Bojoren sector part three

Planet bajor
Bajor was once a beutiful world. Now it was a shadow of its former self. Its natural resources were all but gone. Stolen by the cardesiens. That waa not enough. They were not done yet. 
Sense the ocupation ended,the emergentcy government focused on housing. Most refugies were huduled in old government buildings used by the ocupation forces.
In one house, multiple families met to share food. They decided to go ahead with an ancient bajoren ritual. It was important for them to perserve there tradition.
A cardesian male was waiting in the bushes. The cardesian watched. When he felt the time was right he was off. 
He wanted to strike during the prayer. The cardesian stormed the room. He had a disruptor in hand. He opened fire on the dinner guests. He kept the disruptor on maximum seting.
He then ran outside. By the time the security forces arived,it was too late.  The damage had already been done. The cardesian man opened fire on the security forces. He was killed in the attack. The carnage was devisating.
Deep space 9
As sisco saw picard,the images floated back. He tried to compose himself. He wanted to be professional.
Picard tried to keep himself composed as well. Picard had found it difficult to recover from the events of wolf 359. He had had nightmares for a long time.he even considered leaving star fleet and working on a project on earth. Then last year he almost used a drone as a wepon against the borg. Now again it was all flooding back.
Sisco lost his wife on that ship.  His son bearly made it out. He had nightmares. In them he sees the face he most associates with the borg,locutas,jean luc picard. Every one could feel the tension between the two men. It was so thick you could cut it with a butter knife. The two who felt it the most was commander wiliam rycer and lt. Dollem.
“Commander sisco i presume!”picard said. “Yes. Your reputation procedes you sir. “Sisco said. “Perhaps ! Commander rycer my executive officer and dr. Bevily crusher and chief obrian!” Picard said. “My executive lt. Dollem, science officer dax!” Sisco said. “A plesue to meat you!” Picard said.
” chief i know the enterprise is early but if you could report in,it would be most apreciated!” Sisco said.
“Yes you can take him! Not that i want to lose him but i understand the stress your under. Provided that’s ok with you!” Picard said. “Of course sir!”obrian said.
“Very good. Dr. Crusher dr. Bashir is buisy and regrets that he canot be hear to great you in person but he would love for you to meat him in the infirmery!”sisco said. “May i ?”dr.crusher asked. “Of course!” Picard said.
“I asume only star fleet is hear?” Rycer asked. “There are a few shop keapers left. Murchents. Many plan to leave including furengi. There is a cardesian tailer as well!”dollem comented.”a tailer as in someone who menda cloths?” Rycer asked.”we suspect he may be an inteligence opritive but so far he has minded his manors. “Dolem said.
“There is the old prominade security chief left over from the old regime. He is planing on looking for his people !”sisco said.”who is he?”rycer asked.”ge is a shape shifter. He was discovered in the denorious belt.he has no idea who he is!” Sisco said.
“We have any more information on the attack ?”picard asked.”a fouth person died from there wounds. Another security gaurd asigned to the ministers detail !”the bolien said.
“Ops to commander sisco!”ops oficer said. Sisco went over to a com unit. “Sisco hear go!” The commander ordered. “Sir! There was an attack at a home of several refuge families. All killed by disruptor. The gunman was killed in a schoot out with bojoren security forces!” Ops tech said.
“My gosh!”picard said. “Get me the home minister. Whoever is behind this just kicked it up a thousand notches. “Sisco said. “Right away!” The ops tech said.
“This thing is going to continue to escilate!”rycer said. “I have a feeling that it is what someone wants!” Picard said. “Hard liners within the cardesian ranks. Someone oposed to the withdrawl!”dollem said. “The rumors are that this was a political decision. The military is unhappy with it,at least a faction within the military. ” Sisco said.
“To resort to this kind of brutally ‘”dax commented. “It is the cardsian way. Believe me lt i know'” obrian said.
“This could turn into a schoting war between the cardesian and the bojorens. The cardesiens could decide to send there forces back in!” Sisco said. “The bojorens would never alow that. We would be caught in the middle!” Dax said.
“There must be cooler heads inside the cardesien government!”rycer asked.”the prefect of bajor has already left. There is no supreme commander any more. The cloest is a gul named ersole. He is a hardliner himself. “Dollem said.
“Will! I think you need a new suit!”Picard said. “Sir?”rycer asked. “This tailer,he could be a back chanel! “Picard commented.”how do we know he is not a hardliner? “Rycer asked.”we don’t. I am prety sure we canot trust any cardesien commanders curently on planet. I suspect the detopa council has no control over the situation. It is a chance slim though it be. We canot risk it. ” Picard said. “I agree!” Sisco said. “Where were you be?” Rycer asked. “Trying to stop a powder keg!” Picard said.


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