.
The liberty fired a series of volleys at the warship. The liberty then moved out of the way. The warship then headed closer to the test area.
The liberty made it to the ship.the liberty fired a series of volleys at the ship. The warship hit back on the liberty. The ship was hit.
“Transporters off line!” Balana reported. ” I hope star fleet get hear soon!” Chacotay said. The ship was hit. ” phaser aray is off line!” Balana said. “We have to rely on photons!” Chacotay said.
The vessel hit the warship with photons. The warship hit back on the liberty.
“We cant keep taking these hits! ” she told him. “I know ! I know !”he said.
The ship fired on the liberty. The photon canon was disabled. The liberty was adrift. The warship did not brother to finish them off. Instead it headed towards the nebula like area.
The ship entered the area. “Assume a position in the center of the mass!” Yaela ordered. Paris did so.
The mass rocked. The defient and voyager entered the mass. The two ships fired on the warship. The warship was hit. The warship returned fire. The defient dodged the attack.
The voyager fired on the warship. The warship came back at the voyager. The voyager was hit. The damage spread thoughout the ship.
Voyager hit back on the warship. The warship even with its power isues was stil damaged by all of the weapons fire that was inflicted on it. The warship was not quite itself. 
The defient flew towards the warship. It fired the quntrum torpedoes at the vessel. The warship fired a pulse at the defient. The defient fell backwards though the mass.
The voyager flew at the warship.voyager hit the central plasma turet. The turet was hevily damaged. Voyager fired on the ship.
The ship was hit. Voyager’s phaser aray was put off line. Another hit placed the photon banks off line. There was not much they could do.
The alien ship neared the center of the orther badlands. The ship activated a type of lazer beam at the center of the mass. The ship began the process.
The lazer began to impact the center of the mass. “Mr. Rollins! Ramming spead!”janeway said. Voyager flew at high warp. Voyager was fired on. Voyager ignored the ship and flew at the lazer. Voyager was about to rig self destruct.
The mass came in on itself. The mass got smaller. The mass vanished. Voyager,liberty and the ship was gone.
“I can’t find the mass or any of the orther ships! “Obrian said. “Do you think they are all dead?” Bashir said. “I don’t know !”sisco said.
“Commanders log the defient and several other ships have completed there search for the vessels. Unfortunately we feel that we have no choice but to call off the search. “Sisco said.
Deep space 9
” we are hear to pay our respects to the hornored dead.they gave there lives to save the greater reigion. They put aside desires,ambition even ideologies to create a better universe. We owe it to them to ensure that the universe is a better place. That is the only way there deaths won’t be in veign. ” Sisco said.
In attendence,janeways fiencae mark,kim’s parents were also there. Tuvucks wife and children were present. Other family members were there as well.
Delta qudrent
The liberty was adrift. Chacotay woke up. He went over to balana.he discovered that she was stil alive. He woke her off. She came to her sencess.
“Captain! Acording to sansors we are 750000 light years from where we were!”kim said. “We have incoming ships. They are heading right for us! ” tuvuck said.
The kazon ships serounded the voyager and the libety.
The end.


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