Bojoren sector part five

“Captain’s log we are reterning to the sation after our meating with the bajoren provisonal government and the cardesian ocupation force. I am eiger to hear the report from my first officer wiliam rycer on a meeting with a potential go between with the cardesians. ”
Office of commander sisco
“Mr. Garek gave me the impresion that the attack were comited by an autonimous group probably x military. The group is doing this without the knowledge or conscent of any oficial cardesian conection except that they have people in place they know that will take up there cause. They are atempting to put the government in a corner and force them to do what they want. Reconcur the planet. I suspect they plan to wage a dirty war. A war of atrition. ” Rycer said.
“The cardesian empire is not the one happy fleet they like to depict. Like the soviet union on earth,it is a lose allience of various faction that usually work together. An event like this may unite them. A kind of gulf of tonkin like event. ” Sisco said.
” the key to this is the group itself .at least according to garek! I think he may have a point. “Rycer said.
“We need to start as the asalents. “Picard said. “Agreed. “Picard said. “Is there someone within the bajoren government we can trust? “Rycer said. “There is but she does not like the federations or star fleet or most sencient and non sentient life!” Dollem said. “Sounds like a great person !”rycer said. “She is good!” The bolien said.
Dr. Crusher walked though the coridor. She saw an officer inside the bar ran by a furengi. The enterprise had plenty of run ins with the furengi during there missions. Just recently a rougue group tried to steal the enterprise.
She saw the tril science officer.she was not aware that there was a tril serving in star fleet. She wanted to say hi. She hesitated but decided to enter.
She heard the furengi bar tender talk to the alien looking security chief. There were rumors that he was a shape shifter.
“Arnt you gone yet?” The bar tender asked. “I heard the Klingon security chief on the enterprise is taking my place! “The chief said. “Thats not funy ! Klingon make me nervous! I was glad that Klingon and cardesiens don’t get a long ! “He said.
“The Klingon and federation are alies! You may be seing them!” He said. “I won’t. I am getting as far away from hear as i can. This sector will discend into chaos. I am not convinced that the cardesian ocupation is going to end. ” the furengi said.
“It will soon be someone’s problem. “The shape shifter said.”your really leaving?”the furengi asked. “There is nothing hear for me any more. Besides i want to find out more about my origins. I have neglected it for far too long. I have to go to the denorious belt and try to find my origins!” He said.
Dr. Crusher went over to the tril. “May i join you? “Bev asked.”of course!” She said. “I visited your home world briefly !”bev said. “It is a great planet. We have many natural resorces and some artificial structures. We have a ritch culture and history. ‘Dax said. “I’m sure of that. Perhaps i will one say!”bev said. Bevily tried to hide her discomfort.
“You seam nervous. Do i make you uneasy ?”she asked. “The idea of two cretures in one body is trobiling. I understand it is so engraned in your culture but it is difficult for non syimbiotic races!” Bev said.
“To us it is second nature ! We dont think about it! ” dax said. “It wil take some time for us to get used to it. “Bev said. “Understandible!” She said.
Planet bajor
Bajoren military headquarters
It used to be a cardesien command center. The bojoren provisional government had taken it over. Sisco and picard entered.
“I am looking for major kira!”sisco said. a bajoren officer motioned to her location. It was an office.
In the office,kira was engaged in a heated conversation with an oficial. The two entered. The conversation abrubtly ended. “Major ! “Sisco said.
“Why are you hear? Your holowdecks malfunctioning again ?”kira asked. “I heard you were skeptical of our presence hear!”picard said.
“Bajor must stand alone. We want to be independent. The cardesians have not even left and your aleady hear. “Kira said.
“We are hear at the request of the provisional government. “Picard said. “I know! “Kira said.
“We have reason to believe that the attacks are orchestrated by a group hoping to force the hands of the cardesian hierarchy. We are hoping that you can provide information on the attackers! “Picard said.
“A group? “Kira asked. “Unafiliated with the cardesian union. It is a gestalt. A stuctered whole. They want to force the hand of the cardesian government. We have to find this group!” Sisco said.
“You have any evidence for any of this?”kira asked. “None! “Sisco said. “The cardesien don’t need an excuse to remain on bajor. “Kira said. “The cardesian government wants to withdraw. They are not interested in staying. They for the moment are in power. They have to be pursaded! ” sisco said.
“The first attacker was a former military officer. He reterned working for a mining conglomerate with ties to a legate. He was a known to be a member of cardesian nationalest group. He was involved in anti withdrawl protest. “Kira said.
“The second attacker was a member of a private construction firm with ties to central command member. He was anti bajoren. “An aid to kira said.
“Is there a common denominator? Something that ties this two together ?” Picard asked.
“Elsiron! He came over hear as an enforcer for the slave labor operations. He is currently under indiitement for war crimes. We can’t get near him. Suposidly he is back on cardesia. I think he is stil hear. “Kira said.
“You think that he is involved ?” Sisco asked. “I am certain of it.”she said. ” Do you know how to find him? “Sisco said.
“I understand you were at wolf 359?”Picard asked. “I was. My wife was killed in that battle. My son barly got out alive. We lost a lot a lot of good people that day. It was such a needless waste!” Sisco said.
“It was a horible tragidy. I greatly regret my role in it! “Picard said. “Your crocodile tears don’t change anything captain. They do not bring back the dead. They do not lesson the pain there loved ones endure. They do not lesson the pain of survivors.  You are responsible sir. The borg used your knowledge. You should have fought back. You were the best of us! You should have tried harder! “Sisco said.
“I could not. It was like i was asleep. I had no control commander. I wish i did. I could not ! Don’t you think i wish i could? Don’t you think the events of wolf 539 don’t haunt me? ” picard asked.
“Its not enough captain. You should not stil be waring the uniform. You should have reasigned. “Sisco said.
“I considered it. I can’t undo the damage i did. I wish i could. I can’t. I wish i could. I wish more then anything.  Is going away qietly really the answer!” Picard said. “Frankly it would make me hapier. I have a feeling orhers who lost loved ones or who survived might feel the same way i do!” Sisco said.
“I believe i have found something. It may be a secret encampment. “Picard said. “We should check it out!”sisco said. The captain agreed. The runabout headed for the location.
End of part five


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