Bojoren sector part two

Uss enterprise
“Captain’s log,the enterprise is curently conducting research in the tau iota system. At the same time,a member of the family is leaving us. ”
Ten froward
“To chief pety officer miles edward obrian from admiral jasson marvic star fleet corps of enginers. You are requested and required to assume command of the operations detail at star base deep space 9. Congradulations. “Captain picard said. “Thank you sir!” Obrian said.
They cut the cake. Obrian and his wife and daughter got to have the first peace.
“I understand keico will be remaning for a while!” Picard said. “There will be a smal contingent on ds9 until the cardesian have fully withdrawn. We won’t leave the station until that ocured. ” HE said.
“Good! I have a bunch of project in hydroponics before you leave!” Rycer said.
“So the cardesian will stil be around?”dr. Crusher asked. ” The ocupation is over. The slave labor camps are shut down. Bajoren are under bajoren control. The cardesian have vacated major population centers.”picard said.
Rycer went over to deana. “Are you going to ware a duty uniform all the time now?” Rycer asked. “Do you have a problem with it? “She said. “No,in six years you have worn civian clothing even on the bridge and now jelico showed up and your waring one!” He said.
“Perhaps we need a level of professionalsm on the bridge. ” Deana said. “I hope jelico never makes admiral!” Rycer said. “So no more wild west adventures on the holowdeck with worf?”he asked. She laughed. 
“No beard?” Data asked. “It just did not work for me! It was a good experiment !”gordi said. “I was going to grow a beard!”data said. Gordi did not respond.
“Bridge to captain!” Ensign hays asked. “Go ahead ensign!” Picard said. “You have an incoming message from admiral nachaev priority one!” Hays said. “I will take it in guinen’s office!” Captain picard said.
He went to the office in ten froward. He sat down and activated the view screen. On the screen displayed the image of admiral nacheav.
“How are you holding up?”she asked. “Fine! Counselor troy and i are having exstensive counseling seasons. I have tried to take it easy as much as i can commanding a galaxy class starship on the fronteer. ” Picard said
“You have been though a lot. Losing the stargazer, being absorbed into an energy creture,meeting a version of you,asimilated by the borg and noq being interogated by a cardesian!” She said.
“Is this concern for my wel being admiral or are you evaluating my fitness to command?” He asked.
“Not at all. I have a priority mission for you. You were planing on transporting mr. Obrian to his new post any ways. I would like you to procede ahead of shedule. ” Admiral nachev said.
“I see! What is the reason ? ” he asked. ” while the first minister of bajor was on a tour of the country side,a cardesian suiside bomber detonated a device near him. The minister servived but a top aid and two body gaurds were killed. The cardesian transition authority incist that the asssesion was not acting on the authority of the cardesian union. The bomber was x military. This could lead to open conflict. I want the enterprise to hopefully bring stability. The situation was tense but stable. This could throw every thing off kilter! ” the admiral said.
“I see! I will order the helmsman to alter course at once!” Picard said. “Good. There is something else. I want you to work closely with deep space 9 commanding officer commander Benjamin sisco! “She said.
“That’s fine. I have never met the man before. “Picard said. “I hope you two will work well together. He has been on the ground for a few weeks now.  “She said. “I detect some concern about us working together and i have no idea why. “Picard said.
“Commander sisco previously served as first officer of the Saratoga when it was destroyed at worf 359” the admiral said.
“Oh i see! ” picard said. Picard got very qiet. “You have developed a report with the bojoren people and commander sisco has been involved in the transistion from the very beginning. I need you two to work together !” She said.
“I will sir! “Picard said. “Good we will keep in touch! Star fleet out! ” the admiral said. The screen faided. The image of the ufp led to the screen going blank. 
” picard to bridge !” Picard said.”go ahead captain!” The duty officer said. “Have the con set course for bajor. Maximum warp!” He said. “Aye sir!” The officer said.
“Right away captain!” The duty officer said. Ensign ro felt uncomfortable about returning to bajor.
“Ensign set course for bajor. Warp 9.2!” The officer ordered. Ro set the course. Ro tried to keep her composure.
The bojoren pilot ajusted the course. The course was set. “Course ploted and set!” Ro said. “Engage! “The lt said. The enterprise went to warp.
After ro got done her shift, she headed to ten froward. She saw guinen. “You ok ro?” Guinen asked.
“We are heading to bajor. It is waying hevily on me. “Ro said.”i understand you were ofered the position of first officer of ds9″guinen asked. “I would have got my old rank back. I could not do it. ” Ro said.
“It is not really home but it stil is!” Guinen said. “That is what it is ! I don’t know how to handle it. I knew i would end up in the bojoren sector eventually. I had hoped it was on the later side!” Ro said. “Bajor may aply for federation membership so you may be spending time hear. Why not start now!” Guinen said “perhaps!” Ro said.
“Now entering bajoren space !” Ensign mcknight said. “Request permission to dock!” Picard ordered. “Sending request now!”lt. Worf answered.
The Klingon officer sent the request to the base. “We are cleared to dock at the lower pylon. ” The tactical officer said. “Ensign mcknight make it so!” The captain said.
The enterprise headed for the base. The ship neared the outpost. The vessel engaged the clamps. “Docking acheved!” Data anounced. ” Number one,bevily with me. Mr. Data you have the bridge. “He said. “Aye sir!” The android said. ” Mr. Worf have chief obrian join us in the airlock.”picard said.
Deana senced that picard was getting tense. This was an emotion she rarely detected this in picard. The away team left the bridge.
Picard,bevily, and commander rycer walked to the airlock. Picard took a deep breath. Obrian opened the airlock. The door opened,the team left the enterprise and entered the station.
There was an African American male oficer who wore a black uniform cover al with the burgindy at the top. He had the pips of a full commander. 
With him was a bolien officer with the rank of a full lautanent and a young women with a blue uniform denoting a scientific expertise. She wore a pony tail.she had spots on her. Bevily did not recognize her but did recognize her species.  She was a tril. They were two species joined together in syimbioais. When the host died,the syimbiont was placed in a new body.
The captain reluctantly went over to the commander. “Commander sisco i presume!” Picard said. Sisco was uncomfortable around the captain.
Sisco felt images floating back to him. He saw the ships engaging the borg. He saw the image of locutas. He saw his wife’s lifeless body and the bolien officer begging him to leave. Then sisco snaped back to life. They shock hands. This would be a complex relationship.
End of part two


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