Bajoren sector part four

Star base ds9
Most star bases were busiling with activity. Usually they were a port of call. Ds9 was erily qiet. It had a skeleton crew abored. The federation contingent was smal for now. There were plans for aditional personale after the withdrawl was complete. Now was not the time.
Most of the bojorens held as slave laboers left once the forced labor was suspended. The star fleet contingent was not the only people stil on the station.
Some bajorens did remain. Many shop kepers were stil present. Many planed to leave.a furengi businessman who ran a bar had already made arangements to return to furenginar. He did not like political instability. It was bad for business and hazerdous to ones health especially business men.
Once the cardesian withdrawal was complete,there would be instability.  The bojorens would have to set up a stable government. That would take time. They would have to create a stable economy witch would also take time. Many outside system would be reluctant to conduct trade and comerce with bajor. This was not a place for furengi or orther business men. At least that was the prevaling belief.
Dr. Bevily crusher headed for the infirmery. She studied up on dr. Basher on the enterprise way hear. He had just graduated second in his class at the academy. He would have been first but he got a gangular nurve mixed up with a post gangular nerve. He was known for being energetic and talkitive.
She went inside . The infirmery was in ruins. Like every thing else on the station,it had been guted. She looked for the doctor.
She went into a iner section of the medical bay. She found a man in a cover all with blue.
“Are you dr. Bashir?”she asked.”you must be dr. Bevily crusher.I’m honored. I am quite a fan of yours!” He said. “You are?” She asked.
“Oh yes indeed! Your treating of doctor manheim,being captured by the anserta,the patcient called john doe,it is all so fasinating!” Dr. Basher said. “Glad you aprove!” Dr. Crusher said. “I am pleased to meat you doctor. ” Bashir said. “Why chose ds9. It is in the middle of no where. You could have any asignment you wanted. Why hear?”she asked.
“This is the on the edge of the fronter ! I am convinced that the focus of attention will be hear. “Dr. Basher said. “Your probably right. “She said.
Planet bajor
“We have determined that the attacks were commited by lone individual and not part of any plot!”gul ersole said. The bajorens in the galery bood and exclaimed cat calls. The gul tried to reclaim the stage.
“These action show that the situation will continue to be viotile so long as ocupation forces remain! “The first minister said. The crowd claped and cheered.
“We demand you excelerate your withdrawl! Leave bajor at once!” The minister said. The claps and cheer increased.
“We stil have equipment we have to move. We are moving as fast as we posibly can. These incidents are regretible but should not impact our time table for withdrawl. I asure you they will not! ” gul ersole declared.
One of the bajorens in the galery shouted,”leave now! Over and over. Others folowed. The shouts got louder and louder.
The gul tried to speak. It was just shouted down more. As he got louder,the crowd got louder.
This made gul ersole even more angery. After a while the gul began to lash out. “We will never be intimidated ! We are cardesiens! ” the gul said.
The meating desended into chaos. Picard tried to regain order. “That’s enough! “Picard said. Finally the room got qiet. You could hear a pin drop.
“Gul ersole. These attacks are desturbing. They are unacceptable. They show a disturbing paturn. You need to control your personale. “Picard said.
“We are trying to captain! These are trying times. Tempors ans nurves are high. We are doing what we can!” Gul ersole said. “You should have never been hear!” A crowd said.
“You were a bunch of primitive tribes. We bettered you!” Ersole said. “Better! I am the only serviving member of a family of 12. I don’t consider my life better !” He said. The meating discended into chaos and efectivly ended.
Picard and sisco went up to the gul after ward. “Gul your words and action are at best unhelpful!” Picard said. “You raped there world of every resource they have.  Now you expect the bajorens to give you a pass. “Sisco said.
“These stories of histrocities are just not true. We are not butchers. It is propinganda. Every war crimes tribunal who has looked into this has cleared us. No serious investigator believes those fanciful stories. The attack though tragic do not represent the cardesien administration of bajor as a whole. “Ersole said.
“From what i have seen,i do not think i can agre. “Picard said. “Our administration of bajor provided stability to this world. Know this! The decision to withdraw was baised on praticality. Understand bajor wil always be part of cardesia!” The gul said. Then he walked of.
“I take that as a threat!” Sisco said. “As do i! “Picard said. “From what i heard, the military was shut out of this decision. Many commanders were unhappy to say the least! “Sisco said. “Do you think that the commanders planed these attacks ?” Picard asked. “I doubt they planed it. I don’t think they are disapointed!” Sisco said. “Your probably right! “Picard said.
“This could lead to clashes. The bojoren people are getting restless. The cardesiens don’t need any eagin on at this point. If this leeds to conflict,the cardesiens could send in trops for ‘force protection ‘ “sisco said.
“They are trying to force the government into changing there mind on ending the ocupation. ” Picard said. “Star fleet will never alow bajor to be reaxed. The federation ia commited to an independent bajor. How does the hardliners plan to deal with our presence because i have to be honest with you captain,i am not leaving even if i was ordered to by the president himself !” Sisco said.
“That i don’t know commander. I intend to find out. That does concern me. This situation has to be deflated now. “Picard said.
“I agree. I am just not sure what to do !”sisco said. “We have to come up with a solution soon!” Picard said.
Ds9 prominade
Commander rycer walked though the business district of the station. There was not mutch business going on. Rycer saw the shape shifting security chief tanting the furengi proprietor. The bearded first officer made it to the tailor shop. He entered the shop. 
“I hear you are the best place to get a suit?”rycer asked. “Indeed it is commander rycer!”the cardesian taler said.”you know who i am?” The commander asked. “In my business i need to know top people !”he declared. “The taler business ?”he asked. “Why yes! What business did you think?” He asked. “I’m not sure mr..”rycer said.
“Garek. Plain and simple garek. “He said. “I see. “He said.” These attacks are most desturbing dont you think?” Garek commented. “Yes. I cant help but think many guls are happy. They might be able to force the detopa council in changing there mind!”rycer said. “The gul don’t care about the detopa council or even central command. They do care about public opinion. On cardesia you can get away with treason if you have enough suport.  Whip the mases into a frenzy and the so called leaders will back down!” Garek said.
“How do we stop that chain of events?”rycer asked. “The gul don’t want to get there hands dirty. They never get involved in these short of things. This is an act of a thug. One acting on his own. No one is unhappy by this. They can’t look like they are suportive. “Garek said.
“Then the military are not the problem. At least not the imidiate isue. We need to deal with the bombers. Those behind it.”rycer said.
“Well that is how i see it. I am not a civics expert. I am just a simple tailer!”he said.
It was helpful. We were deeling with some kind of sleeper cell. A cell with no oficial ties to the cardesian union. Plausible denibility.  They had to go after the cell. If the cell was stoped,the guls would have no chioce but to back off. Rycer knew this was not over yet. It had only begun.  It would get a lot worse.
End of part four


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