Harbinger part four

“There is another problem!”gull evek said. “What is that? “Sisco asked. “We detected a fleet. There were of no design i recognize. The fleet seamed to be in quite a hury! “The gul said.
“In the badlands?” Dr. Bashir asked. “I cannot begin to understand it all! This fleet could change every thing. It certainly represents a huge threat to the sector. Perhaps beyond that. “Gul evek declared.
” the treaty alows exchange of information. I would like to look over your sensor logs. This information will be invaluable in trying to encover who these people are!” Sisco said.
“Of course. I will have the information sent to you right away!”evek said. Sisco nodded.
“What happened to the crew of the marquis ship?”bashir asked.”we were forced to destroy it in the battle with them. The vesel was old and in need of repair. It exploded. No one survived I’m afraid !”the gul declared. ” I. Sory to hear that!” Sisco said.
Uss defient
Ready room
“Your not convinced that the marquis ship was destroyed?” Janeway asked. “No I’m not. The fact that the vitar was adrift sugest to me that they got away!”sisco said.
“Why would evek lie about the ship being destroyed?”cavit asked. “It is more for domestic consumption. Gul evek is a soldjer not an administrator. He has not made the results that his superiors hoped. “Sisco said.
“This is a huge gamble. If the marques ship turns up, evek will be exposed!”janeway said. “HE may be beting on the liberty destroyed. That could have happened. I for one perfer evek to gull du kut!” He said. “Who?”she asked.
“Does this threat not endanger the cardesiens more so then the marquis?” Cavit asked. “We do not know what there plan is. We don’t know there target!” Sisco said.
Uss voyager
Confrence room.
Sisco,kira,obrian and dax joined the voyager crew. Voyager crew included the captain,first officer cavit,the chief engineer,chief medical officer,acting security chief rolins,stadi,doctor Fitzgerald and ensign kim.
“Hear is the images from the cardesian sansors. “Dax said. On the screen the alien fleet Was displayed. “This has all the characteristics of a battle fleet. Dreadnaught,crushers,heavey crushers and support craft. The ships use some kind of plasma based canions and multiple mistle lunchers and orther weapons we are having difficulty identifying. “Dax said.
“These ships are not like any we have encountered before?”kira asked. “Negative. These ships have never been encountered before in this qudrent. We have confirmed that!” Dax said.
“Can we determine there location ?” Sisco asked. “Not to a total certenty but i believe i can locate basically where they will be! ” dax said.
“Star fleet is asembling a task force headed up by admiral lassitor. The defient will be going ahead. “Janeway said.
“I really don’t like the sound of this!”bashir said. “We are going to atempt contact with the alien flagship. It is risky but perhaps we can evaluate what is going on.”sisco said.  “Hopefully we can get back in one peace!” Dr. Bashir said.
“Then if i may ask,what is voyager’s mission ?” Kim asked. “We are going to look for a mising marquis ship. “Janeway said. “Why exert so many energy looking for a ship of outlaws? “Rolins asked. “they may not be federation citizens any more but they are fellow human’s. Besides i have an operitive abored. The man who will be security officer!” She reported. Every one was stuned by that revilation including commander sisco.
“If the ship servived,they may have aditional information on the hostiles. ” Janeway said. Every one agried.
“Any other questiones! Coments. Alright we are ajurned!”janeway said. Every one got up.
“Commanders log we have escorted the vitar to the cardesien border. They have put to port at a border outpost. The voyager and my ship are leaving for our destinations !”sisco said.
“All decks stand ready!” Commander cavit said. “Alright! Lt. Stadi set course for the last known location of the marquis vesel warp six. “Janeway ordered. The batazoid plotted the course. “Course plotted and engaged!” She reported. “Take us out!” Janeway ordered.
U.s.s defient
“The voyager has departed!” Kira reported. “I gues we had better get under way ourselves. Set course for the alien fleet maxumum warp old man!” Sisco ordered.
Dax set the course. The course was set. All that was left was to engage the heading. On sisco’s order she did so. The defient was off.
Federation penel colony
Aukland new Zealand
This was his life now. He was mining for the federation. The bracet on his ancle was a constent reminder that he was not free. It chafed badly. Every prisionor had to ware it.
There were all kinds of inmates.many were from non federation worlds. Many were smuglers. Some wilingly serendered to star fleet to avoid ending up in a Klingon,romulan or furengi labor camp.
Many newer arivals were x marquis. Marqauis were not considered federation citizens any more. No one recognized the marquis as a seperate sate.  The federation was reluctant to extridite anyone to cardesian space given that cardesien jurice prudence is guilty and then the trial begins. Cases like this usually warent the death penalty. A life sentence in a labor camp was hardly better.
Tom was different. He had been in the marquis. He had not been there for long. He had not yet been fully acepted. He was seean as an oportunest. He was cashered out of star fleet after lying about an incident. He was seen as someone looking for a cause. He had found it. Manny resented him. He was an outsider.
Tom kept to himself. He worked and then went to his cell. He had privledges but did not use them.he wanted to do his time then leave and hopefully pick up the peaces and move foward.
There was a fellow inmate who had other plans. She was called yaela. She had been a smugler. Her word was not known to the federation or any one else. She was very secritive. She has interested in tom. He pushed her away. She was atractive but he was did not want that hear. This was just not the time or place for romance. He rebuffed her every time. She stil did not give up.
After a shift,she came up to him.”come on tom'”she said.”look i can’t do this! I told you that!”he said. “You don’t like me?”she asked. “Its not about that and you know it. Please respect my privacy !”he said.”fine!”she said.
Tom went to his room. It was sm but comfortible. The federation modeled there prison after hospital. The rooms resembled dorm room at the academy. The beds were comfortible. He layed down.
He fell asleep. Yaela came in. She scaned his mind. She found what she was looking for. She put him into a trance and then they left together. They had to get off of the compound. The area used transport inhibitors. They would have to imploy quick thinking.
They acted in a very stelth manner. She could keep him in this sate long enough. It required a lot of energy on her part. She had to be careful. If she was not,she could be killed.
They found a terminal. “Tom i need you to acess the inhibitor. You need to deactivate it!” Yaela said. He tried to hack into the security system. It was a difficult task. He finally brought it down. They beamed to another part of the planet.
They beamed to a remote island in the south pacific. From there they beamed to a near by ship. Paris was knocked out. He was not needed for now. He might be later.
End of part four.



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