Harbinger part six

“I need your help!”she said. “What do you need?”tom asked.”i need you to save my people !”she said.
“What’s going on?”he asked. “The area you call the bad lands is an over flows of my home realm. Some how the realm got away. Eventually the realm will inplode. We could evacuate with time to spare. We don’t want to lose our home! ” yaela said.
“How did this happen ?”he asked.”i don’t know. It could have been an acident. A fluke. We just want to fix it!” She said. “How can it be fixed?”he asked.
“Well! We need to reinvigorate the realm. We need to cause another energy on the orther end. Then the two can merge and recreate our realm. That is all we want!” Yaela said. “Where do i come in?” Tom asked. “You are a good pilot! “She said.
“I do ok!” He said. “You can generate the new bad lands. We will generate it in a remote area. It will have no lasting ecological efect on the area or to any where else !” She said. “I think i know what your asking!”he said. “Will you help? Thomas eugine paris?”she asked. “YES!”he said.
U.s.s defient
Commander sisco woke up. “Careful sir!”bashir said. ” How long was i out?”he asked. “20 Minutes. ” Kira said. “The ardosians as they are called contacted me. They claim to be on a mission to return to there after life. They claim to meen no ill intent towards us. “Sisco said.
“Do you believe them?”kira asked.” I want to but it seams odd,it does not add up! I can’t get pass a few things! ” sisco said.”the two fleets will near eachorther soon! “Obrian said.
“I.p estimated for forty minutes.”dax said. ” Get me admiral lesitor,prority one! “Sisco ordered. Obrian activated the com unit.
Within a few seconds,the bridge of the admiral’s flagship was displayed. The commander filled in the admiral on what had taken place. “What do you think ben?”lesitor asked.
“I think we can’t take a chance! Intercept !”sisco sugested. “Agreed! Randevez with the fleet! We will go from there!”the admiral ordered. “You got it! We will see you there!”sisco said. ” You got it ben!” He said.
After the transmission,the commander snaped to action. “Old man! Set course for the fleet! “Sisco ordered. Dax set the course. “On course Benjamin !”dax said. The defient went to warp.
U.s.s voyager
The voyager was adrift. The bridge was in shambles. Sparks could be seen.  There was evidence of the attack everywhere.
Janeway woke up. “Damage report!”she asked. “The sickbay exploded. The entire medical staff was killed. Exstensive damage in engineering as well.chief engineer was killed. Lt. Carry has taken over down there!”rolins reported.
“Have we begun damage control protical?”janeway asked. “Already underway!”kim said. “What is the satus of the marquis ship?” Janeway asked. “The vessel is adrift but is stable!” Kim said.”the enemy ships?”janeway asked. “They are In the area but holding position. They seam to be potroling the area!”rollins said. “We have to take out those ships!” Janeway said.
Marquis ship
  Though a smaler ship,the raider had wrethered the storm nicely. The vessel was in good shape.  It had been damged but it could have been worse.
“Voyager servived the attack !” Tuvuck said. “Too bad!”the bajoren women naimed seska said. Chacotay gave her a dirty look. Seska stoped.
“Captain in this we are on the same side!”tuvuck said. “We are never on the same side as them!”seska said. Chacotay thought it over. He felt abandoned by the federation. Voyager did help out them out in the battle.
“Get me voyager !”chacotay said.”your considering working with them?”Seska said. “Balana!”chacotay ordered.”on it!”she said.
The federation fleet is heading for us!”the tactical officer said.”i figured sisco would not fall for the rouse!”derozed said. The admiral looked foward to this.
“Incoming vessel!”kim anounced. “It is the liberty!”rolins reported. “Hail the vessel!” Janeway ordered. Kim sent the message. “They are responding!”kim said. “On screen !”janeway said.
“I am not going to prison! If you plan to bored,you will need to be prepared for a fight!”chacatay said.
“Look! There are bigger isues then the treaty. I think we can put aside our diferences during this crisis. ” Janeway said.
“What do you perpose?” Chacotay asked. “We need information on these ships. We need to bored one of those ships! “Janeway sugested. Chacotay agreed.
U.s.s defient joined up with the rest of the fleet. The fleet neared the ardosian fleet. The fireing start.
The warships fired a kind of weapon called a talon schoter. The schoters were a turet that fired a talon. The talon had a spyke that fired though shield and alloy. The ships fired multiple volleys of talons.
Several ships were hit. The talons tore away at the infrastructure of the ship. The defient used ablative armor wich more easily withstood the attacks from the enemy talons. Other ships were not as lucky.
Several ships were pumalled by the enemy.
The defient returned fire on nearby warships. The vessel hit them with quntrum torpedoes. The rest of the fleet tried to hit back on the ardosian fleet as well.
The ships held position. They waites for voyager and liberty. They figured they would be coming eventually. The liberty fired on a plasma partical near voyager. Voyager rode the wave and got out of the way.
It made the enemy vesel think that the vessels were at odds with eachorther whitch was kinda true. They wanted the enemy to think that voyager had been destroyed.
The liberty set course for the patrol ships. The patrol ships flew on an intercept course right for the liberty. A plasma wave came at them. Voyager flew out of the wave. Voyager fired phasers and photon torpedoes on the vessel. A storm hit the orther ship.
The liberty hit the other ship. The ship exploded. The voyager fired on the other ship. The voyager found a flaw in the shields and exploited it.
Ardosian vessel
There were multiple beams in. Janeway and a heavily armed away team emurged on the bridge. Another beam emuged with chacotay and a team from the liberty.
The defient and the orther ships tried to keep the ardosian fleet at bay. Several star fleet ships had been imobilized. Two vessels had to be abandoned. Uss Casablanca had been destroyed. Most of the crew made it to the esape pods in time.
“I am detecting a masive energy spyke!” Kira anounced. “Where?”sisco asked. “Right on top of us?” She said. “Order alied fleet to back off! “Sisco ordered. The fleet tried to move away. The federation ships tried to get away.
A large ring enveloped the area. The ships were gone. It was replaced by empty space except for the federation fleet.
Then a vortex opened,the voyager and liberty and the ship excited the vortex. “Voyager is haling us!”obrian said.
U.s.s vespa
Galaxsy class
Confrence room
“The ardosiens were teling the truth in that they originated in another realm. They called it the omicron sate. They were chased off by a preditor race. They ajusted in our space and were content to live in what we call the delta qudrent until they discovered a vast power aray. They discovered it had enough power to send them back. “Janeway said.
  “Apon returning they discovered that what we call the badlands is a remnent of the realm. Somehow the realm is losing cohesion. They are going to atempt to restore cohesion to the realm and return!”balana said.
“I see a problem ?”sisco comented. “In order to restore cohesion to the realm,the area known as the bad lands and another area wil be murged together. The murger will lead to the destruction of several sectors. This will be from bajor to vulcan! All of it will be gone! “Janeway said.
“We stoped the fleet. The threat is over is it not?”a captain asked.”no its not ! We discovered that they have another agent and a ship and they have a contingency plan. ” janeway said.
“Star fleet intelligence has learned that the a smugler serving on a federation prison was an ardosien agenr. She esaped with this man! “Lesitor said.
“Tom paris!”chacotay said. “We believe that they are headed to the other area. “Janeway said. ” The voyager and defient will go to the area while the fleet will begin evacuation of the efected reigion. The federation is temporarily suspending its policy on the marquis. The liberty will be aiding the operation. “Lassitor said.
“We will never be able to evacuate this large a reigion! “A captain said. “We are all aware of that! ” lesitor said.
After the meating was ajurned,everyone got up. Tuvuck went over to chacotay. Janeway did as well. “Sir, i need to inform you of something. I am working for star fleet. “Tuvuvk said. “You were hear to deliver us into her waiting hand?”he asked. “First i was to report on your activities then to deliver you into there waiting hands!”tuvuck said. “I am glad we are all on the same team now!”he said.
The ships went to warp. There was not a lot of time. Time was running out.
End of part six



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