Harbinger part 2

   Near Badlands
Chaotic reigion of space near cardesien and federation space.
   Marques ship
“Security officers log,clasified entry. Lt. Commander tuvok reporting. I am abored a marques vessel posing as a member of there group ”
“The marques are a rag tag army made up of colonest along the demiliterized zone. The marques reject a treaty negociated between the united federation of planets and cardesien union. There goal is to retreve world ceded to the cardesian empire. To some they are fredom fighters,to others they are outlaws!”
“We have incoming !” Tuvok reported. “What do you think? Star fleet or cardiesiens?” Ships commanding officer chacotay said. “Cardesien. They are much bolder and don’t care as much about safety !” A Klingon female naimed balana tores said.
Tuvok ajusted the sansor grid. He scaned the area. “Cardesien vessel galor class!” Tuvok anounced. “Told ya!” Balana said. “Never argue with balana!” Chacotay said.
“I was not aware i was!” The vulcan said. “We are being hailed!” Ayala said. “Do we want to talk to them?” Chacotay asked.”i don’t!” Balana said. “Put um on!”the native American commander said.
The screen was activated. On the screen was a cardesien male with the rank of gul. It was equvolent of a federation starship captain.
“This is gull evek of the vitar. You are in violation of the treaty between the federation and the cardesien union. Stand down and prepare to be borded! ” evek said.
“That is quite an offer but i gues i will decline!” Chacotay said. Chacotay turned off the view screen. “I am sure that he does not want us to go into the bad lands! We will go in any ways!”the commander said.
The scout ship headed into the bad lands. The cardesien vessel fired on the marques ship. The marques ship returned fire on the vitar.
The vitar fired on the marques vessel liberty. The liberty hit again. The marques ship did not want to destroy or even overpower the enimy ship. The captain did not think that they could even if they wanted to.
The ship went into the badlands. The ship kept going. The cardesien vessel headed inside the turbulent reigion.
  “Cardesien vessel has entered the bad lands!” Tuvok anounced. “Gull evek is feeling ambitious today!” Chacotay said. The liberty fired on one of the plasma storms. The storm hit the vitar. The libety flew into one of the storms at high warp. Then the liberty flew out of the storm.
“The cardesien vessel was damaged but they will be ok. “Balana said. The computer declared a perimeter alert. “Computer identify saurce of perimeter alert?” Chacotay ordered. “Detecting energy distortion !” Computer said.
The image was transfered to the view screen. On the screen was the image of the energy field. Then several ships started to exit the vortex.
The ships started to exit the gateway. “What is it? ” chacotay enquired. “Detecting several vessels. Unknown ships. ” Tuvok said. The ships seamed to just keep coming.
“They are not federation or cardesien! This is a design and technology not familer to the federation data base!”tuvok said.”what are they doing hear?”balana said. “I don’t know but i don’t like it !”chacotay said.
The ships left the area. One of the ships detected the liberty.
“We are being scaned!” Balana reported. “This may be the first information they have on this qudrent! Tuvok!” Chacotay said.
“They could be alies! Should we not try to work with them?”balana said. “We can’t take that risk. Sometimes a tyrent is always a tyrant !” Chacotay said. “Is there one of your native American trueism?”balana asked. “This is one of my own!” He said.
Tuvok tried to block the scan. The aliens worked to block his eforts to block them. “They are eager to get our data!” Tuvok said. “Keep stoping them tuvok!” The commander said.
The aliens did all they knew to do to gain acess to the ship’s information. The ships seamed to be on a dead line.
“Ships are underway!”tuvok said.”oh no you dont! Pursuit course!”chacotay ordered. The ship ran after the fleet. It fired multiple voleys on the alen ships. The nearest alien ship fired back on the liberty. The liberty tried to dodge the attack but was stil hit.
The fleet then left the area. “Hold position !”chacotay said. “We are going to let them go?”balana said. “We have to warn someone!”chacotay said. “Will anyone believe us?” Ayala said. “They have to or it could be too late!” Chacotay said.
The cardesian vessel vitar was adrift. Gull evek surveyed the damage on the bridge. He got a full damage report.
“Sir. You need to see this!”glin erkad said. The gul dodged the damage to get to the science council.
He wached the photege of the masive fleet leave the area. “That is not any known design or configuration i am aware of!” Evek said. “We could be facing s new threat to the galaxy !” Glin erkad said. “Yes it seams we are!” Gull evek said.
End of part two.


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