Harbinger part five

  U.s.s defient
“I have located the alien fleet commander!”kira reported. “Plot an intercept course old man!” Sisco ordered. Dax ploted the destination on her screen. She engaged the course. The ship went to warp. The ship headed for the battle fleet.
Marquis vessel liberty
“Ships log chacotay reporting. We are trying to locate any star fleet or alied vessel. Damage due to the battle with the unknown hostiles have slowed us down. My crew are fevorishly trying to keep the vessel in one peace. ”
“One of them is my engineer,balana tores. She is doing every thing she can to keep this ship together. The plasma storms are making it difficult !” Chacotay said.
Balana and two others were looking over a damaged power node. “This is lunicy!”a bojoren crewmember commented.
“What is?”balana asked. “This could be a misunderstanding! That fleet could be a potential ally! ” the bojoren female said. “If they are using the badlands as a staging area ,i don’t trust them. I know where your going with this but chacotay is right. These people are a threat perhaps to the whole qudrent!” Balana said. “You don’t know that. In order to win this war,we have to think outside the box. We have to use whatever we can to win!” She said. Balana said nothing in response and the conversation ended. They continued work.
  On the bridge,tuvuck atempted to enchance the sansors. He was not sure who he worked for. His involvement in the marquis had been a rouse. He was an operitive for star fleet inteligence. His mission was to gather inteligence on the group ,its hierarchy and its activities. Now the steaks were higher.
The alpha and perhaps beta qudrent was in jepordy. Getting information on the threat superceded his previous mission. Even at the expanse of his cover.
Right now he and the crew of the liberty were on the same side.  that could change at any time.
His enchanced sensors found something. It was two destroyers.they seam to be on some kind of potrol. “Tuvuck to chacotay,can you please come to the bridge?”tuvuck asked. “I’m on my way!” Chacotay said.
In a few seconds ,the captain entered. “I have detected two hostile vessels. I believe they may be on a reconisense mission ! “The vulcan said. “I see get the iner circle up hear. We have a job to do!”chacotay said.
“We are going to take them on?”ayala said. “Just one of them.at least that is the plan! “Chacotay said. Tuvuck had some concerns but decided not to vioce them just now.
When the senior officers arived,chacotay set the ship on an intercept course. The clash was about to begin.
  The ship headed for the recon vessel. “Nearing weapons range!”balana reported. “Stand by weapons !”chacotay said.” Weapons on stand by!”tuvuck anounced. “The second we are in range fire!”chacotay ordered.”understood!” The vulcan responded.
The marquis ship got off the first schot. The phasers hit the enemy ship. The ship returned fire on the scout ship. The scout ship would not take it lying down.the vessel returned fire on the ship. Chacotay had been a star fleet officer. He knew he would have to adapt due to insufficient manpower and equipment. They took a page from bajoren recistence and his ansestors and waged a gurila war. The goal was not to destroy the enemy ship just to ware them down. Death by a thousand lazer blasts.
Uss voyager
“Captain i am detecting phaser fire nearby! ” rolins reported. “Captain one of the ships is one used by the marquis! “Kim reported. “Mr. Rolins send coordinates to stadi!” She ordered. “Got it!”she reported. “Don’t wait for a formal invitation go!”janeway ordered. Stadi activated the engines. Voyager was off.
Delta qudrent
“W e m u s t s t o p the. Ardosiens!” The robot exclamed.”there is not enough time. I don’t want to see the ardosiens inflicted on orther races but i don’t have the time! Time is runing out. I have a debt that can never be repayed. Perhaps i am fixing one mistake only to cause another. I simply have no orther choice! “The humanoid looking man said.
The marquis vessel fired on the warship. The warship fired on the marquis ship. The aft part of the vessel was struck.
“That was close!”balana reported.” Evacuate efected areas! “Chacotay said. The ship was hit again. “Life support faling in several areas!”tuvuck said. “Come on ship,we have been though a lot together ! Don’t fail me now! ” the native American said.
The marqauis ship fired on the warship. The marqauis had inflicted some damage on the hostile. The hostile hit back. “The phaser aray is off line! ” tuvuck anounced.
“I never did like that aray! “Chacotay said. Every one laughed except for tuvuck and the bajoren female. She never understood what humans refered to as gallows humor. She really disliked it but would never say so out loud.
“Please tell me the photon banks are still working!”chacotay asked. “They are !”tuvuck said. The ship hit the vessel with photons.
“We have another ship coming in!” Balana reported. “Please don’t tell me that it is the sister ship!” The commander of the vessel commented. “Negitive! It is a federation vessel!”tuvuck reported. “Almost as bad!” The bojoren said.
Chacotay ordered the bridge crew to qiet down. “Are they an ally or enemy?” Chacotay asked. The voyager fired on the alien warship.
The voyager hit multiple sections of the hostile. The ship had a bigger challenge then it did when it just battled the liberty.
The liberty took advantage of the situation and fired with the weapons it had. The two ships usually on oposite sides have common interest in this instense. 
The two ships worked together to stop the hostile. Weird that this situation brought these two groups together. The two ships hit the hostile.
While voyager’s tactic was very sergical. It was a military style that janeway followed. The marquis persued a gurila war style. The two styles were paying off. For now it was working.
“We have incoming ! It is the second ship!”rolins anounced. The ship did not fire on voyager or the liberty. They fired on the warship. The plasma weapon hit the wounded warship. The vessel exploded.
The two ships tried to get away. They ran at high warp. The explosive wake combined with the plasma storm. The liberty struggled to outrun it. The vesel was pushed away. The vessel began to drift.
The voyager tried to outrun the wave. Voyager’s aft section was hit. The blast spread to orther parts of the ship.
“Damage to multiple sections of the ship!”rolins said. The voyager was hit again. This was a direct impact. It spread thoughout the ship.
Another hit struck the voyager. This was a direct hit. The bridge was hit. The helm concil exploded. Stadi was hit. Stadi was killed instently.
The voyager was hit again,commander cavit was struck. Voyager was adrift. The ship wandered amlesly.
U.s.s. defient
  “We are now in com range!”obrian said.”send out a general hail!”sisco ordered. Obrian complied and send the message. “Your on!”the chief reported. “Attention unknown fleet! This is commander Benjamin sisco of the starship defient. We represent the united federation of planets. I am deeply disheartened by your presence in our space! I request face to face contact!” Sisco said.
“You think they will talk to us?”kira asked. “I don’t have a clue!”sisco said. Sisco fell to the floor. Dr. Bashir went over and checked him.
Sisco felt himself floting out of the bridge and floating into space. He felt he was going at warp speed. He fell on a large planet. It resembled saturn but it was not saturn.
He found he was in a structure that resembled stone hinge. He found a vault. He went inside. He opened a hatch. He went inside.
He saw a group of humanoids. The leader of the humanoids motioned his aides to scatter. Thry quickly dispersed. It was just the leader and sisco.
“Benjamin sisco!  I am derozed! I am surpreme grand admiral of the ardosian fleet! “He said.”what are you planing? Why have you come hear? ” sisco asked. “We are not interested in your space! We fully respect your sovereignty and atonomy!”the commander said. Sisco thought to himself,well isint that nice of you?.
“Then may i ask what is the perpose of your travals? Your fleet is clearly a battle fleet!”sisco exclamed. “We are. On a long jouney! A pilgrimage if you will! ” the admiral said. This concerned sisco.
“What kind of pilgrimage ?”sisco asked. “I see that many culture in this sector believe in an afterlife of some kind. We do as well. We have located ours! We ment no disrespect. Our actions were misinterpreted by the cardesiens and the marqauis. “The humanoid looking admiral said. Sisco found it hard to believe. Something was off. He just did not know what it was.
Tom paris woke up on the ship. He was in some kind of holding cell. Great he thought he broke out of prison just to end up in another one. Just his luck he thought. He just wish he knew why.
The door opened,the women he knew as yaela entered. They looked at him. “What is going on ?”tom asked. “I need your help!” She said.
” How can i help?” Tom asked. “I nead you to save my people ?” She said.
End of part five


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