” Bajoren sector”

Planet bajor
For fithty years,bajor was ocupied by the cardesian union.  The cardesian raped the planet of every resource that could get there hands on. 
With an intense gerila war waged by bajoren nationals along with diminishing reterns as well as public opinion weining back home,the ocupation was winding down. Most of the planet was now under the control of a provisional government.
The cardesian ocupation had left most of the major cities. Many of the cardesian personal had left. Civian suport staf had left. Manny ships had left.
  The bojoren government had invited the federation to asist in the transistion. Some wanted bajor to stand alone. Star fleet incisted it would not operate on the planet only on an obital station.
While manny wanted imidiate withdrawl by cardesiens. The provisional government agreed to phased withdrawl. It had to be on there terms. They apointed a former recistence leader who had been convicted in absencia and sentenced to death on eight different ocusions as there liasion.
One of the rules of the transistion was that the inteligent arm of the empire had to be removed. Oficialy they had . Unofficially not every aperatus had left.
Gull ersole travaled outside the cardesien command post in. Cloud of secreacy. He had only informed a few of his top aides.he was careful to not be seen.
  He went to a forest area. He went inside the cave. He went deeper inside. 
He waited at the wating spot.  He waited a few minutes. A cardesian waring civilian clothing came inside.
“Erison i had no idea you were stil hear!” The gull said. “Oficialy I’m not. No one know i. Hear. I am hear at my own acord. The government has abandoned me so i am abadoning them. I dont care for there bajoren policy so i am creating my own. “He said.
“Your actions could be considered treason! ” gull ersole said. ” So could there’s! ” the civilian said. ” what is your plan?” The gull asked.
“I am planing to wage a dirty gurila war. Force the detopa council to order the reaxation of bajor. If we make life uncomfortable on bajor,the bajorens and there new friends in the federation will respond. Bajor will become the center of a war between the federation and cardesia!” The man said.
“Central command acknowledge that war between the federation and us is inevitable,i suspect even the detopa council acepts that.  Many believe that. We cannot try to keep bajor. I dissagree. Bajor is our destiny. It must be controled. Controled by us. ”
” if we wage a war of our own,the civialian leaders won’t stand by and do nothing. the federation will send more personale and equipment to the planet. The cardesian empire have to send ships and orther asets to the planet. The federation won’t risk an all out war. They will withdraw. Bajor will be under cardesian rule. ” erison said.
  ” even if we do reanex bajor. The recistence won’t end. It will become stronger. It will be an even bigger qagmire.  Perhaps we should focus on preperation in fighting the federation over the disputed reigion. ” ersole said.
“We are cardesians. We don’t give up. We don’t just give up.win or lose we don’t yield! That is our way. That is the cardesien way!” The man said. 
“While i cannot publically support you! I cannot even unofficially support your eforts. At the proper time you will have my support ! ” the gul said.       ” i had hoped so. The best days are ahead not behind ! “Esiron said. He agreed. The two seperated.
  Capital city
Planet bajor
The interem first minister walked though the planet. The sicurity force urged him not to go on his tour. The head of the transistion team tried to be acesible to the people. The bojoren people wanted strength.the first minister wanted to give it to them. He also wanted to see that the government cared about them. It would be a difficult transistion. He hoped it could go smothly.
  The assesion waited. The asession wore a cloak to hide his face. The cardesian took off his hood and detonated himself.  End of part one


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