The harbinger

Delta qudrent
  Ib orbit of a desolate world was a large space station. Not just a station an aray capible of sending vest qantity of energy to the serface.
A man who looked human apeared. It was clearly not his real form. It was some kind of facsimile he used while in this space. A kind of avatar.
“Computer confirm estiments?” The avatar said. “Five days four hours. Estimated!” The computer said. A robot came in. “Troubling news?”the robot said.”it is what i expected ! I don’t have a lot of time! ” the alien facsimile said.
“Will you briging more ships?” The robot asked. “Yes. I must find a replacement and soon!” The man said.
The alien man asuming humanoud form knew his time was almost up. He had to get working. 
“Detecting incoming vesels!”the computor said. “Visuel!” The alien ordered. The screen displayed masive ships. “No! “He said.
“Why are they hear?” The robot asked. “They sense blood in the water! “The humanoid looking form declared.
The ships seamed to be heading for the aray. The humanoid was perpared to activate the stations auto distruct. The ship did not attack the aray but it kept going. The ships hacked into the aray despite the computer and robots eforts to stop it. The ships forced the station to generate a field. The field created a gateway.
A ring seamed to develop. This gateway was a doorway to another part of the galaxy. The aray fired on the ships. The ships had advanced shieldings. The ships were able to withstand the hits from the station.
The alien ships headed for the gateway. They went inside.the gateway then vanished. It was replaced by open space.
“This is not good!” The robot said. “No it is not! I caused this caticlism. One of manny caused by me i am afraid. Another debts that can never be repaid!”the creture said.
He stared at the port hole. He hoped that it was not too late.
End of part one.


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