Bajoren sector part seven

The runabout headed into the denorias belt. The area was lergly uncharted. There were stories,rumors and myiths but nothing proven.
This was not a exploration mission. This was a race to save bajor from a masive threat to its very excistence. The race was on.
U.s.s enterprise
“Sir. We have orders from captain picard!” Lt. Worf said. Rycer went over to the tactical station. He looked over the data. Rycer prepared to ajust to the new orders. They have work to do.
“Ensign mcknight set course for the denorious belt!”rycer ordered. The helm officer set the course. “Course layed in captain.” The young ensign said. The enterprise went to warp.
  The runabout sucesfully entered the denorius belt. “We are now inside the belt”sisco said.” Scan the area. “Picard said.sisco scaned the area. “You found something ?” Picard said. “Yes indeed i did!” The commander reported.
Sisco displayed the image on the maine view screen. The ship was bigger then he had ever seen.he knew what it was. He remembered it well.
The image of the ship fireing on the enterprise ran though his mind. He saw the image of an elderly human male. “I did not kill one hushnuk or 50 or a thousand or a million i killed them all!”
“You recognize that ship?”sisco asked. “Yes i do. They are a species that no longer exist. There ships remain. It seams that this one fell into the hands of elisoren and his ilk!” Picard said.
“The vessel has set course for us!”sisco said. The scout ship activated the shields. The vesel prepared evasive action.
The vessel scaned the warship.the vessel was heavily armed. The ship had a n aditional gun turet. This turet was armed with proto matter. A very violitile and potent force.
“They are either going to destroy bajor directly or destroy there sun!”picard said. “If they can’t have bajor,no one can. ” Sisco said. “There are bajorens thoughout the galaxy but this would be efectivly the death of the bajoren race. “Picard said.
“Sounds like the borg!” Sisco declared. Picard tried to ignore the comments of the jr officer. They had a job to do. They did not have a lot of time to do it.
Hushnuck vessel
“Vessel is a federation vessel. “The tactical officer said. “Enterprise captain picard and ds9 commander sisco are on that ship! “Elisoren said. “It would apear so!” An aid said.
“Head for the ship. Prepare to overtake the ship but then go to all stop. Then hail the vessel !” Elisoren said. The ship headed for the runabout and then stoped.
“We are being hailed !”sisco said.”on screen !”picard said. The commander activated the com unit. On the view screen displayed the image of the hushnuck bridge.
“Captain picard i presume. Gull madred says hi. “Elisoren said.”what are you planing to do elisoren?” Sisco asked. “Captain,you have no ability to stop me! We have superior fire power. Your only option is to stand down!” He said.
“You can’t posibly think that we are going to do that?” Picard said.”i don’t really care what you do. We are in control of this situation ? ” elisoren declared. “You would really destroy a world? You would rather see bajor in flaims then alow it to be free?” Picard asked.
“Bajor was declared to be eternally part of the cardesien union by the 2235 planery seison of the detopa council. That has been reisued six is and will always be part of the empire or it will not excist. You see captain might makes reality!” He declared.
The runabout tried to evade the ship. “Your not going to try to get away!” Sisco said. “I am not going to go away qietly!” Picard said. “Agreed!” Sisco said.
Sisco did not want to just give up.he did not posibly see how they could servive all this. That was a masive star ship. They were slighly larger then a shartle. It was the smalest type of starship in the federation fleet.
The hushnock vessel fired a conventle wepon port at the scout ship. The runabout dodged this mistle. The ship was hit a little bit. The ship kept going. So did the enimy ship.
The enimy ship persued the runabout. The vessel fired on the ship. The ship was hit. A few more hits and  they would be a goner. Sisco and picard both knew it.
The runabout fired on the enimy ship. They knew it would not do a lot of good but one never knew.
The ship kept going. The enimy vessel persued. The ship fired on the ship. This time the mistle was on a direct course for the runabout. If the vessel was hit,the ship would be destroyed.
Great sisco thought,the runabout would be destroyed soon. Sisco would never see his son. He would die. His last moment would be with a man he despised. Ironic he thought.
The mistle was about to hit.suddenly the mistle vanished. “What just happened?”sisco asked. “I am not sure!”picard said.the hushnuck came up to the ship.
They saw a lerge funnel like structure. The runabout was tractered inside. Then it was gone.
“Where are we?” Sisco asked.”we apear to be in some kind of worm hole. I believe that this is a stable wormhole. “Picard said.”i did not think that there was such a  thing. We may have made a major discovery!” Sisco said. ” I hope we will survive long enough to file a report! ” picard said. Sisco agreed.
The ship came to a stop. Then they fell to the floor unconscious. The ship stayed in one place. 
Planet bajor
Gull ersole qietly ordered his staf to leave the planet. Unfortunately in order to keep up the ilision of the cardesian presence,some would have to stay behind. Some would have to be sacrificed. It had to look like no one in the cardesian government had any knowledge of this.
Gull ersole had no intention of remaning behind . If the cotastrophe came,he had no intention of faling victom to it. Bajor would be destroyed. Vengience would be served.
Sisco woke up in gray. He was not sure where he was. He had no idea why he was hear.
“Helo! Is anyone else hear? “Sisco said. Sisco was puzzled. None of this made any sense. Perhaps it was not ment to.
  On the runabout,picard woke up. He was dazed at first. He started to come tu. Things started to make sense. Where was commander sisco? Where was he?
He scaned the area. He was in the gamma qudrent. He was on the orther side of the galaxy. How did he get there? It must have been the wormhole.
It seams they had stumbled on a stable wormhole. Picard decided that there was no time to explore. Now was not the time perhaps another time. He hoped so.
He set the ship back into the wormhole.  Picard hoped it really was stsble. He hoped that it was not like the barzan wormhole he encountered a few years erlier. He did want to get traped in far off sector unable to get home. The scout entered the wormhole.
The warship used by the cardesiens was heading out of the denorias belt. The ship thought that the disapearence of the runabout might garente the destruction of bajor.
On the enterprise,data had enchanced the sansors. The computor had detected evidence of what could be a ship. He reported it to commander rycer.
“Your sure about this mr. Data? “Rycer asked. “I am commander!” Data ansered. “Mcknight lay in a persuit course!”rycer ordered. The enterprise followed the enurgy signiture.
“The enterprise is heading straght for us!” The science officer said. “Intercept!” Elisoren declared. The war ship headed for the enterprise.
The ship opened fire on the enterprise. The enterprise opened fire on the war ship. The warship hit back on the vesel.
“Shields at 69 percent “worf anounced. “Return fire!” Rycer said.
The enterprise fired a volley of photon torpedoes at the hushnuck vessel. The hushnuck ship mantained fire on the enterprise.
“Shields at 57 percent!” Worf reported. “This was easier when they were automated!” Rycer said. “Agreed!” Worf said.
Data had been buisy trying to find a defense against the warship. Data knew the importence of stoping that ship. He tried to create a device that jammed the shields. It was a tall order. This mission required unconventional thinking. Even from an android.
“Commander i believe that i can jamm the shields on that ship!” Data said. “Give it a try!”rycer said. The commander activated the shield inhibitor.
The device created just enough interference for the enterprise to exploit. The enterprise fired near the wepon port for the proto matter weapon.
The weapon port was off line. The enterprise fired on the engines. The ship was stil a potent force. The ship fired on the enterprise.
The bridge was hit. Debre spread thogh the bridge . Fire supresion kicked in. The rest of the fire was put out by damage control parties.
The enterprise fired on the warship. The ship was hit. The enterprise fired a volley of phasers and photon torpedoes on the vessel.
“We dont have the weapon anymore but we have plenty of wepons left in our arsenal !”elisoren said. The ship headed for the planet.
“Sir! I believe that the warship has riged a colision course for the planet. “Data said. The enterprise headed for the ship. This was a race against time to save bajor.
  The enterprise fired on the hushnuck ship before it could get to the planet. The vessel returned fire. Several decks were hit by the blast. There was damage.
The warship neared bajor. Several fighters were deployed. Major kira led one of the scudrins. “Break in and attack !”kira said. The vesels fired on the warship. The fighters hoped to slow the ship down.
The ship was hit by a serface to space mistle. It was cardesian. One of the few anti space craft left by the soon to be disoved ocupation. The vessel was destroyed.
The runabout entered the worm hole. Suddenly sisco resumed. It took a few minutes for him to wake up.
“The worm hole is the home of non humanoid aliens. The bojorens believe they are the prophets. “Sisco said. “Yes i know bajoren mythology. This is a stable wormhole?”picard said. “They will alow pasege. I don’t understand it all yet. I am.beginning to. “Sisco said.
“If the cardesiens learn of the worm hole! They may try to reanex bajor. “Picard asked. “We must make it in there best interest for them to not do that! “Sisco said.
“This was a regretible series of events. The cardesian government had no knowledge of this. We should not alow terrorist to dictate policy. The withdrawl shedule will go as planed. We will continue the phased withdrawl. “Ersole said.
“I don’t think so! ” sisco said.”excuse me!” The gul asked.
“We intercepted comunication between you and erisole including a secret meating. You knew of the plot. Maybe not all but enough. I am prety sure you played some kind of role in all this. ” Picard said.
“What do you want?” Ersole asked. “I want you to order a full withdrawl to begin at once. I want you on the fatest ship to cardesia prime. ” Sisco said. “You have no hard evidence of any of this! “Ersole said. “I think i can convince the detopa council.”Picard said. “Very well! I will be reterning home. Gull verdahl will administer the withdrawl to begin at once!” He said.
Picard and sisco went into an underground stucture. They saw an older lady in cerimonial robes. “Commander sisco!  “Opaka said. She felt his head.”your pah is strong. You are the emisary!” Opaka said.
“So the enterprise will be getting under way !”Picard said.”i see. I supose our paths will cross again! “Sisco said. “There is a good chance of it. “Picard said.they dispersed.
Dollem and obrian went over to sisco. “How do we keep tabs of this wormhole?” Obrian asked.”i have an idea chief but your not going to like it!”sisco said.
The enterprise left the station and went to warp.
The end
This winter a new chapter in the star trek sarga begins. Set on a space station near a gate way to another galaxy. Commanded by reluctant officer ben sisco. Join us for star trek deep space 9. Comming January. 1993.


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