Harbinger part three

Deep space 9
Qurters of commander sisco.
“So orther then the vadic and a pryler,no one knows that i am now mrs sisco!” Granera said. “No one not even dax. “Sisco said. “Or your son!” She said. “I will tell him eventually ! “He said.
“Why are you secritive about this?” She asked. “It is something i want to be for me. I am a star fleet officer,station commander,now starship commander and emisary of the phrophets. This is for me alone for now!” He said. The bajoren women smiled. “Very well!” She said.
” Ops to commander sisco!” The ops officer said. He hit the com unit. “Go ahead!”sisco said. “Captain janeway is wondering if your coming!” The dutty officer asked. ” i told her i would be there at 0600 sharp,it is 04:55!”sisco said. “Apearently the captain is eiger to get started !” The ops officer said.
“Fine! Give me ten minutes. Tell the galley on the defient that there had better be a cup of ractigino in my hand when i arive on the bridge or someone is being transfered to a trash barge!” Sisco said.
“Who is this captain janeway?” Glaera asked. “The c.o of new ship voyager. She is a bit of an overachever !” He said. “I can tell!” She said. “She wants to get the voyager though shakedown. She is going to be looking for marques! “She said.
“The marques crises is realy heating up!”she said. “Yes it is unfortunately ! A lot of star fleet officers are leaving the service and joining the marqius. “He said. “You should get going ben! Janeway might leave without you!”she said.
U.s.s defient bridge
Sisco entered. “Captain on the bridge!” Dr. Bashir said. A crewman hastily handed him the cup. It was the way he wanted it.”ops has cleared us!” Chief obrian said. “Clear all morings!”sisco ordered. The defient left the station. The ship waited.
As soon as the ship went to a full stop,another starship left the dock. The ship came alongside the defient.
“We are being hailed!” Obrian said. “Captain janeway i presume!” Major kira said. “On screen !” Sisco ordered.
On the view screen the image of the intrepid class starship voyager was replaced by the bridge of the vessel.
“Captain was it really necessary to start an hour early?” Sisco asked. “Why commander you don’t like to get an early start. There is a huge galaxy to explore. “She said. “Well sense this is your ships shakedown,care to begin?” Sisco asked. “Very well! If something goes wrong ,you will give my ship a push ?” She said. “Of course!” He said. The screen faided.
“Set course to follow them old man!” Sisco ordered. “You got it Benjamin!” She said.
U.s.s voyager
“Commander cavit,care to do the hournors?” Janeway asked. The first officer smiled. “Lt. Stadi take us to warp one!”the exo said. The betazoid helm officer presed the apropriate buttons and the ship began to leave.
“They have acheved warp one!” Obrian said. “This ship is ment to be an exploration vessel?”kira asked. “It is smaller,more minuverable then a galaxy class starship. Bigger then the defient.the vessel uses experimentle circitry!”sisco said. “Bio nural. It is the future! “Obrian said. “You heard it hear first!” Bashir said.
U.s.s voyager
“Everything is functioning acording to desired outcome!”stadi said. “Very good. Warp 8!” She ordered. “Make it happen stadi!” The commander said.  the voyager began to acelerate.
“Now at warp eight!” Ensign hary kim anounced. ” Very good! I think i like this ship!” Janeway said. “This is a controled environment. The real test will come later!” Cavit said. “Remind me not to talk to you when i have a bad day and need to be cheered up!” Janeway said. The commander laughed.
“Care to go to warp 9?” Stadi asked. “Go big or go home!”hary kim said. Kim did not realize he had said it out loud. He was embearished. “Sory sir!” He said.
“I am in ful agreement mr. Kim. Warp nine!” She said. The batazoid pilot took the ship to maximum warp. 
“They have gone to warp nine!”kira said. “I think she may be showing off !”dax said. “I think you may be right! “Sisco said.
The voyager stayed at warp but then went to a full stop. Everyone was happy with the results.
U.s.s defient
“I am getting a distress call from the cardesian vessel vitar. They are traped in the bad lands.we are the closest ships. “Obrian said.
“Get me voyager!” Sisco said. The screen was actuvated. “Captain,care to go on a rescue mission?”sisco asked. “Sounds like fun!” Janeway said. “I take it that your in?” Sisco asked. “You got it!” Janeway said. “Care you lead the way?” Sisco asked. She agreed.
“Do you have the coordinents?”janeway asked.” I do!”ensign kim asked. “Send the coordinants to the helm!” Janeway ordered. “I have it!”stadi reported. “Set course for the vitar! Maximum warp!”janeway ordered. The voyager went to warp. The defient folowed the voyager and headed for the ship.
The vitar
The vitar was adrift. Some decka had lost gravity. Those decks were sicured. There were some injuries but nothing too serious.
“We have incoming vessels!” A female science officer reported. Gull evek thought to himself,” please tell me it is not hostiles!” He would not say it out loud. “It is two federation ships!” The science tech said.
“Now in tractor range!” Ensign rolins ,the officer anounced. “Engage tractor beam hary!”the captain said. “Aye sir!”kim said. “Please don’t call me sir! Captain will do fine!” Janeway said. “Aye s.. captain! ” kim said.
The voyager activated the tractor beam on the cardesian vessel. The vesel was pulled out.
U.s.s defient
“Julien prepare a medical team!”sisco ordered. “You got it sir!”bashir said. “Kira take charge of the ship. Old man,obrian with me! ” sisco said. They went to the turbo lift.
They went from the turbo lift to the transporter room. Dax pulled sisco aside. “Benjamin ! No time for a huny moon i gues!”dax said. “I am not sure what you are refering to?” Sisco said. “Did you really think i would not find out?” Dax said. “I want to keep it low key at least for now!” Sisco said. “You kept it from your oldest friend?” Dax asked. Sisco smirked.
The away team emurged on the bridge of the vitar. The crew got right to work. “Gull evek! I see you have falled ob tough times!”sisco said. “I’m use to it.this ship will recover. “Evek said.
“Was it the marques?”bashir said.”we were chasing them. The vesel was commanded by chacotay. “Evek said.
Both sisco and janeway recogized the name. Neither had met him but knew him by reputation. He had been a star fleet officer and was considered an up and commer.
“There is another problem! “Gull evek said. Then he told them. End of part three


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