Bajoren sector part six

The secret encampment was well gaurded. The cardesian gerila force used equipment that masked signitures. The camp also was hevily fortified.
The group began moving asets hear the moment they heard rumors of an inpending withdrawl from bajor.
“Sir! We have detected the presence of a federation runabout,danube class. “A cardesian named emrek said.
“Once it is in weapons range,target it with serface to space misstles!” Elisoren ordered.
“I am detecting masive energy build up!” Sisco said.”we have been spoted. Brace for impact!” Picard declared. The vesel began evasive action. A large mistle from the complex headed for the runabout. The scout ship tried to miss the craft.
The mistle detonated far enough away. The ship felt the wake but there was no damage.
“Can you locate the mistle luncher?” Picard asked. Sisco scaned the area to find the turet. Sisco hated being in the same room as the man he would always know as locutas. Sisco tried to hold it together. It was only for this mission . Then the enterprise would be far away.
Sisco worked to locate the luncher. He believed that he found it. The craft moved away. They believed that they were out of range.
The runabout ran back at fairly high warp. The vessel fired a volley of phasers at the complex.the complex was hit. 
“Minor damage. Not enough to take it off line! “Sisco said. ” Of course not!”picard said.
The turet fired again. The runabout fired and detinated it before it could do any damage. “I have an idea!” Picard said. “Please tell me it does not involve borg technology ?”sisco asked. “Not that i know of!”picard said.
The scout ship generated a false image of a second ship. The so called picard minuver. The turet was fooled into believing that there was two runabout. The turet tried to hit both ships. The mistle detonated near the complex. The complex was hit by the debre. The ship fired on the luncher.
“Incoming ships!” The computer anounced. “Please tell me that they are not cardesien!” Picard commented. “Captain picard,please transmit the coordinates of the luncher!” Major kira requested from the command fighter. “Send it commander!”picard said. “Sending now!” Sisco said.
The fighter scaudrin fired on the complex. “You have won nothing ! Procede with the contingency plan!” Elisoren ordered. His team agreed.
The crew began to evacuate the area. “Captain detecting several outgoing ships. All cardesien. “Sisco said. ” stand by tractor beam!” Picard said. “I don’t understand !” Sisco said. “This is a gurila war. They are not just going to give up without a fight. “Picard said.
The runabout discended further into the planets serface. The ship headed to the complex. “Givin the amount of energy,i think that complex is riged to explode. I fear if it does,it will take half the planet with it. ” Picard said. “Sorched earth. Not atypical for the cardesiens.”sisco said. “No its not!” Picard said.
The ship neared the complex. The ship activated the tractor beam. The turet seamed to be fuised into the serface.
“We are going to  nead to help! Contact major kira! This is going to have to have to be a team efort!” Picard said. “The major does not strike me as a team player. ” Sisco said. “She is going to have to be or we could lose half the planet!”Picard said.
The turet was riged for self destruct. The turet was armed with warp drive. Self destruct would cause the anti mater to implode. It would cause masive tectonic activity. The damage would be devisating. The reigion around the complex would be unihabitible for cencuries.
The fighters led by kira headed for the complex. “We are in position. Standing by. “Kira anounced. “I need you to open fire in several spots. We have to get that luncher free from its birth. “Picard declared. “Understood. We will get it done.”kira said.
The fighters fired on the luncher.the luncher started to come lose. The luncher started to rise. The runabout went over and activated a tractor beam on the luncher.
” We don’t have a lot of time!” Sisco said. The luncher was going critical. The runabout went to high warp. “I’m seting course for the denorious belt!” Sisco said.
The ship went at maximum warp. The ship neared the belt. “This is as remote a spot as we are going to get. Drop it!”picard said. The ship released the tractor beam. The luncher drifted. It exploded. The runabout tried to get away. The explosive wave neared the ship. Then it vanished.
“The luncher. The wake. It is gone!” Sisco anounced. “How is that posible? “Picard asked.”i don’t know. This is a mystery to me. “Sisco said.
Elisoren made it out on a ship. The ships used the crises as a diverson so that they could esape.  Elisoren was not done. He was going to continue the gurila war against the bojorens. The ships headed into the danorious belt. “Order all of our alies to procede to the next phase of the plan!” Elisorian ordered. An aid agreed. The aid left the area and isued the order.
Planet bajor
Ro requested some time on the planet. It was odd to be on the planet of her origin. This was not her world not really. She had never been hear. She grew up in a refuge camp far from bajor. She did hold something for her.she felt that.
She toured a market. Many tried to set up a business. There was no economy yet. There was no infrastructure . The civilization was one big potempkon town. She stoped.she took it all in.
“My child,do not weep for this world. This planet will rebuild. It will be strong once again. “An older lady said. 
“How can you be sure? ” ro said. “The planet stil has a destiny. The planet will play a role in the future. The phophets will guide bajor. “The lady said. “I don’t believe in those myiths. The ocupation disproves all of that!”she said. “You are incorect. They have already chosen an emisary. The emisary will guide bajor to the future. ” She said.”who is this emisary?” Ro asked.”the time is not yet. Soon!” The lady said.
The lady left. She went over to a shop keper. “Who was that?”ro asked. “You do not know? How can you be bajoren and not know? “The shopkeeper asked.”i really do not know? Am i suposed to?”she asked. “She is the kai. She is the spritual leader of bajor. “A shopkeaper said. “To speak to opaka is a great hournor. “A male said.
In the capital there was multiple beams in.  Cardesian males wielded plasma rifles. They fired at anything that moved. By the time the bojoren security forces arived there was a lot of damage.
  During the gun battle,there was more beam in. The cardesiens continued to fire. While during a batle one of the schoter detonated an explosive device enbated in his skin. There were many deaths.
The situation was out of control. It was getting worse. The government had to deploy more forces. The government had to declare a sate of emergentcy and inpose a cewfew.
Office of first minister
“I demand imidiate withdraw of all cardesian forces. This must end now! “The first minister said.”this is a rougue operation. “Gull ersole incisted. ” The ring leader is a former officer as is manny in his group. You are responsible. The curent transistion is not workible. Acelerated withdrawl is the only answer. “Minister of defense keve falore said.
“We need time. I must incist on adhearing to the original agreement. “Gul ersole said. “Alowing the curent arangement seams to asure more violence. This is not aceptible!” The minister said.
“We will not leave until the apounted time. If you want a quicker withdrawl either you or your star fleet friends will have to force the isue. I don’t think either of those things will happen !”ersole said.
“If there are more casulties i will hold you personaly responsible gul!” The minister said.
“Those involved wil be delt with.we are interested in peaceful relations with the bojoren people. “Ersole declared. With that the gul and his aides left the room. The door closed.
“I am getting an odd reading captain.  There is something in hear. The belt is causing interference but something is hear!” Sisco said. “You think it could be a ship?” Picard said. “I don’t know but perhaps! I cannot discount it. “Sisco said.
“Perhaps we should investigate further!” Picard sugested. “Agreed!” Sisco said.
Inside the asteroid belt,there was a large vessel. A super star ship. The vessel was left over was a dead race called the hushnuck. The vessel was now commanded by the cardesiens. The vessel had powerful weapons. The vessel was part of a dreadful final solution. The ship was on stand by.
End of part six


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